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 1950s Shoes and Handbags!

"Charmettes" Patent Leather Sandal. Open toe and heel. Cut-out trim with silver piping and smart platform soles. (1951).




Excitement afoot for Fall '57 ... in the pointed toes of your newest shoes ... the pointed heel of a stocking! Added news in their coloring...texture...Petal Pump elegant black suede with delicate cutout and buckle trim discreet detail.

Andrew Geller Fashion Points - Three beautiful examples of a fashion point in elegant, long lean pumps on delicately shaped, rapier-slim heels.Fall 1957 Pointed Toe Pumps

  1. Arrow -- beaver brown calf with dramatic black-trimmed buckle $24.95
  2. Petal -- elegant black suede with delicate cutout and buckle trim $24.95
  3. Laurette -- Black suede and calf meet on a tapered button trimmed toe $24.95

Buffums' Women's Shoes, Street Floor

Peak-of-Fashion by Belle Sharmeer -
It's the new fashion stocking with the pointed heel pencil slim seams.
Pointedly flattering with your new pointed shoes. See them in Twilight Tones, deep, dramatic hues to accent the season's new fashion shades!

Choose from:
Dark Shadow, Brown Ember, Blue Indigo to add new color and allure to your fall '57 fashions. 1.95 pr.

Modern Peep Toe Sandal by Marc Jacobs

A Modern Peep Toe Sandal by Marc Jacobs, cloth on leather with metallic piping at edges, available here at

1950s CHRISTIAN DIOR Gloves Opera-length gloves in white kidskin nappa leather.

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