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1957 Fall Fashion

What's Important For Fall? The answer is on the front page of this semi-annual fashion edition - suits a la Chanel, open jackets, the middy look, pleated skirts, lots of jewels, small hats, coats with fur and color, color everywhere. These are but a few of the important "looks" throughout the section today you will find just about everything that's beautiful in clothes - and all so easy to wear.

Of course, now the trick is to slide gracefully from one kind of look the bronzed, end-of-summer tan - to this more elegant look for fall .
Here are a few quick hints:

  • Begin by using a temporary rinse to even the color of your sun-streaked hair, then,
  • Tone down your tan with a new, paler foundation,
  • Start wearing a darker lipstick (even if it's just a shade deeper than the coral you've loved all summer).

NOW, DO SOME fashion planning, particularly with suits and coats.
There are three important suit shapes to consider:

  • First is the short jacket and flared skirt with which you can plan to wear blouses and sweaters that tuck in, plus some handsome belts.
  • Second, the suit with easy-fitting jacket, worn with an over blouse and pleated skirt.
  • The most sophisticated is the third suit, a knee-length coat plus a skinny skirt.

This really is good fashion if you're planning on sheaths this fall but if you want graceful, full skirts then get a full-length, slightly full coat. Glowing shades of blue, red, yellow, green and purple will be found in everything from sportswear to formal attire—it will be a season of light, bright and rich color spanning the spectrum.

WHETHER THE LOOK is complete color coordination or basics such as black, brown or gray plus color tone designer suggested just orange shoes to go with a complete black ensemble), its fashion expression is easy and graceful.

Both slim and full silhouettes are newly interpreted - the slender line is supple and relaxed, while "round" rather than "bouffant" describes the fuller-skirted approach to fall. Dresses, suits and costumes reflect the cocoon influence, taking top width through stand away collars, shirred or gathered yokes and again dolman sleeves. Almond-curved or balloon-skirted fashions appear most frequently in dressy styles for late day and evening and the curve is provided by beautiful drapes and folds of fabric or- by pleats.

THE TWO-PIECE LOOK, whether real or simulated, is unquestionably one of the most important aspects of the casual look. The significant versions of the two-piece dress include over blouse, middy, fingertip tunic, belted peplum jackets and the one-piece dress with the elongated bodice. The stand-away neckline defines fall 1957 fashions, in contrast to the close-fitting necklines of last fall.

SPORTSWEAR FOR FALL is marked by ruggedness, expressed in oversized blanket-type plaids, many softened with brushed surfaces; rustic rubbed tweeds and novelty stripes; coarse and hairy Shetland-type fabrics. Pleats are scheduled for a major role. There is more silhouette ease and clothes fall close to the body giving an over-all slim effect. 

NEW, YET WEARABLE, describes fall millinery. Hats are off-the-face revealing more hair; smaller hats fit closely to the head. Back-swept berets and back-moving turbans and side-swooping profiles stand out in the popularity poll. Flat furs and long hairs, mink and more mink, will be seen in great abundance on the head. Now you can meet fall comfortably, composed and confident. The whole world looks lovelier to you and vice versa when you have this special feeling - that you know what you want to wear - and you know you'll look your most fashionable.

Money alone can't buy it, yet it's yours for ever so little when you do that fashion-planning we suggested earlier in this article. We trust the following pages of drawings and photographs will help you plan.

Models posing for photographs are from Wilma Hastings School of Fashion Modeling and the drawings and sketches are by Jacqueline Wood, Long Beach artist. Everything pictured in the section may be purchased in Long Beach.

Independent Press Telegram, Long Beach, California September 22, 1957

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