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Villeroy and Boch Coffee Service from 1969 - Wildrose or Wild Rose.
A classic design from Villeroy & Boch first introduced in 1969, and still going strong today. The series is called "Wildrose" or Wild Rose.

Can Sizes

You may notice that there are some strange terms used in the grocery ad shown to the right. For example:
  • The ad for a 3 lb can of "Picnic" is actually for whole corn. Picnic refers to the size of the can, or a 211 x 400 size which holds about 11 ounces of liquid.
  • The apple sauce comes in a 303 can, which is about 16 oz of liquid. Can manufacturers have Diagram of a # 303 can size or 303 x 406!invented their own math notation to express the can size and a 303 can is really 303 X 406 which in inches translates to 3 3/16" by 4 6/16" as measured by the diameter and height of the can. (Shown in my lovely diagram!)



Grocery Shopping 1960s

Before you can cook a meal, you must have the proper ingredients! Take a peek in the newspaper of 1963 to find the best deals at your local grocery so that you can stretch your food budget further, or as this ad from CUT/LOW says: Ma Saves Pa's dough at CUT/LOW. Perhaps a meatloaf will do for supper this evening? With pure ground beef going for 3 Lbs for a Buck - or 33 cents a pound, what could be more economical than that?
Grocery Ad from 1960s


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1960s Recipes
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  • 1965: Hamilton Beach introduces the hole-in-the-handle electric knife, which allows cooks to easily grip a slim handle when carving a turkey or slicing a ham. Product features include a stainless steel blade and a blade-release button for extra safety. 1965: Hamilton Beach introduces the hole-in-the-handle electric knife - Seen In This 1966 Newspaper Advertisement.
    This design went on to win a National Housewares Manufacturers Association Design in Housewares award in 1966.

    1966: Hamilton Beach contracts Rene Verdon, the Kennedy administrationís White House chef, to be the companyís primary culinary consultant.


    1968 AMANA RADARRANGE See a Potato Bake in 4 Minutes.

    Operates on 115 volt house current. Save 75% actual cooking time. If you can set an alarm clock, you can cook on this range. Radarrange Microwave oven by Amana. BUY NOW -- 1st payment in March.

    1962 Coupon for 50 Extra Plaid Stamps With This Coupon.
    1962 Coupon for Plaid Stamps - The Coupon Reads: "50 Extra Plaid Stamps With This Coupon and the Purchase of One Box Of 24 (5 cent Size) Hershey Bars".

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