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Friday, February 6, 1942 Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune
Lunch Box Gang Wants Variety In Menus
- Hundreds of thousands of new lunch boxes are now being packed in American homes every day for our vast industrial army. That's a sign of the times.

But an awakened sense of the part nutrition plays in our war effort is another sign of the times.

Any old thing won't do. He must have a well-chosen variety with appetite appeal. And his luncheon should be varied from day to day. For example, occasionally include a steaming hot cream soup (they hold the heat longer than clear soups) in a thermos bottle; a raw vegetable salad in an empty jelly jar.

Vary the meat sandwich from time to time, but always include no less than two hearty sandwiches for lunch: In making sandwiches, use day-old bread and make a filling that will not soak into the bread and cause it to become soggy.

The favorite sandwich for men is cold sliced roast beef. Slice it thick. Spread slices of bread with a mixture of half mayonnaise and half mustard, add a large leaf of crisp, dry lettuce, chopped pickle or pickle relish, top with the cold roast. These are the makings of a hearty meal. With the roast beef sandwich pack a bottle of cold potato salad, an orange, a pint of milk and pie.

War Revives Community Dinners - In several communities where the women are active in war work, community dinners are being tried out as time and cost savers. Individual women take turns in preparing and serving a hearty dinner for other members of the group. Here are two, excellent recipes for 20 persons:

Beef Stew, Lamb Stew With Dumplings

"New Year - That means we will all be making resolutions for the coming months - mine for this column, and for the 10:30 to 11 KLX Kitchen of the Air, is to give you recipes and menus that are very practical ones that will be "Home Defense Meals" for your family, keeping in mind too that they must conform to the average food budget"  1942

FLAKO Pie Crust from 1943
Never Fear!

Hostess Cupcakes - Guaranteed Better Than Homemade!
Hostess Cupcakes - Guaranteed Better Than Homemade, or double your money back from your grocer! - I wonder how many asked for their money back? At 1 cent for 2 cupcakes, I guess you couldn't go wrong...but then again this was 1946 and a penny could buy something then!


Cooking in the 1940s  

What was the typical American dish of the 1940's? How heavily was our edible fare influenced by the shortages caused by the depression of the 30's and then fighting World War II? Sure we can look at the cook books of the era and  assume that since it was printed in a book, that's what the housewives were cooking up and serving to their families, but is that really how it was?
Kelloggs Cornflakes Ad - My Little Wife Is A Very Clever WomanNow just why do you think his little wife is clever? And why is she his "little" wife? Well never mind about that, for now, we would like to know what makes the old gal so very clever!

You see, life was not always so peachy for this duo! Why not you ask? Well besides the impending World War, and not to forget the great depression, our couple had another problem!Breakfast was once a problem at our house.

It seems, that Breakfast was once a problem at his house! =>

1940s Mother serving breakfast to kids who don't want to eat!

<= Here we see breakfast being a problem! (Just when did we start saying "have to" in place of "must"?). Aw Heck, who cares? Tune in next time to see how this exciting saga unfolds!


American Housewives Switch To Home Slicing

>> On January 18th sliced bread is out for the duration in order to conserve labor and vital war materials. Many of you housewives already know of this change. Here at COTE BROS, INC. we've worked steadily - making a hundred and one improvements designed to bring you the perfect wartime loaf!

Be smart, Mrs. Menu-Planner!  Pep up your meals- save money- give your family important nourishment with the special wartime MASTER LOAF. It's improved for perfect home slicing... <<

Victory Gardens

1943 Greiner's Farm-Maid Enriched BreadVICTORY GARDENERS Will need extra pep, vim, vitality! Eat more Farm-Maid Enriched Bread- it contains Vitamin B1, Niacin (another B Vitamin) and Iron.

There's no better food than that which is the basis of all meals-BREAD. And there's no better bread than Greiner's Farm-Maid Enriched Bread it contains two important vitamins and iron so necessary to the human body. Why not eat the bread that will make your body at its best this spring... you'll need all the body-building foods you can eat.





1949 Housewife cooking peach jam, preserves and jellies in July.With peaches well ahead of all fruits in the parade of best fruit buys, it's time again to get out the preserving kettle and settle down to some jam making!

 There's no brighter reminder of the summertime flavor of the popular peach throughout the winter months than in the rows of sparkling jams, jellies, conserves and pickles on your pantry shelves. Look over these recipe suggestions and include them in your peach preserving plans this season.

1940's Pickling, Canning, Preserving Recipes

Foods From the 40s
1940s Debut
  • Tupperware! Let's Have a Tupperware party! (The first Tupperware Home Party was held in 1948)
    The Tupperware Wonderlier Bowl
    The Tupperware Wonderlier Bowl was Tupper's first consumer plastic product!
  • Since 1944 Figi's has delivered Wisconsin's finest cheeses, sausage and meats, baked goods, chocolates, and other gifts to the door! Let Figi's make your holidays and special occasions delicious.
Recipes from the 40s

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Summer Recipes

IT'S hot, so your plans for dessert or an evening snack naturally turn to America's favorite - ice cream. Here are some especially delicious ways to prepare and serve it. Ice Cream Shortcake * Peach Ice Cream * Bombes Source: THE AMERICAN WEEKLY - 26 August 1, 1948


In A Class By Itself Roberts Sweet Cream Butter
In A Class By Itself
Roberts Sweet Cream Butter

1949 Chinese Dinner - A Full Meal - as little as 19 cents A Serving


More than 700 species of mushrooms have been proved edible, and many others doubtless will be found fit for food, according to authorities. 1942


One Way To Beat Meat Rationing

NEWTON, N. C. (AP) - Mrs. Marlin Brumley went out in her back yard and saw a, big fat, 'possum walking across the lawn. She rigged up a bird cage and caught the marsupial. (1944)

Red & White Brand Foods
Quick and easy to prepare in record time - yet all the healthful qualities of both are retained. If your family takes its breakfast on the "fly" have Red & White Wheat Cereal in your pantry. It is ready to serve in five minutes.


Roll biscuit dough into an oblong, approximately ¼-inch thick. Sprinkle with grated nippy cheese and roll as for jelly roll. Slice in ½ inch slices. Bake on a lightly greased cookie sheet at 450 degrees F. for about 15 minutes. (1949)