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Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Crockett and son, Edwin returned home Saturday evening from a two weeks vacation in the west. 1947

Trip In Smoky Mountains
With Miss Nellie Coulter driving her car, a party of four Alton women left this morning for a week's vacation in the Smoky Mountains. Besides Miss Coulter there were Miss Georgia Boyd, of the Morrisey Insurance company, Miss Vera Jones, teacher in Bethalto schools, and Miss Mary Louise Ryan, teacher in Alton schools. From Alton the party Were going to Louisville, Ky., by way of Vincennes, Ind., and on southeast from Louisville. 1941



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1941 - Look, Sally - The East Wind Deluxe Flyer


IT'S COOL ON BOARD - Every morning this silver and canary colored all-coach, air-conditioned, deluxe flyer leaves from Dover at 12.37 p.m. (Daylight Time) on its journey to Washington - across 8 States arriving New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington in the early evening.

Ride this popular deluxe day coach train which has brought New Hampshire's famous vacation spots so near to Metropolitan centers.

You can enjoy complete run of train appointments - Buffet Lounge - Dining Car - Radio - Deluxe Seats and Attendants.


Travel Today by Vic Miller, Jr. The Morning Herald. Hagerstown. Maryland - Tuesday, August 3, 1948.

The peak vacation season is here. The ending of July reflects with reasonable accuracy the summer vacation picture. It reveals tourists are tightening their purse strings. Throughout the nation, a sharp economy pencil is drawing a visible line across expenditures The answer is steadily rising cost of living. In general, vacation reservations are more easily obtainable than during last season. August hotel and resort accommodations still are available in most resort zones. The trend is definitely to transient vacations. Over 80 percent of all vacationists are travelling by motor car, and nearly all are classified as transient tourists.Wayside motor courts and tourists houses are taxed to capacity and reaping a harvest. A late estimate gives motor courts the astonishing number of 440,000 units. Despite the extent of these dwellings, motorists are finding no assurance of accommodations at nighttime.

This month sees the vacation business bouncing joyously back from bad weather doldrums. Through the country the summer sun moves measurably down from its heights, and increasing crowds are reported in most areas, with resort officials hopeful for August. So far tour volume is under last year. In the east increased interstate rail fares will affect August travelers. While not strictly comparable to other pleasure pursuits, vacation as an industry is topping all other lines in the entertainment world. A nation-wide survey reveals box-office slumps ranging from 10 percent to 15 percent for movie houses, theatres, concerts, and opera, with night club decreases causing many bankruptcies. The main symptom of the decline is the high cost of living. In view of general entertainment conditions, resort committees feel that they are being favored. According to reports from the various zones. New England's summer vacation season is expected to equal that of last year. The figures show an increase of 8 percent in advance reservations for July over last year at tourist lodging places. This offsets a 5 percent decline among resort hotels for the same month. Recreational centers in New York state are being patronized heavily. The finger lakes are enjoying their best season in 15 years. New Jersey beaches now are catering to a record crowd. Pennsylvania reports that hotels in the Pocono district still can provide accommodations for August. Cabins throughout the state are at a premium. Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier report a decided late July pick-up in park attendance. The national parks in both British Columbia and American Northwest are equaling their record attendance of 1947.

Jackson Hole Wild Life Park, long a controversial site, now is opened officially to tourists. Eastern Canada is preparing for a heavy August volume with possibilities that motor travel will exceed last year. Hotel bookings for August in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec will surpass last year, and advance reservations are advised for large cities. The Pacific Northwest reports vacation locales undamaged by floods, but as yet tourist quotas are behind last season. While a decline of 5 percent is reported for domestic air traffic for the past six months by the Civil Aeronautics Board, July figures reveal a much better showing. Air flights to all resorts are increasing dally. Beginning this month, there will be a total of 78 international flights a week into and out of New York's international airport at Idlewild. United Airlines has put into effect a 10 percent reduction from California cities to Hawaii. On its overnight express. El Inter Americano, Pan American-Grace is offering sleeper berths between the United States and Argentina. Northwest Airlines announces that military authorities have approved plans to allow a limited number of tourists to visit Japan this summer. A circle trip with stops at Miami, Nassau, and Havana, is being announced by the Pan American Airways. Inauguration of a "Round South America" air service by Peruvian International Airways is being announced. Space shortage on trans-Atlantic passenger ships to Europe continue with August reservations at a premium. Advance sailing dates for the Cunard White Star fleet are announced covering east and west-bound departures up to April, 1949. The United States Lines have purchased the luxury liner, "America" from the Maritime Commission. The first unit of the American Export Lines "Four Aces," is scheduled for Mediterranean service in September. Freighter voyages to the Caribbean from New York are being announced by the Alcoa Line. Arrangements are being made to run cruises around Africa from New York this winter on ships of the Holland-America Line.

The Morning Herald. Hagerstown. Maryland - Tuesday, August 3, 1948.

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