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Dior Late 1950s Navy Floral Silk Jacquard Afternoon Dress
DIOR - Late 1950s Navy Floral Silk Jacquard Afternoon Dress. Short sleeves, V-neckline and rear closure with covered buttons down the bodice. Matching silk-covered belt. Made of Silk, 2008 asking price $1,185

Women's Gaberdine Suit 1951
Gabardine Suit from 1951
1959 Factory Rebuilt Reconditioned And Restyled Furs
Fur Fashion '59
"These fine stoles and jackets have been remade from "trade-ins" by people with plenty of money to spend for new furs. Our factory has more than just restyled them - they have been completely remade in every respect. We have done whatever needed to make them like new again. All articles are labeled to show kind of fur and country of origin."

Corduroy spiced with plaid - and tailored to a junior's taste! Combined, it's your Johnson Jr. suit with its own little gilt-pinned ascot. Taken separately, a tailored Bernside Tageroy jacket with gilt crest on pocket and a narrow plaid skirt of Moorsville rayon flannel. In red with white or green with red. Sizes 9 to 15. ($19.95)


Plaid, Clever Gad-Abouts and Sub-Teens

CHRISTIAN DIOR Haute Couture Evening Gown From The 1952 Autumn-Winter Collection, Model 24394.

CHRISTIAN DIOR Haute Couture Evening Gown From The 1952 Autumn-Winter Collection, Model 24394.

Conceived as a delicate play on draping fabric, the dress is composed of many overlapping layers of silk voile in shades of green and black.

Two panels of fabric along the bodice have been left free, allowing the piece to be worn in various ways.

The interior bodice is ribbed with whalebone; silk petticoat. Front closure with hidden zip and hooks for attaching the draped fabric.

Production date: 1952 - Made of Silk. 2008 asking price $9,305 at


1956 Kimberly Knit Sheath Dress

1956 Kimberly Knit Sheath

Holiday Good Looks

Statuesque beauty in knit defined by the ribbed midriff and deep V neckline. Fine knit texture in 80% wool and 20% nylon, assures you of longer wear.

Look your prettiest for the holidays. (Black, parchment and red. Sizes 10 to 18.)

Gabardine Skirts - Lustrous gabardine skirts inAt Penny's Gabardine Skirts $1.77 in 1950 glowing fall shades. Two styles to choose from in this lower than ever Penney price. Come in early Friday morning and buy your self several at this price. Red, navy, brown, black and Hunter green. Sizes 22-30. $1.77






Steppin' out to the beach in style!

The Famous "Oculens" Sunglasses - 1951

The Famous Oculens Sunglasses - 1951

The Famous Oculens Sunglasses in Tortoise Shell - 1951

The Famous Oculens Sunglasses in Yellow - 1951

The Famous Oculens Sunglasses in Red Pattern - 1951

Special Purchase and Sale! The Famous
"Oculens" Sun Glasses $2.59 Ea. Two for $5.00 Usually $3.98 to $8.00 each

In the midst of the sunny season you'd pay more than twice as much for these famous "Oculens" glasses! Now...because of this special purchase, you can get them at big savings! Hand made optical frames with nickel-silver hinges, in light or dark simulated tortoise shell for men, in bright colors, solids and designs for women. The optical lenses are polished and ground and thermally curved. All lenses are sage green. They come complete in a sturdy case.

1959 EMILIO PUCCI Silk mini-dress printed with 'ceramic' design.1959 EMILIO PUCCI Silk mini-dress printed with "ceramic" design.

What's Important for Fall?

(Fall Fashion 1957) The answer is on the front page of this semi-annual fashion edition - suits a la Chanel, open jackets, the middy look, pleated skirts, lots of jewels, small hats, coats with fur and color, color everywhere. These are but a few of the important "looks" throughout the section today you will find just about everything that's beautiful in clothes - and all so easy to wear. Full article

Oh those crazy sub-teens!

Our Typical Sub-Teen 1951

While the college gals...

American Girl Shoes Advertisement - Targeting College Girls

For Campus Capers - From class to juke box rockin' place you'll wear and love these clever little gad abouts. American Girl styles them to a college girl's taste - prices them easily within her allowance!

Fashion and the Working Gal

Paper cuff protectors aid this young woman in remaining fresh throughout the day despite the griminess of her job.

Many career gals feel they have discharged their duty to beauty by arriving at the office fresh and attractive. What happens to their appearance in the course of the day's work is not their responsibility, they feel. Your job may involve meeting a changing public who, seeing you for only a frazzled moment, don't realize you looked better when you punched the morning time-clock. Or perhaps only your boss and a handful of fellow employees are subjected each day to watching the steady downward plunge of your beauty barometer. In either case, it's a mistake.

October 1957 Vogue Cover - Title Champagne
October 1957 Vogue Cover - Title "Champagne"
Art Poster Print - Artist: John Rawlings - Poster Size: 19.5 X 27.5 inches

Even MORE 1950s Fashion
Pitti Vintage
Purple Flower



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