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1950s Fashion - Career Wardrobe Advice

Job-Seeking Girl Advised On Wardrobe


As soon as she can get a really snappy costume assembled, Janet is going to start looking for a job. This is to be "the" job - for college is over now and her young career is to begin in earnest.

"I want at least two costumes - both very cool - because the heat is mean here in summer", she writes. Then with a fashion insight that should always land her on smart feet she adds: "After you tell me what to get I shall first try to buy it, but if that doesn't yield, I can always make it, too."

With that "mean heat" in mind it would be a continuation of Janet's wise plans if she were to buy - or make - one of her two job-hunting costumes in a washable material. And I also suggest that she plan to make this at the start. The reason is the best. When you make a washable dress for yourself, you should and can actually wash the fresh yardage before it is cut. Then in spite of its nonfade and nonshrink guarantee - the "inevitable" does not happen. Its fit always stays the same - and the washing is a summer delight.


Costume number one, then, will be finest quality gingham or chambray - a trim stripe or check. A black or brown or navy and white check or gray with red line type of chambray looks very sophisticated. This dress will be made with new three quarter sleeves, loose sleeves cut dolman and in one with the bloused top (very important now) and a softly slender skirt whose restrained unpressed pleats or other fullness makes the cotton graceful but not party like in fullness. It can have optional and removable white pique collar and cuffs.

As with all summer clothes the accessories will count more than the dress. But it is wise to make the dress first. The only predetermination of accessories will be color perhaps. Even that is often best when it evolves then the second dress color will then evolve from the choice of accessories for the first dress.


However, for the column's sake, let's say the cotton dress is going to be gray chambray with fine red stripe. The slippers of either amusing flat casual type or with heel (patent then) will be red. The collar and cuffs will be echoed with short white cotton gloves. The hat will be a very simple white straw with red band. Maybe she will even go bareheaded.

Now comes the second dress. This is going to be navy - either a sheer or a raw silk or a shantung. It will be made something like the cotton - that is, unless it is a suit. Or it can be navy linen classic summer suit. And there she is - ready for all weather and any job! 1950


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