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Your 60s Beauty Tips

Beautiful Complexion: First, resolve to have a more beautiful complexion in 1962. It has been said that when a woman has an exquisite skin, irregular features are forgotten. Therefore, never retire without first having cleansed your face and neck and treating your skin with a moisturizing night cream. Give yourself a facial once or twice each week, and protect your skin from the elements. Choose a foundation make-up that will not only bring instant complexion beauty, but will protect and moisturize it the whole day through. 1961
Border Dots
No matter how glamorous long nails might seem, they are attractive, only if they're not chipped and cracked. The housewife and the gal who spends her day at the typewriter should remember this fact. For both of their workdays can cause broken nails. It, would be better to keep the nails at fingertip length. They will not break or chip as easily and will always have that well-groomed look.
Border Dots

With warm weather on the way, most of us will be engaged in outdoor activity. When a good deal of time is spent outdoors, it's wise to protect, your skin with the proper make-up. A creamy foundation, applied from the forehead to the collarbone will add moisture to the skin, filter the sun's rays, soften the effects of a nipping wind, and even protect the skin while swimming.

Make Up of the '60s
  • Charles of the Ritz - (Perfume)
  • Clairol
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Max Factor
  • Revlon

Pink Frosted Lipstick - Silvery

1960: A new lipstick has just appeared on the market. It makes you wonder why someone hadn't thought of it before. For it's a transparent lipstick in a glowing, see-through red. And it's Intended to do this: place an alive, clear color on your lips without the slightest trace of artificiality. Your lips will, in short, show color without showing paint. It's intended to banish forever that thick, pasty look that layers of lipstick can produce on some girls (A look that men dislike,) This is a lipstick that you'll want to try out.
Peony Lip Sheer Lipstick .05 oz

Movie Stars of the 1960s

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot

Claudia Cardinale
Claudia Cardinale

Angie Dickinson
Angie Dickinson

Mia Farrow
Mia Farrow

Barbara Feldon
Barbara Feldon

Jane Fonda 1969 Photo from Barbarella
Hanoi Jane Fonda

Katharine Ross
Katharine Ross


Beauty & Cosmetics In The 1960s

1960s Salon Di Elegante Beauty Salon

Wigs Take Guesswork Out Of Hair Beauty- by Alisia Hart - 1962Summer can make a pretty hairdo look like a clump of seaweed, fresh out of the water, especially if the hair has little body to begin with. Just the trip from home to the office is time enough to make it fall limply about the face.

Vacation presents its problems, too. You want to sail, swim or play tennis. Then there's the rush back to the hotel, a session with rollers and hair spray and an uncertain hope that your hair will look attractive for that magical evening of dancing.

There's a sure-fire cure for summer hairdo blues, and a simple one, too. Wear a wig. You'll be able to come home from a swimming date and appear beautifully coiffed for a formal evening. If you own more than one wig, you can wear fashion and make-up shades you never could carry off before.

Your own hair should be cut short and simply styled so that the wig will fit comfortably on top.

It's exciting to own both a blonde and a brunette wig, each styled differently, suggest experts. The dark-haired girl, for example, can wear bangs on her blonde wig, or bring out her own dark hair from under to give the light wig dark streaks.

This hair change-will open the door to a new world of color for the brunette. Her dark-haired wig can be set in a more dramatic fashion for elaborate formal occasions, and she can play up the elegant effect with more brilliant shades in clothes and make-up. Wigs of real hair can be matched exactly to your own shade, and they can be shampooed and restyled at the beauty salon. 1962 Beauty Trends Wigs: No more bad hair – Wigs, falls, ¾ caps, ponytails.

IN SUMMER, when exposure becomes the rule and healthy girl watching is practiced by the male contingent, attractive grooming is an imperative. How do the experts suggest you maintain your looks in the summer? Here's how:

Clairol Beauty Expert Wayne Hutchinson - 1967

Open Quotes Hot-weather skin will often be overly moist or oily or both. Specially treated paper "squares," when pressed to the face, remove surface grime and absorb excess moisture and oil without disturbing make-up. Transparent Pressed Powders In Compact

The new transparent pressed powders in compacts are handy for touch-ups without building up color.

A word about sunlight. The heat of the sun can draw oil to the surface of the skin, which may darken make-up. Perspiration often has the same effect. To compensate, wear clear, bright shades of lipstick and blusher, or the frosted, silvery tones.

What should a woman look for in a sun-tan lotion? Today lotions come in formulations that take into consideration not only the texture of the skin but the degree to which a woman wishes to tan. Moisturizing agents are incorporated in many sun-tan products. Every woman should be able to acquire the depth of tan she wants without drying or flaking her skin. Close Quotes(Clairol Beauty Expert Wayne Hutchinson  - 1967)

Be Lovelier with Professional Beautycare

Any hairdo stays glamorous longer with a Crowning Glory Cold Wave. Created specially for you by "specially - trained" cold wavers.

For Your Convenience OPEN EVENINGS Open 8 A.M. til Midnight. No Appointment Needed.

You'll be Pleasantly Surprised at the "Difference Specialists can Make"

Beauty Expert Stan Lawrence of Revlon

Open QuotesA wonderful way to contour your face in summer to play up your bone structure or diminish an overly long nose or a jowled look—is to apply a frosted blusher, which contrasts brightly with a tanned skin. Apply the blusher, in either cream or powder form, to the tip of the nose to shorten it, on cheekbones to define them, or under the chin area to minimize it. Then watch your features take on added interest.

What to do about unsightly circles caused by sunglasses? Consider them a blessing in disguise. First, they indicate that you are protecting the area under your eyes, which along with the throat is most prone to dryness, and you are helping to keep the area lightened, free from shadows. A simple blending of a concealer cream and foundation will eliminate such rings. So if you fancy big sun shades, feel free to wear them.Close Quotes Revlon Beauty Expert Stan Lawrence, 1967

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Fruit Colors Seen In Summer Lipstick

Some years ago there were hard and fast rules about lipstick. One shade was for blondes, a darker one for brunettes, and redheads did the best they could with which ever of the two didn't exactly clash with their tresses.

Today it's still advisable to choose a lipstick that generally harmonizes with your coloring, but a full range of hues is available for us all. And since the beauty conscious woman won't select her clothes in a shade that, is wrong for her general coloring, she may also choose her lipstick with fashion predominantly in mind.

We all look forward to the luscious colors that make summer fashions fun to wear. And as new fashion hues crop up each year, so do new shades in make-up, created especially to complement them.

This year is no exception. Couturiers are emphasizing enticing fruit colors for warm weather wear, such as pink melon, rose grape, apricot, orange, cherry and strawberry. 1962

Hair Styles of the 1960s

Zotos Precious Hair Tube Wave
Hair Tube Wave

Older Lady's Hair Style 1962

1963 Hair Salon Ad for Cold Waves $8.00 and Tints of All Kinds $6.00

1960s bob with chin curl
A Bob with Bangs and Chin Curl 1964

Chin Bob with thick bangs
Chin Bob with Thick Bangs 1964


Joey Heatherton On TV Guide Cover
One Of The Ten Best Coiffured Women of 1966 - Joey Heatherton


1962 Hair Style1962 Founded in 1960 by a renowned Hollywood makeup artist, shu uemura is dedicated to developing innovative products in a relentless quest for flawless, contemporary makeup and beautiful skin through unique textures and groundbreaking product formulas.
1966 Cockatoo Hair Style

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