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1940's Retro Candy Gift Box
1940's Retro Candy Gift Box

The ideal Christmas tree is the fir, because of its tendency to hold its needles longer.

 Drawing Of Santa Claus From 1949.

A final step in trimming the Christmas tree is frosting it with fluffy snow. A simple and popular form of snow is ordinary soap flakes.


Three-Cent Rate Advisable for Both Practical and Sentimental Reasons

In his general appeal to the public to mail all their Christmas cards and packages by Dec. 1, Postmaster Platt today emphasized the value of first-class postage on Christmas cards. "We should remember," he said, "that millions of people are doing war work away from home, and that other millions are in army camps and naval stations.

Because Christmas cards are always important sentimental messages, and especially so in wartime, they should be mailed first-class. This gives them equality with other, first-class mail in the matter of delivery time, and insures their forwarding to new addresses. Here's a slogan that seems particularly appropriate to these messages of good will at Christmas time:

'First-class friends deserve first-class mail.'

It is urgent that all first-class mail, including Christmas cards, addressed "out-of-town" should be in the mail by Dec. 1 at the very latest."


With DOROTHY MARSH of Good Housekeeping Institute Staff, 1940

Perhaps I'd help you most if I suggested a few of the things you can buy for decorating Christmas cookies and cakes.

HollyWell, candied citron, angelica, or green gumdrops can be cut into holly leaves. For red berries, there are candied cherries, maraschino cherries, red gumdrops, and the tiny red or cinnamon candies that come in packages.

HollySilver dragees (tiny balls) are lovely on white icings. So are halves of blanched almonds, chopped blanched pistachio nuts, or chopped toasted nuts - walnut, brazil nuts, or pecans.

HollyYou can tint coconut a delicate green by sprinkling a drop or two of green vegetable coloring on it and rubbing the coloring through the coconut.

HollyAnd always there is the cake decorator, with which you can bedeck your cakes with delicately tinted icings in many different and effective designs.


How America Celebrated Christmas in the 1940s


Christmas Scene Beautifies Piedmont Home, December 25th 1940.

Guests who attended the open house held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward Dawson on Hillside Avenue, Piedmont Christmas Eve viewed as they entered a beautiful Christmas snow scene, a miniature forest of silver and green trees with a single star above. The snow-sprinkled trees and white background were done by their hostess, Mrs. Ward Dawson. Miss Eleanor Dawson (left) assisted her parents in receiving their friends from about the bay during the afternoon and evening. Supper was served buffet style. Oakland Tribune, December 25th 1940.Bay Society Celebrates Christmas at Gay Affairs.

Legend Of The Yule Log

In Virginia, the old Dominion storied land of early American history, there is an old tradition of the origin of the Yule log that is retold every Christmas.

As the family sits around the Yule log and sips their Christmas eggnog on Christmas eve, the ancient legend is recounted again.

One very cold Christmas eve when the frosty wind howled across a world of snow, an old man was sitting in his little cabin wishing that he had a fire to warm him. Suddenly he heard the cry of a little child away out in the cold. The old man hobbled to the door and gazed out across the snow. The wind and the snow came rustling in and the old man shivered until his "onliest two teef" chattered with cold.

Season's Greetings From Athen's Tire Service - 1945The plaintive cry of the child came again above the whistle of the wind. It went straight to the old man's heart and he wished with all his power of longing that he might have the strength to go out and find the unfortunate babe.

The cry came it third time -- and then a wondrous thing happened. A miraculous power filled the old man's veins. His muscles became strong and tense, his crutch fell back into the cabin and he stepped from his threshold out into the snow.

Hurrying over the snow with a speed he had not owned since boyhood, by and by he came to a little child lying in a snow bank. He bent down and touched the child and a great new strength flowed over him, a strength which seemed to give him wings as he sped back to his cabin. Arriving there, he placed the child upon the bed, tenderly drew the ragged coverlet about it and then looked to see if there were a bit of furniture he could use to make a fire with which to warm the little one.

At that precise moment a great log rolled across the threshold and into the fireplace. The little child looked at the log with eyes like stars - stars which sent gleams of light that kindled the log with the most brilliant fire the old man ever had seen.

The dingy little room immediately was filled with radiance and warmth, and as the light enwrapped the child he laughed and laughed with a melody like a song from the heart. The old man turned his eyes to where the fire burned and watched the flames leap in beautiful rainbow tints over the log, and as his old eyes watched, the colors seemed to form the shape of the Cross in the fire.

The flames of the Cross leaped higher and higher, blue, red, yellow and white, and as the old man watched this display, suddenly and magically there appeared a table in the center of the room, covered with a Christmas feast such as never before had been spread before his eyes. And never again was the old man hungry or cold, and never after that was there a Christmas in old Virginia without the Yule log and the Christmas Child to give light and warmth.

And that is the story of the Yule log as it is told in Virginia every Christmas eve.

December 1st, 1940 Martha Meade's Christmas Cookies

1949 Santa visits little girl with polio.
C. E. Coy, cafe owner, told his young customers in Parsons, Kas., that he would have Santa come see them. The children called his hand, so Coy, who weighs 209 pounds and hits Santa's specifications perfectly, makes nightly visits around town. One of his first calls, as Santa, was to see Claudia Baze, 5, peering into sack, who is spending Christmas at home in Parsons before returning to a Kansas City hospital for an operation which may enable her to walk without the brace on her left leg. Claudia, who asked for a doll and carriage, became a polio victim when she was two years old. The Sedalia Democrat Sedalia, Mio., Thursday, December 22, 1949

December 26th

On the day after Christmas, and not at all strange,
Are the crowds flocking in with their gifts to exchange.
Their socks are too large; their ties are too bright
Their slippers are wrong: their shirts aren't right.
They have too many pencils; their books they have read.
Or have two of a kind and wish something instead.
Now I have no gripe, for I make a good living
From people who give and keep giving and giving.
But if you are anxious and eager to learn
How to give and be sure your gifts won't return.
For what it is worth the suggestion is mine.
NOBODY brings back their liquor or wine.
"You can make these Six Christmas Cookies Perfectly the first time with Drifted Snow Flour and Martha Meade's recipe or Double Your Money Back!"

Ontonagon - The community Christmas tree was erected Tuesday, and lighted Tuesday evening. It is located on the depot grounds. In selecting this site the committee in charge decided that plenty of room for the children and the program on Christmas night, would be available. Christmas street decorations, consisting of arches of evergreens and colored electric lights at every street section, are also being put up. They will be left up until New Year.

The Ontonagon Rotary club is again sponsoring a Christmas decoration plan for homes and business places. Prizes are to be awarded for both types. Judging will be done between Christmas and New Year. Application to enter the contests may be made to Dr. W. F. Strong as soon as possible.

Friday, December 13, 1940 - Ironwood Daily Globe, Ironwood. MICH.


Really Retro Christmas Gifts!

In 2007, the Kodak EasyShare camera is one of the hottest Christmas Gifts - If this was Christmas 1940, you may be hoping for one of these Kodak cameras instead!

1940 Christmas Gift - A brand-new favorite KODAK VIGILANT JUNIOR SIX-2O (Kodet lens)
A brand-new favorite: KODAK VIGILANT JUNIOR SIX-2O (Kodet lens) $8.50
Newest star among inexpensive folding cameras. Single push button for opening and closing. Both eye-level and waist-level finders. Extra-rigid lens support. Kodet lens ... requires no focusing. New Dak shutter, with time, "bulb," and snapshot settings.
Black morocco-grain covering. Pictures, 2¼ x 3¼ inches.

1940 KODAK 35 (f/3.6) Camera
 KODAK 35 (f/3.6)
MORE FOR YOUR MONEY Kodak Anastigmat lens. 1/100 shutter. Eastman precision construction. - - Kodak 3.5 (f/3.6) is the buy in low-cost 35 mm. cameras. Through modern photofinishing methods it leads to black-and-white pictures 2¼ x 4 inches. Also takes Kodachrome (full-color) Film.

      May Each Of You Enjoy The Largest Measure Of Good Health and Success Throughout The Coming Year, 1950. Purple Flower



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