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Something to do with Cars in the '40s: During the first two months of the national tire inspection program, an estimated 400,000 passenger car casings were found to be so worn or damaged that they needed immediate repair to save them for further use.

1942 Brooks Brothers Ad

Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a young wife with a 19-year-old husband and a 3-month-old baby. I have had to support myself ever since I married because, even when he had work, Larry spent his money on drink and girls. Never has he given me one cent, and a month before our baby was born he went West to look for work, he said, and I didn't hear from him for months. Now he has written and asked me to come out where he is but his mother, who is caring for our baby, refuses to let me take her and I won't go without her. Shall I keep on working and supporting myself and child - knowing that our future is secure? Do you think my boy husband will become a responsible husband and father after he has seen his daughter? Shall I risk a court fight with my mother-in-law to take my baby out to an unknown and uncertain future? Child Wife (1941)



A girls' club is debating this question: Which sex has the greater influence over the other? That is easy to answer. Men have far more influence over women than women have over men. Men discourse long and eloquently about women's sacred influence over them, and it flatters the vanity of women to believe it, but when we come down to realities we find that women's influence over men is purely theoretical, while men's influence over women is practical.

 A woman can only influence a man to do what he wants to do, but a man can make a woman do what she doesn't want to do. Comparing the two, I should say that, a woman's influence over a man is about three flea power, while a man's influence over a woman is a thousand horsepower.

Woman's influence consists principally in speeding a man up along the road he is already going. If he is a man of a fine and noble and generous nature, a good woman can help him develop those qualities to the nth power. If he is ambitious, she can spur him on to the greatest achievements of which he is capable. If he is thrifty and industrious, she can make him a go getter. But she cannot put a backbone into a weakling, nor sew up holes in a spendthrift's pocket, nor galvanize a lazy man into action. And doubtless because it is easier to slide down hill than it is to climb the mountain, bad women have far more influence over men than good women have. A hundred evil women ruin men where one good woman saves a man.

Multitudes of men have told multitudes of women that they only needed their influence to reform them and multitudes of women have believed them and have married drunkards and rakes and shiftless ne'er do wells in the fond and foolish faith that they could turn swine into men, but the proportion of those who have worked this miracle has been infinitesimally small. The girl who thought her influence would be a keely cure spends the remainder of her life fishing a drunkard out of the gutter. Domesticity palls upon the philanderer and he returns to his roaming. The wife of the IWW, who was born too tired to work, either goes back to mother, or gets a job to support him.

But, on the other hand, men's influence over women has been so great that they have been virtually able to form women's manners and morals and code of conduct. They have set the pattern for femininity and women have broken their necks trying to be what men wanted them to he. And if you doubt, this, consider what a change has come over the behavior of women in the last few years. As long as men admired modesty in women every girl was a prunes and prisms miss who went swathed in draperies from head to foot.

As long as men demanded chastity in women they kept themselves as pure as snow. As long as no man would have been seen with a drunken woman the sweet young things sang "The lips that touch wine shall never touch mine." But now, when it is the loose living girls who pet and drink and smoke and go on wild parties who have the most dates, girls have cast their inhibitions to the wind and are just as tough as men want them to be. It was men's influence that kept women good. It is men's influence that is dragging them into the mire.

And men's influence is equally great with women in smaller matters.

Why, for instance, do women strive so passionately to keep young and beautiful? Because men pass up homely old women.

Why do women suffer the tortures of the inquisition to have their hair curled instead of letting it stay straight and lanky as Nature made it? Because men prefer wavy tresses.

Why do women plaster their faces with cosmetics? Because men admire a peaches and cream complexion.

Why are half the women you know undergoing the agonies of semi starvation? Because no man loves a fat woman.

But you never hear of a man dolling himself up just to please his wife, or doing without anything he wants to eat in order to keep his boyish figure and retain her affections. As a matter of fact, it is perfectly logical for men to have more influence over women than women have over men, because women are dependent on men. Most women look to some man for their support. All of them depend on men for their good times. Hence women must always be the appeasers.

Dorothy Dix's Column, January 15th, 1941


Join the well-dressed men. Wear A New Mayfair Felt
Join the well-dressed men. Wear A New "Mayfair" Felt (Hat). October, 1942

Major H.T. Odiorne is Casualty in North Africa
Major Harold T. Odiorne at one time army recruiting officer here was killed in action in North Africa, some weeks ago, according to official information received by his wife, Mrs. H. T. Odiorne, 26 Bateman street, Haverhill.

In St. Petersburg
Pvt. Gerald Merrill
Pvt. Gerald Merrill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Merrill, 515 Madison Street, is with the Army Air Forces at St. Petersburg, Ma., sent there from Ft. Leavenworth where he was inducted December 29. Pvt. Merrill, whose hobbies are woodwork and reading, was graduated from Chillicothe high school in the class of 1942. Before going into service he worked for Rupps and Hendersons; was working at Hendersons when he went into service. Thursday, February 18, 1943 - Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune

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