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50's Decade Box Gift Basket - Classic 50's Candy

1957 Cooking Tip - Wife Preservers
1957 Cooking Tip - Wife Preservers

Things Invented In the '50s

  • TV Dinners
  • More TV Dinners
  • My Mothers Recipe for Boiling Water
  • The Cold War (at home, see above)

General Electric Mixer and Fruit Juice Extractor - $39.95 in 1950
Mix'n it up in 1950 with a General Electric Mixer and Fruit Juice Extractor - $39.95 in 1950

Norge Perfection Electric Ranges - $219.95 Up



Cooking & Recipes In The 1950s:

1957 Cartoon Wee WomenThe first place I turned to find out what folks were eating in the 50s was to my mother. Seemed reasonable, she was in her early 20s at the time, so I figured she would be full of great recipes for 1950s home cooking. I was a bit surprised by her recollection, as it seems steak was on the menu in the 1950s.

According to her, when friends came over or people went out to eat, they ordered steak. No chicken, no fish ("oh god no, if you were going to go out, you were going to have a steak" was how she put it), no fancy gourmet pasta, dinner was meat, steak if you could choose, along with a salad and some French bread (maybe a vegetable too).

Appetizers consisted of booze; beer, wine or martinis, but according to her, no one got drunk. I told her to ask some of her friends about what they ate and she said:

"Why should I do that?  I just told you what we ate, Steak!"

Then I said I needed three independent sources to run the story which somehow made sense to her, so she said she'd ask. Stay tuned, we just may break the story:

"Extra Extra, People ate Steak in the 50's".

CNN will be pea green!

Top Sirloin Steak

Let Them Eat Steak! Steak, Steak and more Steak in the 1950's.

And don't forget to have a little DDT with that apple...

Getting too much DDT on your apples? Don't give it a thought.
...Got to Take Risk - "Might DDT cause arthritis at the age of 80?" he asks. But he concludes "You've got to take a calculated risk". Rollins even questioned whether every ingredient which goes into a loaf of bread was health giving...(excerpt from the 1956 article from The Star)

Hmm! A loaf of bread potentially as unhealthy as DDT? I never realized! Probably because I was too busy practicing my "Duck and Cover" moves to protect me from nuclear blasts!






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Tip: Youngsters usually like toast spread with peanut butter and served with heated, seasoned canned tomatoes. 1951

50's Fast Food Still with us Today!

  • Burger King 1954,
  • Dunkin' Donuts 1950
  • International House of Pancakes 1958
  • McDonald's 1955
  • Pizza Hut (Wichita, KS) 1958

Junior Cook Book: 1955 Classic Edition
Junior Cook Book:
1955 Classic Edition

The cover of the popular 1955 edition of the Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book says it is for the Hostess & Host of tomorrow. A deliciously exact reprint of the red plaid 1955 cookbook for kids. Original vintage illustrations, full-color '50s-style images, and pages that appear gently aged. The book has a practical side too! Easy-to-use tabbed chapters including beverages, breads and sandwiches, candy and cookies, desserts, main dishes, and vegetables and Sides. This fun heirloom gift is perfect to give to children who are just beginning to cook.

1952 Popcorn Popper
A 1952 Popcorn Popper

Cream-style corn makes a delicious chowder when it is mixed with canned tomatoes and flavored with onion; green pepper (if it is available), parsley, salt and freshly ground pepper. Serve it for Friday lunch with pilot crackers. 1951
Purple Flower


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