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Study Should Be Relaxing  

Every man needs a private lair within his castle where he can sneak away with his books, his guns, stamps, or whatever is closest to his heart He needs a cache where he can hide from unwelcome guests and the Wednesday evening sewing circle, and the smart wife will take pains to see that such a nook is provided for the head of the household.

Although any red-blooded man would prefer to have a separate room for his den where he can close the doors and study or snooze undisturbed, he could probably be persuaded to accept a corner in the living or family room which is set off as private property by a divider wall or screen. Wall. An ingenious couple might also be able to make a den out of "non-existent" space in an attic or the basement.
1957 - Every Man Prefers A Separate Room For His Den or Study.
The most important things in planning the bear's lair is to provide for masculine atmosphere, and this is easy as pie. Wood wall paneling In the den has always been the most popular way to make a man feel at home, probably because of Its rugged durability, warmth of color, and Its straightforward simplicity grain pattern. If your man likes deep, restful tones, the rich, reddish-brown shades of western red cedar are for him.

West coast hemlock and Douglas fir are two other woods which have special appeal to men. These are blonder than cedar and discovered only in Sierra County will tend to brighten and enlarge a smallish corner or room.

In order to preserve the rich, outdoorsy colorings and rugged texture of these woods it is important that they be finished naturally. Usually a coat of filler and two or more coats of clear varnish or lacquer is all that's needed, and a swipe of the feather duster keeps them clean as a wolf whistle.

The man will want built-ins to make best use of his space, and of course, to keep the study a unit, these should be done in the same wood as was selected for the paneling. A desk will be needed so he can spread out papers, stamp albums, photographs, or what have you, and this can be built into a unit with bookcases above and storage cabinets on either side. Special cabinets to house hands-off equipment, such as movie projectors and guns, can take up another wall and should be provided with spring catches or other locking devices to keep out nosey visitors and small fry.

The built-ins might include a nook for a television set so Dad can watch the wrestling  matches after dinner without disrupting household routine, and if there's room, a fireplace of stone to compliment the texture of the woods would be a welcome addition.

But no matter whether the den is grand or petite, totally private or only semi-private, the family bread-winner will really feel like a king if he's provided with his own, special throne room.

Wednesday, Oct. 30. Thursday, Oct. 31, 1957 Independent Star-News - Pasadena, CA

Retro 50s Eames Era Chrome Plated and Black Vinyl Seat with Gas Lift Adjustable Height
Retro 50s Eames Era Chrome Plated and Black Vinyl Seat with Gas Lift Adjustable Height

Set of 2 50's Retro Nostalgic Style Dining Chairs with Rose Covered Cushions
Set of 2 50's Retro Nostalgic Style Dining Chairs with Rose Covered Cushions

Felix the Cat Clock!

Things Invented In the '50s

  • Kleenex
  • Geiger Counter
  • Life Savers Candy
  • The Cold War
Plastic Lounge Chair and Ottoman - 1950s
Plastic LOUNGE CHAIR and OTTOMAN - Complete $10.30 Down - 1950


1950s Dreyfuss 500 Wall Phone - Modern Version
1950s Style
Dreyfuss 500 Wall Phone - Modern Version.


1950s The Housewife's Domain

Big Beautiful Italian design . .first and only at Barker Bros

TORINO BEDROOM and DINING ROOM - in cherry veneers with rich finish -

This week at Barkers, see our fine new "Torino" collection for bedroom and dining room. Group is styled in the classic Italian manner, simple yet impressive, with a wealth of detail. Beautifully figured cherry veneers are subtly distressed and hand shaded, the color is a rich brown. Pulls of distinctive Italian design. See "Torino" Monday at Barkers!

1958 Torino Dining Set

American Look (Part II) (1958)



1950s Living Room
Typical 1950's Style Living Room...So typical in fact, it is in a museum...

The classic 1950s style of furniture design is still popular, and usually is called "retro" (although retro can just as easily be the 60s, 70s ...). 50s style furniture appears solid and sturdy, with simple, clean lines.
1950s Florence Knoll Bench in Pink1950s Florence Knoll Bench in Pink  (Left).

1950s Style Retro Platform Bedroom Set in Cappuccino

The picture to the left is a 1950s Style Bedroom Set from called "Retro Platform Bedroom Set". Very elegant, isn't it?

American Look (Part III) (1958)



1950s Living Room

Love Seat Size - Glide O Bed
Occasional Tables Coctail, Stop-End $12.95

2 Way Floor Lamp $9.95 - 1950

If you had money in the 1950s, and were particularly stylish, then you may have chosen to purchase designer furniture.

On the cutting edge of furniture design were men such as Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Harry Bertoia and the couple Florence and her husband Hans Knoll.

Here are a few examples of modern furniture design of the 1950s:

1950s Nelson Sunburst Clock1950s Nelson Sunburst Clock. George Nelson's clocks were very successful both as popular consumer products and icons of high design. Nelson is one of the most original American designers. The Sunburst clock is one of my favorites! It has '50s written all over! (not literally). If you look up at the museum picture (top) on this page, you will see a Sunburst clock! (probably fake)

1951 Eames Elliptical Coffee Table

1951 Eames Elliptical Coffee Table aka "the Surfboard Table"...weren't the beach boys around about this time? Oops nope, wrong decade. The Beach Boys were a '60s phenomena.1954 Tripod Table Style Lamp

TRIPOD TABLE STYLE LAMP Complete flexible table lighting. Black base with white, linen-type shade. Moves easily in any position. $15.95. (1954)

2007 Tripod Oil Rubbed Bronze Table Lamp

2007 Tripod Oil Rubbed Bronze Table Lamp - This stylish table lamp is finished in oil rubbed bronze and accented with a cream fabric shade. This lamp has a hi/low switch.

2007 Lightweights Tripod Table Lamp2007 Lightweights Tripod Table Lamp - This tripod table lamp has a bold, straightforward style. Its satin aluminum finish is complemented by a silver spandex shade. White, red, blue, yellow, and black shades are also available. It has a high-low line cord switch.

2007 Tripod Chrome Table Lamp

2007 Tripod 2007 Tripod Chrome Table Lamp - Give your room a unique look with this table lamp finished in chrome and accented with a red fabric shade. This lamp has a hi/low switch.

1950s Clocks

1950s Round Metal Wall Clock.

Is this not the very same clock that hangs in school rooms? How many hours have I spent watching this clock! It comes complete with the minute hand that will actually jump backwards just before the bell is supposed to ring!

50s Style Neon Clock. They loved Neon in the 50s.

The Princess Phone was introduced in 1959 and quickly became very popular.
The Princess Phone in Blue - 1959
The Princess Phone came in lovely pastel colors, like the powder blue phone shown above that I found here at

1950s Advertisement for a General Electric Black and White Television
State of the Art Black and White Television!

1950s Style Love Seat. Found at

Franco Albini's 1958 Floating Pedestal Desk
Franco Albini's 1958 Floating Pedestal Desk (at

1950s Big Ben Clock
 1950s Big Ben Clock

Cool Retro Furniture Sites

Eames Hang-It-All Coat Rack - 1953
Coat Rack Anyone? (Boing!) This is a Eames Hang-It-All - 1953 Beginning in the mid-1940s and continuing throughout their careers, Charles and Ray Eames designed a variety of whimsical toys and furniture pieces specifically for children, including this 1953 piece for Tigrett Enterprises Playhouse Division.

Purple Flower

Is it me, or were they a bit silly in the 50s? - It's me...
1956 Nelson Marshmallow Sofa
Herman Miller - (Nelson Design) Marshmallow Sofa (1954/1955)
Herman Miller made only 200 of the original Marshmallow Sofas. Each of the 18 Marshmallow circles had to be made by hand...a very time consuming and expensive process.