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The Shoes1941 Shoes De Liso Debs

No need to keep a long-range telescope handy. The answers are right at hand. Picking footwear fashions with a future is merely a matter of picking De Liso Debs.
Their individuality is a reminder.
"It's fun to be first with the new."


1941 Rhythm Step Shoes with Lastex $7.95
See how smartly you slim your feet in Rhythm Step's streamlined new lastex suedes, gabardines and leathers! They feel as young and dainty as they look. . . with weightless Rhythm Treads to buoy up your foot at three strain points. In the loveliest, lightest styles!

A Naturalizer shoe with matching bag in calfskin. In tobacco brown, turf tan, black, blue or mahogany. Note the glove stitching. Sizes 3 to 10. Courtesy of Lingrens.


Fall 1942 Pretty Sling Pump In Black Suede.
This pretty sling pump features an elasticized edging over the instep. In black suede. Closed or open heel style. Sizes 3½ to 9 AAAA to B width. Courtesy of Rocsill's.


1940s Shoes and Handbags!

Fifteen million cattle hides, which will make more than 315,000,000 pairs of shoes, will be allotted for United States civilian requirements in 1943. Source: The Modesto Bee and News-Herald, April 7th, 1943

The war seeped into every aspect of life in the early 1940s; here is an article discussing the proper shoes to wear in the fall of 1942. War or no war, the ladies still wanted to look their best and stay in fashion... and the men were grateful.


Manufacturers Have Styles to Fit All Wartime Needs

The shoe story for Fall of 1942 opens with the full requirements of war workers, for both men and women in all walks of life. There have been many changes, but the picture shows two extremes, the simple, practical low heeled shoe for active duty and much walking and the high heeled, Continental model with elaboration in design for the leisure hours, that follow the day's work.

"Off to the war factory! But do these shoes go with my uniform?" Fictitious Fran, 1942

Women in uniform are not necessarily doomed to wear unattractive shoes in their working hours. No. The American woman's foot must always be smartly clad, whatever the occasion. Designers have seen fit to take care of this, in the choice of leathers, the cut and design of the shoe. Brown in the golden tobacco shade, is the regulation shoe for the WAAC and A.W.V.S. volunteers. There are low heeled service oxfords of smooth leather, in the preferred type. Black is the regulation for all Red Cross uniforms except nurses whites and is worn by the OCP, when the belt is black. Brown shoes are permitted only when the belt is of brown leather. Low heeled service oxfords are favored here.


There is the shoe which looks well with slacks and these rate high both with the college and school set and the war workers who wear this type of uniform. High shades in the crushed leathers look well with such outfits. Black is worn with sports costumes this season. Official colors are Kona Red, Bluejacket, Turf Tan and Golden Tobacco. The accepted types for these slack outfits are Ghillies low heeled oxford and moccasins.

High shades are staples for college wear. This year there is a brilliant red in woolens with which is contrasted the smooth and crushed leathers in shoes in black, the new comer in the shoe fashion picture.
Notice the use of proper grammar! "looks well" instead of "looks good" - the author knows her adjectives and adverbs!"
Golden brown looks well when highly polished and Turf Tan is antiqued to give it a rich tone in soft kid. These go well with the high colors of the new Shetland weaves and are shown in low oxfords and moccasins. Wall last pumps look well in town with the two piece suit.


Variations in the classic shirt type of dress worn by the young school miss with cardigans and sports jackets call for casual shoes of grained leathers including alligator grain and the new ostrich. Because of its trim military air, Turf Tan, antiqued is enjoying a keen popularity. There are still a few bright play shoes on the market. The use of undyed materials for suitings, the results of priorities this Fall are a perfect foils for accessory colors. Especially in shoes of black, town brown and Kona red are the dramatic contracts to be had, while the tobacco, and Turf Tan have a casual air.

The muchly traveled woman of the present day must take heed of her shoe wardrobe, plane trips especially permitting of little luggage. Low heeled casuals are favored for the smart casual coat, with Golden Tobacco the universally accepted shade for this type of shoe whether they be in alligator, suede or crushed leathers. From the OAKLAND TRIBUNE, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1942


Retro Style Shoes can be found here on
1942 Block Stitched Calfskin Heeled Oxfords.

Fall 2007 Marc By Marc Jacobs - Heeled Oxfords.

Tramp-A-Longs Aid War Effort

Action shoes for victory service and comfort are in demand these days, when women must leave at an early hour to help staff the Red Cross and other women's war organizations, on regular duty.

Flexible shoes are the Tramp-A-Longs, light as a feather, but strong and durable, both closed and open-backed models are shown, though there is a demand for the open-toed model.

Moccasin and saddle oxfords in white and tan are popular with the busy business girl. Both composition and rubber soles are shown.

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