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Edith HeadFor 1 Lucky Woman in 400 -


An Edith Head Original From Hollywood!

$10.00 Edith Head original in Bates Disciplined Mist Lawn* $3.00 and 2 Dial Soap Wrappers

IMAGINE you Wearing an original creation by Hollywood's most-applauded designer, Edith Head! That's your opportunity, just for using Dial Soap. Made of Bates luxurious Disciplined Mist Lawn* (finest quality cotton), your Hug-Me-Tight blouse comes in Chalk White printed in the most wanted colors for Spring - Avocado Green and Azalea Pink. A bargain at $10.00, it's yours for only $3.00 and 2 Dial Soap wrappers!

But please hurry. Only one lucky woman in 400 can own this exclusive blouse because the supply is very limited. Get mild, fragrant Dial Soap - regular or bath size - and send for your "The Birds and The Bees" Blouse today.

*Registered Bates cotton that washes easily, dries quickly, never needs starch, irons smooth with a stroke, shrinkage controlled.


1956 An Edith Head Original From Hollywood

Inspired by "The Birds and the Bees" A Paramount Picture in Vista Vision Color by Technicolor - starring George Gobel in his motion picture debut.

1956 - The Birds And The Bees Hug Me Tight Blouse
1956 - The Birds And The Bees Hug Me Tight Blouse

New 6-way design by Edith Head Paramount's distinguished fashion designer has created this exclusive blouse for the friends of Dial Soap. It can be worn 6 different ways - one more flattering than the next.

And Now A Few Words From Our Sponsor ...

Aren't you glad you use Dial Soap?

1956 Dial Soap - Regular Or Bath Size

(don't you wish everybody did!)

Dress by Edith Head For Elizabeth Taylor in the film 'A Place in the Sun' (1951)

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