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Black Broadcloth Rub powdered fuller's earth on the broadcloth and put it away in a box or drawer for a few days. Then brush and shake it well.

What's New In Ironing?

Ironing Aid: A new pressing form takes the awkwardness out of ironing puffed sleeves. It consists of a metal bracket which clamps to the ironing board and has interchangeable "heads" in, both adult and children's sizes.
This technological wonder hit the scene circa 1954 - causing an epidemic of well-ironed puffy sleeves to hit the streets...until a wayward bee got caught in a puffy sleeve, and they were determined to be hazardous to one's health. The puffy shirt did briefly make a reappearance in the 1990s on a popular television show, but it didn't fare too well there either.

1954 $30 For Your Old Washer Toward This New Easy Spindrier.


The 1950s Housekeeper

Keeping House. It is a term that we don't use much any more, and really means cleaning house. Take It Easy... Let Chemicals Do Your Work - 1951 Ad for Glass CleanerSo many of the cleaning tools we take for granted today were either in the process of being invented, only for the rich, or not even yet a twinkle!

Ruth Millet Wanted: An Office for The Wife of Every Home

Ruth Millet - 1955If I were building homes to sell I would include for every homemaker a small room. This room is as much needed in the running of a modern home as was the wood shed, or the fruit cellar back in the days when great-great grandma cooked on a wood-burning stove and had to store her own fruits and vegetables through the long months of winter.

The room I would give every modern housewife is an office.

The man who runs even the smallest one-man business has a desk and a filing system.

But a woman who runs a house, is purchasing agent for a family. who has to keep track of hundreds of assorted bits of information from Junior's next dental appointment to the right man to call when the plumbing goes bad, often has no central place to keep information and take care of the business of running a home and managing a family.


She has important telephone numbers scribbled on the telephone directory that get lost when the old directory is exchanged for a new one.

She has bills in a dresser drawer, a reminder to call the electrician stuck in a mirror, menus and recipes stuck away in a kitchen cabinet, and where she put the size of gloves John's mother wears she can't imagine - though the has spent hours looking for it.

On top of that her mind is filled with all sorts of reminders, bits of information, names, addresses, etc. - all-of which could easily, be filed. So I'd give the homemaker a small, efficiently arranged office where she could sit down to write letters, balance the checkbook, make out menus and shopping lists.

There would be book shelves where she could build up a handy reference library to help her with the job of homemaking. and there would be a built-in filing cabinet where she could keep all of the odds and ends of information necessary to the running of a house and her family's individual needs.

Running a home today is a business, but most homemakers don't even have a cubbyhole to use as an office. No man would try to cope with such a situation, so why should women? DIXON EVENING TELEGRAPH - Wednesday, Dec. 28, 1955 Page 4

Daily Wipe Down Will Cut Grease

Best way to keep grease from accumulating on the wall behind the stove is to give the wall a wipe-down with soapy water each time you do the dishes. 1957

How housewives went scrub a dub dub in the 1950's.

Get a load of this 1951 Sears Roebuck and Co. advertisement for a Kenmore Washer! This washer helps our housewife do a full load of laundry in its porcelain enamel tub! It features agitator washing action (thorough but gentle) and balloon-type wringer rolls. Sears Roebuck Kenmore Washer(??? I wish I could get a user manual for this machine, first off to see what that gizmo on top does.. Later... (8/08) just got this in an email:

"This is the exact washer that is still down on the farm my mum grew up on and it still works.

The contraption on the top of the washer is the rollers. It is used for ringing the water out of the clothes before hanging them on the line as the machine, of course, does not have a spin function as they do today, It's just like a pasta maker.

Thought you would like to know". Danielle , Perth, Australia

115V Home Queen Wringer Washer with Stainless Tub
115V Home Queen Wringer Washer with Stainless Tub
"Exact Re-Make Of The Renowned Speed Queen!"  One can actually purchase an old-fashioned wringer washer - NEW! (Price: $899.00 As Of June 10th, 2010). I found this one at Lehman's - a vertible treasure trove of old-fashioned goodness.
Thank you, Danielle from Perth, Australia! I did want to know! I will refrain from asking you whether you have ever tried to make pasta with it. This particular washer is the Economy model. Dollars saved make this a bigger value. Pump action. Buy now at this special sale price.

REG. $94.95 NOW $88.88!

$23.00 Down - Balance Easy Pay Plan.

1952 BESTOSO & BUTTERTON G-E WASHERS $99.95 Easy Terms
BESTOSO & BUTTERTON G-E WASHERS $99.95 Easy Terms Resiste-mar Finish Activator Washing Adjustable Wringer One-Year Written Warranty For A Demonstration Today See Bestoso & Butterton ELECTRIC COMPANY 32 Franklin St. Tel. 32-6530

How To Best Treat Your Hands After Dishwashing To Keep Them Soft And White

Drop a little lemon juice into the palms and rub well over the hands. This will keep the skin soft and white, and will also remove such odors as fish and onions. 1959
1952 No More Washday Drudge - Modern Sanitary Laundry
Finger marks on furniture will disappear if they are rubbed with a cloth dipped in kerosene. Wipe over the surface with a clean cloth wrung out of hot water. Dry and polish.  1959
G.E. Electric Iron - Lightweight $12.95
G.E. Electric Iron - Lightweight $12.95

Cleaning Fireplace Bricks

Try scrubbing fireplace bricks with hot water containing trisodium phosphate. Two tablespoonfuls, then rinsing with clear water. Be sure to wear rubber gloves as a protection to your hands. 1959

Paper Clips Make Dandy Skid Bait

Paper clips are dandy skid bait. If you drop one, pick it up right away.
Sears Roebuck and Co. Logo 1951      Purple Flower


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Sources: The Anderson Herald, June 26, 1959