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Coupons of the 1940s

"WE GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS" The News and Tribune, Jefferson City, Missouri - November 02, 1947

1941 Red Hot Coupon
A housewife in 1941 might use this coupon to purchase Four-Way Cold Tablets, which normally cost 21¢, for only 6¢ a savings of 15 with the coupon. But she could only buy one! Or...

1941 Coupon for New Regal Beer - 15 cents off.
Our housewife might use this coupon to save 15 on a case of New Regal Beer - soon to become her husband's favorite beer - for only 99 - but not if she lived in Kansas...


SHOPPING in the 1940s

During the early 1940s, shopping was characterized by shortages and rationing as the United States first prepared for, and then fought in World War II. The nation sacrificed in order to free up resources to be used in the war effort.

Visits to the Grocer - 1940 Illustration of Shopping.

Katz Has The Bargains - 1941

Valley's Rationing Roundup

  1. War Ration Book No. 1 - Used for shoes.
  2. War Ration Book No. 2 - Blue stamps now being used for rationed processed foods.
  3. War Ration Book No. 3 - Brown stamps now being used for meat, fats, butter, cheese, and canned milk.
  4. War Ration Book No. 4 - Used for sugar and processed foods.
  5. Mileage Ration Books - -Books A, B, and C used for passenger car gasoline; E and R books for non-highway uses; D, for motorcycles; T for trucks and commercial vehicles.
  1. Sugar - Stamp No. 29 in Book No. 4 good for five pounds of sugar.
  2. Shoes - Stamp No. 18 in Book No. 1 and No. 1 airplane Stamp in Book No. 3 each good for one pair of shoes.
  3. Processed Foods - Blue Stamps X, Y and Z in Book No. 2 expire November 20. Green Stamps A, B and C in Book No. 4 expire December 20.
  4. Meats, Edible Fats and Oils (including Butter), Cheeses, Canned Fish, Canned Milk - Brown Stamps G, H and I good until December 4.
  1. Gasoline - Value of each coupon in A books is three gallons. Value of coupons in B and C books is two gallons.
  2. Tire Inspection - "C" book holders must have tire inspection every 90 days. Tire inspection for "T" book holders must be made every 5,000 miles, "T" book holders must renew their gasoline rations before October 1. All those with surnames from S through Z may be renewed Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.
  1. Eligible purchasers needing new automobiles, bicycles, typewriters, rubber footwear, and other commodities on which sales might be restricted should see their local ration board.

Source: Valley Morning Star, November 12, 1943, Newspaper Archive


Series of Style Shops Arranged On Promenade

Related Articles Displayed Together Makes Shopping Convenient, Pleasant At Diamond

Store layout and arrangement in a series of "little shops" make the new Diamond Department store one of the most modern for its size in the country.

Nowhere in the store is this plan more closely followed than on the Second Floor of Fashion.

The big idea here is greater specialization of departments. Here is a complete floor of women's fashions including millinery, shoes, dresses, coats, suits, furs, foundation garments and sportswear.

Series of Shops

Extending the entire length of the second floor (204 feet) is a broad Promenade Boulevard which separates the series of little shops from other departments on the floor.  At either end and in the center of the promenade is a stage in semi-circle design and suitable for style revues and display purposes.

Life-sized models are now shown wearing the latest spring fashions in dresses, formals and coats. In front of each partition separating the shops is a circular-shaped recessed display case attractively lighted. In the rear of the shops are fitting rooms extending the full length of the floor. The fitting rooms are decorated in keeping with the shops they serve, and have huge-mirrors that show all sides of the costume. These rooms are accessible from the shops they serve making it unnecessary for customers to come out into the store when trying on clothes.

Promenade Boulevard

Beginning at the southwest corner of the store and going northward on the promenade are 10 different shops. The first is the Youngerset Fashion shop, Pin Money shop where dresses in all sizes are featured at budget prices, Junior Shop, shop for Formals, which is directly in front of the big center stage; Women's shop, Robes and Housecoats, Suits and Coats, which has a daylight alcove, Fur shop with two daylight fitting rooms and Foundation garment shop with its own fitting rooms.

Promenade Boulevard

On the east side of the promenade are the millinery department and Hat Bar and Shoe Salon. The millinery shop and Shoe Salon are charmingly decorated in light tones of blue, green and yellow. The lighting effect is especially attractive. Comfortable upholstered chairs in the Shoe Salon make fitting shoes a pleasure for customers. At the Hat Bar women may sit comfortably at the bar and rest their feet on a chrome foot rail while finding the bonnet of their choice.

As reported in the Charleston Gazette, Charleston, West Virginia, February 25th, 1941

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