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1950s Roadside Diner Jukebox in Chrome - by Crosly
1950s Roadside Diner Jukebox in Chrome - by Crosly (Price: $79.00). Roadside diners of America boasted countertop jukeboxes just like this 1950's Select-O-Matic style. The Crosley Diner features a state of the art AM/FM radio with cassette player.1950s Retro Straw Dispenser The lighted song chart pages feature a decorative flip movement while the selection buttons conveniently conceal the dial scale. Polished to a high luster finish, this chrome beauty includes a high fidelity speaker, internal/external antennas, on/off switch controls and panel lights.

Marylin Monroe

1950s Monroe

Things Invented In the '50s

  • Teenagers
  • The Beehive
  • Corvette
  • American Prosperity

Personal Stationery A Social Must - 1951 Advertisement for Personal Stationery
The Ladies Who Lunch would invite you on their very own personal stationery!



The Good Wife's Guide - Photo and Caption

In case you were wondering just what it took back in the 1950s to qualify for "Good Wife" Status, Housekeeping Monthly was kind enough to print a set of guidelines in their 1955 May Issue.

Noteworthy: The pictured children do not appear to be screaming, the wife is wearing 3 inch heals and the husband looks like a cross between Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. Of minor interest may be the fact that my sister inherited a stove just like the one in the picture from our Grandma, and I can tell you right off that one does not appear so calm when trying to cook dinner on a 1950s match lit gas stove.

50s Sock Hop Club ShirtRemember taking off your shoes so you wouldn't mark up the gym floor while you danced? I don't...but I believe it happened...and apparently the guys wore shirts like this . Betty Boop Sock Hop Figurine

The girls dressed like Betty Boop here, only they had different hair. You know Betty...won't get a new 'Do for anything! The rest of her outfit is pretty authentic 50s, though! (If you are a Boop fan, you can find this figurine here.)

A Fad that stayed: At the start of the 50's, only about 3 million American families had a TV set (black & white, of course), and by 1954 more than half of all U.S. households had purchased the funny buzz box.

Rock N Rollin 50's:

1950s style neon guitar sculpture

Neon lighting was a popular fixture in outdoor advertising, reaching its peak in popularity in the 1950s. (Found at 66 Gumball Machine In The Form Of A 1950s-Era Gas Pump

 To the right: Route 66 Gumball Machine In The Form Of A 1950s-Era Gas Pump. This chrome-trimmed gumball machine is a full-scale replica of a 1950s-era gas pump that dotted the landscape along the legendary Route 66.

1950s Movies

Th' Pessimist, by Bob Blanks  November 1, 1950
Who recollects when a golf tooth wuz a social asset?

Th' reason they call 'em "wonder" drugs-- if you take 'em an' live it's a wonder. November 1, 1950 From The Ada Evening News.






Things a 1950's Housewife might read in the newspaper:
  • Alaska & Hawaii officially become states in 1959.

  • Thousands of College Men to get Draft Deferments Under New Order1

  • Red Hungary Nabs Writers (Called US Spies)2

  • Elizabeth II is crowned queen (1953)

  • Government conducts first Operation Alert3

1950s Stars

1950s Oldies But Goodies - Music Hits From the 1950s.
Get 158 of the most beloved rock 'n' roll hits of the 50s!
From classics to hard-to-find hits, it's the most comprehensive collection of oldies yet. Early rock legends like Elvis, Chuck Berry and Little Richard definitely make this collection an oldie but goody. PLUS, you'll receive 2 bonus CDs packed with one hit wonders like the Bell Notes, Thomas Wayne and Jan & Arnie.

 Barry Manilow's Greatest Songs of the 50's

Images of the 1950s - As seen on TV

As Seen on TV: The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s.
View Book.

Movies/TV Shows Set in the 1950s

  1. Happy Days - Happy Days featured a typical American family, the Cunninghams, a malt shop, lots of poodle skirts, and a "Greaser" named Arthur Fonzarelli, aka Fonzie, aka The Fonz, Ralph Malf and Potsie,
     (Brilliantly captured in these not-at-all-tacky Happy Days Action Figures!).Happy Days Action Figures - Fonzie in Falcon's Jacket, Potsie,  Ralph Malph, and Richie Cunningham. Would make a great gag gift... 

    The series came out in the '70s but caused a mini-50s revival! I'm sure you have heard the song:
  2. Grease
  3. Laverne & Shirley
Happy Hits 1949-1957 CD Doris Day
Doris Day Happy Hits 1949-1957

Pajama Game with Doris Day 1953 - 1954
Pajama Game with Doris Day
 1953 - 1954

      Purple Flower
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1The Bridgeport Sunday Post, April 1, 1951 Bridgeport, Connecticut
2 Daily Herald, July 10, 1955 Chicago, Illinois
3 Mansfield News Journal, June 15, 1955 Mansfield, Ohio