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1957 The New French Cut Hair-Do.
1957 The New French Cut Hair-Do...$2.00.  All it needs is a combing. Complete - Includes conditioning, shampoo, restyled cut and  styled hair-dress.


 1950s Hairdos and Hairstyles

1954 Hair-Do Star Brite Cold Wave Permanent

The Cold Wave

It's true! You get an amazing CORRECTOR hair treatment and a superb Star Brite Cold Wave! Both for only $6.50 (Genuine $14.00 value).

Like no other permanent you've ever had.

Hair-Do With Wing Flaps

Guillaume has come up with the "Winged Hairdo." Says he: "Today's woman is no longer in the clouds. She flies above them and pierces the sound barrier." Therefore, this style-setting Parisian hair artist maintains, the modern woman's hairdo must be speedy as a jet plane, saucy as a flying saucer, light as an atom and modern as 3-D. All this, claims Guillaume, is true of his "Winged Hairdo." The "wings of the new hair-style are formed by symmetrical hair cowls curving out and over or above the ears. The hair flaps, something like the handles on a vase, add width to the face. The top and back of the head are kept rather flat. 1956 Petite Bouffant HairstyleGuillaume has five variations of the "Winged Hairdo." which he calls "Sabre." "Globemaster," "Vampire," "Delta" and "Trident". They all call for hair at least four inches long at the sides. February, 1954

The petite bouffant, a variation of the bouffant hairstyle.


New hair-do's for a NEW year - 1952

1952 Hairstyle - the part-less coifThis is the very newest - the part-less coif that sweeps away from the forehead in a smooth, sleek effect that is softened by two charming side-wings. 1952 Hairstyle - the part-less coif -side and back viewsFeminine, ageless, and smart. for side and back views see the picture at right. A perfectly balanced hairdo, formed by a smooth crown, deep graceful side waves and soft fluff of curls at the nape.

1952 hair-do's will be influenced by two major and two minor trends. The major trends have to do with length and movement.

Hair will be longer. Not that long hair is around the corner. The latest is 3-3 1/2 inches from the nape, and this is a good intermediate length for all-around hairdressing purposes.

The other major trend is the Lifted Look. Hair will swing upward, but not in an extreme piled-high-on-top-of-the-head effect. It is a modified upward-flowing movement that adheres to the basic contour of the head. This graceful upsweep, 1952 version, is as flattering as it is manageable, and it lends itself to many variations.

The two minor trends will be waves and bangs. There will he deep waves, shadow waves and half-waves; and as for bangs, well, every conceivable type. This should be good news to most women since the versatility of bangs cannot be overlooked. Both are softening and very flattering to the wearer.

The hair-dos pictured here illustrate these various- trends. You will note that none of them are extreme coiffures. They are lovely and smart—yes, but they are all easy to manage between visits to the hairdresser. They will respond to your comb and brush with a minimum of fuss. In other words, they are functional-hair-do's, not only decorative but practical.

The hair styles on this page were created by the American Hair Design Institute, Inc. Beauty salons in many leading department stores throughout the country are qualified to create these charming coifs.

Your Hairdo Really Depends On Shape of Your Face

1954 - Your Hairdo Really Depends On Shape of Your Face

"Three important lines have an effect on the apparent shape of your face, according to Vito. He suggests that you observe them by shampooing your hair with egg white, massage it briskly into a lather and while it is still in a lather manipulate your hair to discover your most flattering hair style. Egg white, he says, is best for this procedure because soap may dry your hair if left on for long periods."

Here's how:
  1. Comb the hair back without a part and see if that makes your face look too longer. While it is still without a part, gradually comb the top a bit forward so that it bulges over the  forehead, keeping it close to the head at the top sides. Pull the top sides out so they will give you some width.
  2. Part your hair in the center and draw it straight down to the sides. Gradually comb the top front backwards. At each step (pulling it back on each side, step by step) look to see what the effect is. Keep the top sides flat. Then make the top sides wide.
  3. Part your hair on the side. Try several slants. With each side parting first comb the hair flat and to the side. Then comb it flat and toward the back. Begin giving it a bit of height. Bulge it out over the forehead. Make the top slides flat; then make the top sides wide.
Famous Hair Stylists of the '50s
  1. Victor Vito - Wrote book titled "Top Secrets of Hair Styling, 1954."
  2. Guillaume -
      Purple Flower



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