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Time Magazine Cover March 14, 1949 - Washington Hostess Perle Mesta
March 14, 1949
Washington Hostess Perle Mesta

George Nelson's classic casework collection, the Basic Cabinet Series, circa 1946, including the Herman Miller Nelson Bookcase
George Nelson's classic casework collection, the Basic Cabinet Series, circa 1946, including the Herman Miller Nelson Bookcase, has been reintroduced into the marketplace. Modular open and closed storage pieces in the series coordinate in size, shape and design. The Nelson Bookcase can mount upon the Nelson Platform Bench. The flexibility for vertical or horizontal arrangements by pieces in the series helps to achieve a custom-made built-in look, where appropriate. Seen at

Post War Kitchen
1944 Plan on clean electric cooking in your post-war kitchen

No soot . . . no smoke ... no dirt. That's electric cooking! It's as clean as electric light. A mighty important feature when you're planning your dream kitchen of a lifetime.

An electric range will leave no ugly black deposits to mar the beauty of newly-decorated walls and ceilings. Curtains and shades will stay clean far longer. And you'll have a permanent vacation from scouring pots and pans you can wash them right along with the dishes. As for the electric range itself—you'll find it as easy to clean as a porcelain work table. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth. It'll sparkle in a jiffy.

Yes, Mrs. Modern, you'll enjoy the cleanliness of electric cooking ... the speed, ease and economy, too. So right now, jot this memo in your mind: "I must have an automatic electric range for my post-war kitchen."


Woman On Phone Saying - 'Decorating Department Please' - 1941Summer Guests Day beds or sofa beds in the living room or attic or other niches in the house, will come in handy when unexpected guests descend upon you. 1949

Eames La Chaise - 1948
Eames La Chaise - 1948

Kitchen Table with a Porcelain Enamel Top!
Porcelain Enamel Top! Were 19.95
Handy for kitchen work and practical! Gleaming white porcelain enamel top is easy to clean, stain-resistant. Steel legs in bright chrome-plate. Now.....9.88

Modern Vintage Phones
Retro Rotary Wall Phones - vintage 1940s
Retro Rotary Wall Phones - modern, vintage 1940s at

Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair, 1946
Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair, (1946)

1948 Eames Eiffel Chair in White.
1948 Eames Eiffel Chair in White.  The Eames Molded Plastic Armchair and Side Chair (1948) were the first industrially manufactured plastic chairs and make use of a bent and welded wire base and a sculpted plastic shell seat. These chairs were originally made with fiberglass-reinforced plastic.


Home Decor of the 1940s

1948 - Homes For Americans - House Floorplan
A small house that looks like a mansion, this design in French tradition is given warmth and dignity by restrained touches of formality. Curtained windows in the garage at the left give the appearance of many rooms. Sleeping quarters are well removed from the noises of the living area. This is design W503 by Bertram A. Weber, 221 No. La Salle St., Chicago 1, Ill. The main house, without porch and garage, covers 1,481 square feet and contains 22,807 cubic feet. White painted brick is suggested. Source: The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Maryland - Tuesday, August 3, 1948

1940 - Household appliances in the Showroom at Montgomery Ward's
Household appliances, featuring refrigerators and washers, are maintained in large stocks at Montgomery Ward's, one of Oakland's largest department stores. The late models shown, easier than ever to operate, are reasonably priced. Oakland Tribune, August 13th, 1940

Montgomery Ward's Tapestries In The Store's Early California Furniture Department.
Selling tapestries is a specialized work that requires expert knowledge of the product. Montgomery Ward's carefully picked salesmen show some tapestries to customers here in the store's Early California Furniture Department. Oakland Tribune, August 13th, 1940

1947 2-Piece Modern Living Room Suite
It's the sensationally new FORESITE suite. Refreshing modern beauty. Extra large reversible innerspring seat cushions . . . fully 3 inches wider and deeper than regular size suites. Low, restful arms and back. Upholstered in lovely light green homespun tapestry. A special Newman's value. Joplin Globe, Sunday, November 16, 1947.

Vintage 1940's Ericsson wall phone
These phones, produced more than a half-century ago by Sweden's Ericsson, were rescued from a forgotten warehouse in Buenos Aires. Rugged rotary dial and heavy Bakelite handle. Professionally restored, inside and out. New wiring, ringer, microphone and equipped with a modern-day universal jack.  7"x9"x5". 7 lbs.

1947 Cabinet Kitchen Sink

Dressing Up Home Drapes

Even the simplest draperies can be dressed up with swag valances and ornaments. For the modern room there are tie-backs in the form of plaster hands that are most effective and novel. There are glass tassels, and some realistic-looking birds which we saw used on flower patterned chintz. Silk cording, tassels and moss fringe are used for some of the smartest, new draperies. These are used often to repeat a dominant hue in the color scheme of the room, or to pick up a color in the pattern of the drape fabric. Since cording, tassels and fringe are all obtainable by the yard, it is easy to give new interest to a pair of drapes at small outlay, and the improvement will astonish and delight you. December 1940


For the kitchen and bathroom there are sophisticated-looking cellophane curtains as well as curtains in oiled silk, available in every possible color. Curtains in delft blue or geranium red will point up the kitchen, and that bright spot of color has strong psychological effect. Work goes quick in a cheerful kitchen, and those sparkling cellophane or oil silk curtains spread quick and easy gaiety. They cost so little, too. For the bathroom there are inexpensive sets for shower and window curtains. Key them to towel or rug colors. For the bedroom there are handsome new full-length curtains with deep ruffled edges, as well as the shorter ruffled Priscllla curtains. For a pretty note, try criss-crossing curtains in two colors of voile or ninon, say a delicate pink and lavender or pale green and pale peach or blue and coral, an effective added color idea to beautify an uninteresting window.

The Whitehouse China Pattern during the Administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
FDR's China Pattern

1940s Clocks

Tripod Clock by George Nelson - 1947
The Tripod Clock, from Vitra, a 1947 George Nelson Design, is an authentic re-edition of a classic mid-century modern design. This functional and geometric work of art represents the work of one of America's most original designers. George Nelson counted on bold graphic forms to make his compelling artistic statement. His designs are considered American icons.

Night Clock by George Nelson - 1948 Design
"A classic timeless design! This beautiful Night Clock was designed by George Nelson in 1948 and has become an Icon of Modern Design."

1940s Style Phonograph

1940s Style Phonograph

This 1940's style phonograph plays 33-1/3,45 and 78 rpm vinyl records. Solid oak and veneers with hinged lid features a radio with cassette player, built-in amplifier and full spectrum speaker. 17-1/2inW x 14-1/4inD x 11inH. UL Listed. Single door cabinet (sold separately) with one fixed and two adjustable shelves supports your turntable and has a flared open design backed by wire mesh so it looks like an old-fashioned box speaker. Solid oak veneer over fiberboard. 30inH x 20inW x 15-1/2inD. Assembly is required. Imported.

Gay Paper Drapes 1947
Regularly priced at 97¢ Bright! Refreshing! Use them throughout your home. Made of flame-resistant cellulose fiber -- Look like cloth! Each side 29"x90". Band or ruffle trim...... 57¢

Floral Thermal-Backed Drapes  - 48 x 63 Drapes
Floral Thermal-Backed Drapes - 48 x 63 Drapes
The More Things Change...

5 Piece White & Chrome Retro Table And Blue Chair Set