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DON'T FORGET Avoid forgetting someone during the last minute gift shopping rush, by doing your Christmas gifts shopping early.

1950s Style Aluminum 5 Foot Christmas Tree1950s Style 5 Foot Aluminum Christmas Tree!  This shimmering Christmas tree, Hammacher Schlemmer catalog exclusive, is a recreation of the futuristic aluminum trees of the 1950s. - Notice how the Christmas tree is white! That is so you can get an electric color wheel which when activated will douse your 1950s Christmas tree in all sorts of colors! Very Modern! (50s modern that is...)

Christmas 1950 - For Christmas She Wants a LANE Cedat Chest
Christmas Gift Ideas, 1950s Style: "for Christmas, She wants a LANE Cedar Chest!"

Lydia Chapter-Has Christmas Program

Members of Lydia Chapter No. 109, O. E. S., enjoyed a talk by Mrs. Delia Gay on Christmas Symbolism at their Friday night meeting.

She compared Christmas Symbols to Eastern Star Symbols and gave the meanings of each. A local needy family was selected by Lydia Chapter for a White Christmas. Many useful gifts of food and clothing were given by the members of the chapter for the White Christmas.

At the close of the meeting all members present enjoyed a Christmas party and exchanged gifts. Hostesses for the party were Mrs. Kathleen Stidfole, Mrs. Gloria Gurganus and Mrs. Eva Plummer.


How America Celebrated Christmas in the 1950s


No Shortages to Plague Old St. Nick as Gifts Abound in Stores

THAT MAN IS HERE AGAIN early this year - to take personal charge of the formal opening of this year's Christmas season. Old St. Nick came sledding into town during the wee hours of the night, his ruddy face shining with a wonderful smile of self confidence.

For this year, no longer plagued by shortages which so unfortunately hampered the abundance of his gift pack during too many recent years, he has brought the biggest and most varied and most exciting collection of gifts in all his experience.

A veritable army of eager helpers has been working to unload his tremendous cargo of brilliant gifts, and to spread them over shelves and counters of the stores by tomorrow.

A prevue of some of the wonderful things in his new collection is presented in the pages of this special section. Many more interesting gifts will sparkle from brightly lighted windows downtown tonight.

And the full line-up of the gifts he's recommending for giving to men and women and boys and girls this year, will be on display tomorrow against a festive background of Yule decorations in all the leading stores in town.  Pottstown Mercury, November 25th, 1952

Monograms Take Time; Shop Earlier To Have This Done

Planning on having some of your gifts intimately personalized by monogramming before they are presented for Christmas? Then it is very important that you make your choice early and give your instructions promptly. Though much progress has been made in speeding the art of monogramming, many other people will want it done too. And those who place their orders for it first will, of course, get their work done soonest. Allow yourself plenty of time and avoid last minute rushes.

MONOGRAMMING CAN Be had for almost every type of gift you can think of, from stationery to shirts, from lingerie to luggage. Jewelry as a gift, is hardly complete without an engraved legend or initials of the recipient. But remember, this extra work takes time. 1952

Borrow ornaments to whip up a gay costume for the trimming party!

Secrets Of Charm

Trimming Yourself For Christmas


You know the tree - trimming party is only a week away. If you haven't scheduled one, it's not a bit too late.

But how will you trim yourself for the occasion? With some gay and spirited ingenuity, I hope! Let your imagination play all its tricks and so inspire others to glow with happiness and the renewed appreciation of the magic of the season.

To spark your imagination, make a trip to the tree-trimming section of any store. Look for the miniature-sized baubles, the strips of tinsel, tiny bells and strands of Christmas beads.

With a black taffeta, felt or satin skirt (better still if it's red or green!) cut a large felt Christmas tree to baste on the front of it. Then trim it with all you have collected. You can choose a one-color motif as modern as today. Or make it an old - fashioned, multicolored fantasy. With a little planning, it can even serve as the blue-print for your big tree, a duplicate in miniature!

Skirts also will take on a festive look with a row of tiny bells bottoming the hem, sewed on at whatever intervals you choose. Rows of tinsel or green and red bows can transform even the most everyday skirt into one of the most charming  conversation pieces at the party.

Those addicted to trouser styles can be the Christmas gamins of the season with bells, tinsel or beads striping the outer-leg seams or twisted into a belt with two or three dangling from the waist.

And don't forget your earbobs. From any button earring, miniature baubles can quickly be suspended with the aid of a bit of heavy linen thread. Tiny bells so used are also naturals to bring a twinkle to the eyes of all who hear your tinkling music as you lightly circulate among the busy tree decorators.

Tomorrow: Lucky Eight. "Figured For You", gives expert detailed instructions and illustrates how to select  foundation garments that  provide comeliness, control and healthful comfort for your individual type of figure. Send 10 cents in coin, plus stamped, self - addressed envelope to Secrets of Charm in care of this newspaper for "Figured For You."

Rocky Mount, N.C., Evening Telegram, Tues., Dec. 17, 1957

1951 Cartoon How To Torture Your Husband by Webster - Christmas Shopping Topic

1950s Christmas Gifts

What was waiting for you under the Christmas tree if you were a child in the 1950s? (Assuming you behaved yourself!)

If you were a boy, then you may have had your heart set on an electric train set from Lionel or American Flyer.Sure! He wants an Electric Train "Every American boy likes to watch and operate an electric train. He thrills to he realistic cho-cho and whistle of the authentic scale models of giant freights, modern passengers and streamlined diesels. Make his dreams come true this Christmas and get him (and yourself) an electric train set of his own." Back then, the prices advertised were $15.95 to $69.95! Lionel Train Set five-piece O-scale "Lionel Lines Special"For comparison, here is a 5 piece Classic Lionel Lines Train Set for $239.95 (at Hammacher Schlemmer).

BRACELETS ARE GIFTS For sheer feminine excitement, give her an armful of bangle bracelets. Wonderful replicas of old fashioned bracelets done in gilt and black enamel as well as charming single bangles ornamented with simulated pearls are just about everywhere - at tiny prices. 1952

1951 - Money Saving Christmas Specials

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Johannsen and Mrs. and Mrs. Arnold Lebeck attended Lutheran church Christmas party in Walnut Monday evening at Legion hall. 1951
      Purple Flower

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