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Women Have Much To Look Forward To In '58


 AP Women's Editor

 Life (they keep telling us) is due to grow ever brighter and easier for women in 1958.

In the do-it-yourself era, women have learned that it's possible .to prepare and serve a company dinner after spending a full day at an office job, with the aid of modern frozen, ready-mixed and prepared packaged foods.

The next step in the spare-the housewife movement, says manufacturer Victor Muscat, is the scheduled appearance on the market next year of all kinds of food in aluminum packages. "You will be getting all kinds of stuff in Aerosol cans," says Muscat - "practically all condiments, such as catsup, mustard, mayonnaise and meat sauces, as well as dessert sauces and instant coffee.

"A lot of other foods are going to come in aluminum tubes-meat spreads, butter, jams, jellies, peanut butter and so on.

"Then there will be regular, aluminum cans for staple canned foods which can be zipped open by pulling a tab- no can opener needed.

"So you can squirt and eat squeeze and eat or zip and eat.

He foresees the day when whole meals will come neatly prepared, packaged and ready to squirt, squeeze or zip, heat and eat-  when the original container will serve for cooking, serving and storing and can be thrown away —when there will be no dishes to wash, no pans to scour and a housewife's life at last will be a merry one.

And when our children will balloon up to the size of oompa loompas and everything will have to be made bigger and stronger because we are all so fat we can't fit through doors or into chairs the way we used to. Progress at Last!

Source: Rocky Mount Evening Telegram, December 17, 1957 - Rocky Mount, North Carolina


The 1950s Home Economist

1951 Westinghouse Refrigerator full of food!


The biggest line item on our housewife's monthly budget was probably groceries. Being a smart grocery shopper, a versatile cook and a diligent coupon clipper could make a big difference in the amount of mad money she could squirrel away each month.






Why Study Home Economics? (1955)

Here is a video about home economics and why it is "useful".  As any women's studies major can tell you, this video was produced as part of a grand conspiracy to force women to do trivial and useless tasks which are of no value to society. 

By NOT doing any of these things you will show the world how strong and empowered you are!
Pay careful attention so that you never fall into the oppressive trap society has set for you by:
  1. Preparing food for the individual needs of your family
  2. Knowing how to distinguish between fabric types, or how to choose and construct clothing to meet the individual needs of your family,
  3. Learning to distinguish between furniture types and quality,
  4. Understanding the principles of money management,
  5. Developing good family relationships,
  6. Guiding a child's physical, mental and emotional development,
  7. Teaching children money management, to take responsibility for their decisions, and how to adjust to social situations,
  8. Developing democratic practices within the home,
  9. Taking an active part in community affairs to protect the interests of your family or sharing your education with others.

Warning! Knowledge or Performance of any of the items listed above is evidence of your own oppression, most likely by a member of the male gender. Stop what you are doing immediately, burn your bra and join the marines. Only then will you be truly liberated and free.
NOW MARCH 2-3-4!

Let's Go Shopping


Pineapple holds the spotlight at the fruit counter this week. Bananas and oranges remain economical choices. The green or russet color on some oranges does not mean they are not ripe, it is a sign that some chlorophyll has settled in the skin. Quality -wise, the best apple choice is probably the winesap variety. Red and Golden Delicious apples are high in price. Strawberry and lemon prices are lower this week.

Shipments of Florida sweet corn are larger than a year ago at this time and prices are more attractive. Cabbage and carrot prices are higher this week as a result of the recent rains. Broccoli, celery, spinach, radishes, head lettuce, and sweet potatoes are among your better fresh vegetable values. Prices on some old potatoes are slightly higher, but they are the better potato value, price - wise. There are a few new Florida Red and California long white potatoes available.

Pork remains the more economical red meat value, though prices may be slightly higher than earlier in the spring. Beef, veal, and lamb prices are unchanged from last week. Sausage meats - buy a pound, serve a pound meats - have a relatively attractive costs per serving. Ground beef, liver, smoked picnics, and pork steaks are among your better red meat values.

Broiler-fryer prices remain at very attractive levels. The large sire eggs continue plentiful with prices below a year ago at this time. Brown or mixed eggs are often priced lower than all white eggs and are then the better value.


Saving Money in the 1950s
  1. 8 out of every 10 homemakers cook with GAS!

    Women were encouraged to "Trade tomorrow for a modern GAS RANGE featuring automatic top burner cooking".

    Why? Because:

    "GAS RANGES cost
    *less to buy,
    *less to install
    *less to operate.
  2. Here's a lesson on reusing items for something else after they have lived out their original purpose.

    Old Bedspreads Make New Skirts
    Have you ever thought of making a skirt out of a bedspread? According to Winifred S. Carter who directs a household information service, old bedspreads, the candlewick or embroidered kind make very pretty casual skirts. Of course you have to know how to sew, but the swirly, circular skirts are easy to make. Mrs. Carter doesn't advise cutting up a brand new bedspread. She says to use the least worn place of an old one. And if you like, you can dye it to make it look fresher. Of course, this kind of a skirt can be popped into a tub1 with the other wash, and may not even need ironing. 2

      Purple Flower



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1 - Popped into a tub? Could this mean that women were still doing laundry in a hand? Stay tuned! Maybe we'll find out!
2 - THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, N.Y., Tuesday, August 3, 1954, Page 8