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Some Bing Crosby Music:
  1. Bing Crosby Cocktail Hour
  2. Hits Of 1947 - Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby
  3. Christmas With Bing Crosby And Frank Sinatra:... - This looks like a good one!

Tommy Dorsey Band with Frank Sinatra, 1940
Tommy Dorsey, 1940 by Unknown"
Presenting the Number One Band in the Land - Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra. Featuring Frank Sinatra

Here's Bing with the Dorsey Brothers: (This is just the single at Yahoo.)

In case you happen to be reading this around Christmas time, here is Bing's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" as a single.

and if you listen to anything by Bing Crosby, it has to be White Christmas! He's famous for that you know.

Some 1940s Humor

Hi Nabor by C. Miller - August 29, 1947
"The trouble with a lot of open minds is that they're open like a sieve"


Fads, Culture & Society of the 1940s 

  1940 Women's Clubs Of Ogden - 1940s Ladies Who Lunch
The Ladies Who Lunch 1940 - Women's Clubs Of Ogden

1946 Wurlitzer 1015 Replica Jukebox  - Mahogany Wood1946 Wurlitzer 1015 Replica Jukebox - Mahogany Wood, made by Crosley. This Crosley 2/3 scale CD Jukebox is the finest replica of the most famous jukebox ever produced, Wurlitzer 1015. Updated for our times, this jukebox features a state-of-the-art Sanyo 3 compact disc changer, an AM/FM radio, a full function remote control and a 42-disc storage base.

History of the original Wurlitzer 1015:  During WWII, the Wurlitzer company stopped production of jukeboxes in order to concentrate on the manufactur of radar components to help the war effort. Wurlitzer's engineers, specifically Paul Fuller, continued work on the design of jukeboxes so that in 1946, the company was able to introduce the hugely popular Wurlitzer 1015 model, which offered a choice of 10 musical selections. Wurlitzer built and sold over 56,000 Wurlitzer 1015 jukeboxes in 1946 - 1947 alone, and the Wurlitzer 1015 is easily the most sold jukebox of the 20th century!

Movie Poster - The Road to Morocco with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy LamourMy first big crush as a girl was on Bing Crosby. Imagine my horror when I picked up the morning paper to discover that my love had dropped dead on a golf course in Madrid, Spain.

I was only 11 at the time, but I had grown up watching "The Road Pictures" with my parents and it had not quite clicked in my head yet that these movies were over 30 years old, and that Bing, Bob and Dottie were older than my parents!

Needless to say, I made sure the next object of my affections would have a life expectancy of at least 10 or 20 more years...more on that in the 1970's section...

Hollywood made great pictures in the 1940s, and they did their best to try and cheer up the population, and take their minds off the war raging in Europe.1943 Camel Cigarette Ad Back in those days, when the country went to war, everybody got involved, as demonstrated in this ad for Camel Cigarettes (weird choice, I know).

In the ad, we see JEANNE FLAHERTY puffing away on a camel cigarette. Never heard of Jeanne Flaherty? Me either. It just so happened that Jeanne Flaherty

>>turns out one of the vital parts of a bomber. Jeanne's cigarette? "Camels! They're always smooth, extra mild, and they never go flat on my taste." she says.<<

That's right, Jeanne made bomber parts in a factory to help support the war effort  plus she was considered a hottie at the time, so Jeanne also did print ads for Camel cigarettes. We don't know how Jeanne felt about working in a factory, but we do know what she liked to smoke.

In case you were wondering, here how Bing Crosby felt about smoking: Bing Crosby Chesterfield Commercial

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Social Week Marked By Tea Party

Holding the spotlight in social events in Ogden the past week was the tea given by Mrs. W. Wesley Anderson and Mrs. Robert Anderson on Saturday afternoon at the home of the former between the hours of three and six.

The tea table, which was covered with a Venetian lace cloth over pink satin was attractively arranged with a large bouquet of lavender iris and yellow tulips. Matching tapers lighted the setting. In the living room were baskets of American Beauty roses.

Presiding at the tea table were Mrs. Larry T. Dee, Mrs. David S. Romney. Mrs. Roy D. Thatcher and Mrs. Ezra C. Rich. Assisting in the general entertainment of the guests were Mrs. George A. Ward, Mrs. Henry C. Stranquist and Mrs. J. Arnold Felt,

Those who served were Miss Barbara Barrett. Miss Betty Anderson, Miss Georgia Anderson and Miss Carol Anderson. About seventy-five guests called during receiving hours. Ogden Standard-Examiner - April 7th, 1940

16 Most Requested Songs Of The 1940s

16 Most Requested Songs Of The 1940s,
Volume One
Volume Two

Popular Pictures of the Hollywood 1940s - Fred Astaire
 Popular Pictures of the Hollywood 1940s

Mini Classic 1947 Jukebox Replica of the Wurlitzer 1015.
Mini Classic 1947 Jukebox Replica of the Wurlitzer 1015. Also "mini" price at only $79.00!


Here is a site that has some FAB old ads from the 1940's! The ads are for cigarettes, and the site is going after tobacco companies, but the ads tell VOLUMES!

OK, I couldn't resist! Here is one of the images...go check out the rest on "Truth in advertising"
Is this Bob Hope In This 1940s Philip Morris Ad?

1940s Speak

  1. charming - as in "charmingly decorated"
  2. lovely  - as in "loveliest, lightest styles!"
  3. smart - as in "smartly clad,"
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