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1941 Hair-do - Purse Pompadour
Disposing of Handbag and Hat the Girls Can Put Their Lipsticks and Other Cosmetic Appliances in the Fold of the Pompadour Which is Sometimes Large Enough to Hold a Purse.

The increase of social activities, balls, benefits to help Great Britain, China, Greece and anybody else willing to fight the Nazis, all sorts of welfare work as well as jobs for women created in the maze of international complications, have aided in adding variety to the hair-do.

All this has introduced formal trends, veering away from the long shabby bobs of the dull and hopeless depression years.


Hairstyles of the 1940s

Fashion and beauty trends have a story to tell that is far more meaningful than simply "This is what they found attractive in the 40's, 50's, etc.". Both men and women's style was and still is a reflection of what is going on at the time in society, and an indication of the wearer's attitudes towards these events.

Take a look at the hairstyles on this page. They are all from 1941, a time when the world was at war, and the war permeated into every aspect of society; Hairstyles were not immune:

"Conscription, for instance, is making men scarcer than ever and a hot battle is going on right now to grab a man before he is marched off to camp. This situation forces women to try to look their best and make their hair as attractive and alluring to men as Lorelei's or Lady Godiva's was in the story book."1941

Designed for Girls who Wish to Save Time and Money,

1941 Basic Simple Hair-do
Showing the Basic Simple Hair-do.

1941 The Initial Hair-do
The "Initial" with the Help of a Braided Hair-Piece Forming the Letter "W" on the Nape of the Neck.

1941 The Fairy-do Hair Style
The "Fairy-do" Where the Braid Is Wound Around the Head.

1941 Hairstyle Sarik - Sheik Do
Twisted Turban on Top and Hair Flowing Loosely Over the Shoulders Imitates the Arabian "Sarik," as it is Worn in the Dessert, and Will Make Any Girl Look Like a Female Sheik.

1941 Hair-do Bundles For Britain
A Sewing Machine or a Loom Would Complete This Hair-Do Which Represents Wool and Knitting Needles Used In Making Warm Clothing for the Fighting British.

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