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What dieter isn't tempted by a milkshake? Well, take a tip from singer Frankie Laine - diet ON milkshakes. Laines puts a package of flavored gelatin into an electric blender and adds 3 cups of skimmed milk. He says the shakes are high in protein and can be served as dessert. (1959)

Here is a bit of exercise advice from a columnist named Josephine Lowman. This particular excerpt appeared June 26, 1959 and concerns dealing with a "flabby abdomen" (fat stomach!)


"My bust measures 37 inches, waist 38 and hips 28. I am not young any longer but am very active in sports. In spite of this I am having figure trouble. My abdomen is flabby. Also I have fatty deposits on the inside of my knees. Can you help me? I have benefited by your advice many times before."

I am glad that I have been of help to you. While sports use the abdominal muscles, of course, and are a great help, I do not believe that they accomplish the same results that special abdominal exercises do. This is a good one. Lie on the floor on your back with your legs straight and your arms resting on the floor overhead. Keep the arms in this position while you bend both knees up close to the abdomen stretch the legs toward the ceiling and slowly lower legs to the floor. Now take time to stretch out on the floor, front toes to fingertips. Continue.

Anyone desiring to communicate with Josephine Lowman may reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate, Des Moines, Iowa. June 26, 1959

The Famous Stauffer Home Reducing Plan

1958 Stauffer Home Reducing Plan
This gizmo will help you "Get a beautiful figure and keep it." It was intended for those ladies who were "tired of heavy hips, thighs, legs and waistline." With help from the Stauffer Home Reducing Plan, you could "Regain a Lovelier Figure".


1950s Dieting & Weight Loss

Did women need to diet in the 50's? After all, the standard was quite a bit heavier back then, and neither the SUV nor Fast Food had really taken hold yet. It seems like it would have been rather simple to keep a 50's gal figure with nary a sacrifice.

Some Background:

  • Your overall goal when dieting in the 1950s was to obtain a "lovely" figure.
  • Women wore bloomers or skirts to PE class.
  • Non-Fat Foods started appearing at the market!

Fat on the insides of the knees is difficult to banish. These are the two best procedures I know. Lie on your back on the floor. Bend both knees and place the feet on the floor a few inches apart. Slap the knees together. Separate the knees. Continue slapping and separating. This is one spot in which it is safe to pinch, massage and knead the fatty deposits. Do so each night. Note that these little exercises are called "procedures". The language of "fitness" has yet to develop! Also, where are there places on the body where it is not safe to "massage and knead the fatty deposits" ?


Lose weight the way Nature intended you to! The Ayds Plan is a quick, easy way with no risk to health. Slim the way the Stars SlimWhen you take Ayds before meals as directed, you can eat what you want -all you want. Ayds is a specially made candy containing health giving vitamins and minerals. Ayds curb your appetite - you automatically eat less -lose weight naturally, safely. Users report losing up to ten pounds or more with their very first box. You will lose weight with your first box or money back ($2.98).

"Whenever I step on the scales and don't like what I read," says lovely screen star, Joan Caulfield, "my first thought is Ayds. In my circle of friends, we all agree that Ayds is the most wholesome and natural way to a good figure!"


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Joan Caulfield in Swimsuit for Ayds
Joan Caulfield

SLIMMING ROUTINE - A simple exercise for the legs and thighs that will keep them slimmed and lovely.


Leg, Thigh Exercise Will Give You Results

"Please give me a simple exercise for the legs and thighs."

Stand tall. Place your hands on your hips. Bend the left knee and touch your right toe to the floor at your right side as far away from you as possible. The right leg is straight. Lift the right leg and return to place. Do not drag it back This time bend the right knee and touch the left toe to the floor, directly to the left side, far away from you. Continue, alternating left and right. 1950

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