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Trouble at Home?

Men's Magazine Playboy Appeared in December of 1953.
There must have been some interesting conversations between husband and wife in December of 1953!

Female Beauty - His View

Marilyn Monroe - Dec. 1953

 Madeline Castle - October 1955
Madeline Castle - Oct. 1955

Gloria Walker - June 1956

Lari Laine - May 1958



The 1950s Husband

1951 Cuties Cartoon

"Why worry about the cost? It'll get you a husband and then you can transfer the charge to his account."

Bachelor Party Honors Byron Murken

 Paul Duea and Ray Frederick were hosts to the 11 male members of the Harlan school faculty at a bachelor party Thursday evening at the Duea home, honoring Byron Murken, also a member of the faculty. Mr. Murken's marriage to Myrna Brechbiel took place Sunday at Yale, Iowa. Mr. Duea and Mr. Frederick were ushers at the wedding.


The Cars The 1950s Husband Dreamt About

1950s Corvettes

The First-Ever Corvette, the 1953 CorvetteThe 1954 Corvette with the Blue Flame engineThe First V-8 Powered Corvette Set The Bar For Performance Sports Cars In 1955.1956 Corvette Fiberglass
1957 Corvette Fuelie Fiberglass1958 CorvetteCorvette Photos by The Franklin Mint

 Men Have Strange Ideas About 'Rights'


"Some husbands," says Marcelene Cox, "think it is a breach of the marriage bond for a wife to read the morning paper first."

Almost any wife could take it from there and make a list of such masculine priorities. Such as: Some husbands think that having a "hard day" is purely a masculine prerogative.

Some husbands seem to think that only the man of the family needs to "get away from it all" occasionally.

Some husbands think that, even though they have to be reminded ten times to do some minor repair around the house, they are mistreated if a sock isn't darned or a button sewed on the first time it is called to the little woman's attention.

Some husbands think "nights out" are only for men and would be indignant if Mama used them for a baby sitter regularly.

Some husbands believe it is sissy for a man to do the dishes, but quite all right for a woman to push a lawn mower or paint a bathroom.

Some husbands think that the day's irritations are something a husband should share with his wife, but a wife should work out for herself.

Some husbands think that if a wife is unhappy it's a sign she doesn't have enough to do to keep her busy. But what man ever figured that the labor-saving devices in his shop or office account for any of his dissatisfaction with life?

Some husbands seem to think that only a man needs praise and recognition.

But then husbands could probably get up just as long a list of feminine priorities, too.  From: The Charleston Daily Mail Saturday Evening, April 22, 1950.

What Your Husband Might Have Looked Like in the 1950s
Men's Dress Shirt

Double-Take Cartoon by Bob Barnes June 26, 1959 The Anderson Herald
"One thing about my husband - He doesn't mind giving the baby her two o'clock bottle."

Natural Lines Followed In Suits and Topcoats - Men's Suit Fabrics Are in Lighter Weight Without And Sacrifice in Warmth for Wearer. 1954

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