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School Lunch Menus
The menu for next week at the local schools is as follows:

Labor Force

Between 1940 and 1967 the labor force participation rate of mothers increased about two times more than did the labor force participation rate of all women.

1961 Your neighborhood paperboy.
Yes, your neighborhood boy is gaining valuable business experience through his News and Green Sheet route. He'll be calling at your home soon - you can identify him by the official receipt he issues for payment of just 65¢ a month which assures you of prompt delivery. You're also helping to build the boy's future. Source: The Valley News And Green Sheet, Van Nuys, California - March 2, 1961


Raising Children in the 1960s

"If you bungle raising your children nothing else much matters in life."
Jacqueline Kennedy, First Lady of the United States, 1961 - 1963

What was it like to have children in the 1960s? I was born in the latter part of the decade, so I can't really testify. But my mother can, and maybe so can yours! Ask her. I guarantee you will come away with new found respect and admiration for her, and will also learn a thing or two! Not that the 1960s was especially tough, I will say the same thing as I research other decades. Still, the mothers and wives of the 1960s faced a different set of challenges than we do today, and some things may even have been better. Let's take a look at the evidence before we decide!

Planned Parenthood Logo - 1968 Family Planning Recommendation Of Planned ParenthoodMemorandum to Bernard Berelson (President, Population Council) found in "Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the U.S." 3/11/69 by Frederick S. Jaffe (Vicepresident of Planned Parenthood - World Population).

TABLE 1. Examples of Proposed Measures to Reduce U.S. Fertility, by Universality or Selectivity of Impact

Restructure family:

  • a) Postpone or avoid marriage

  • b) Alter image of ideal family size

  • Compulsory education of children

  • Encourage increased homosexuality

  • Educate for family limitation

  • Fertility control agents in water supply

  • Encourage women to work (GEE, THANKS GLORIA)

(Complete File in pdf format)

Source: "A Family Planning Perspectives Special Supplement" published by Planned Parenthood-World Population, NYC, NY, 19.70.

Gadgets Will Halt Bathroom Jam

Do you ever feel more like traffic cop than a homemaker during the early morning rush for the bathroom? Any aid to help unsnarl the conflict between school bound youngsters and office bound adults, both on uncompromising schedules, is thankfully received.

1961 Drawing Of ChildrenRestricted floor space in most bathrooms doesn't permit too many fancy accessories. As traffic manager, you might try analyzing the bottleneck.

  • Are junior and Jane trying to brush teeth at the same time that dad trying to shave?
  • Is Sally enjoying a nice bath while the line queues up outside?

In our house, some mysterious signal impels all three children want to wash, brush and groom themselves simultaneously. Because the bathroom has two doors, this often leads to a noisy argument on precedence.

A sense of time is important to smooth bathroom operations, so the addition of a clock with a timer and a sweep second hand can be of help on more than one count. During the rush hours, either morning or evening, a time allotment on the timer will prod the dawdler into speedy action. This won't do for dad, but the children will abide by the non-discriminating buzzer.

Besides its usefulness in timing some permanents, hair rinses or similar cosmetic routines, a clock can be a real aid to building good dental habits in the children. Sometime, just for fun, try this experiment: time the number of seconds your kids spend brushing their teeth after meals or at bedtime. You may be surprised to find the time not more than 30 or 40 seconds.

This isn't long enough to do the thorough job that will help protect their teeth from decay, says the American Dental Association. It won't specify the length of time one should brush but I was told, that two to three minutes is close to the mark. 1960




What's My Name?

1940s 1950s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
Top Baby Names of 1960
  • 1.  David,   Mary
  • 2.  Michael,   Susan
  • 3.  James,   Linda
  • 4.  John,   Karen
  • 5.  Robert,   Donna
  • Top Baby Names of 1961
  • 1.  Michael,   Mary
  • 2.  David,   Lisa
  • 3.  John,   Susan
  • 4.  James,   Linda
  • 5.  Robert,   Karen
  • Top Baby Names of 1962
  • 1.  Michael,   Lisa
  • 2.  David,   Mary
  • 3.  John,   Susan
  • 4.  James,   Karen
  • 5.  Robert,   Linda
  • Top Baby Names of 1963
  • 1.  Michael,   Lisa
  • 2.  John,   Mary
  • 3.  David,   Susan
  • 4.  James,   Karen
  • 5.  Robert,   Linda
  • Top Baby Names of 1964
  • 1.  Michael,   Lisa
  • 2.  John,   Mary
  • 3.  David,   Susan
  • 4.  James,   Karen
  • 5.  Robert,   Patricia
  • Top Baby Names of 1965
  • 1.  Michael,   Lisa
  • 2.  John,   Mary
  • 3.  David,   Karen
  • 4.  James,   Kimberly
  • 5.  Robert,   Susan
  • Top Baby Names of 1966
  • 1.  Michael,   Lisa
  • 2.  David,   Kimberly
  • 3.  James,   Mary
  • 4.  John,   Michelle
  • 5.  Robert,   Karen
  • Top Baby Names of 1967
  • 1.  Michael,   Lisa
  • 2.  David,   Kimberly
  • 3.  James,   Michelle
  • 4.  John,   Mary
  • 5.  Robert,   Susan
  • Top Baby Names of 1968
  • 1.  Michael,   Lisa
  • 2.  David,   Michelle
  • 3.  John,   Kimberly
  • 4.  James,   Jennifer
  • 5.  Robert,   Mary
  • Top Baby Names of 1969
  • 1.  Michael,   Lisa
  • 2.  David,   Michelle
  • 3.  James,   Jennifer
  • 4.  John,   Kimberly
  • 5.  Robert,   Melissa

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