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Stretching The Household Budget In The 1960s

Blue Chip Stamps, Green Stamps, Plaid Stamps, Oh what fun! I remember the Blue Chip and The Sperry and Hutchinson Company, Inc.Green Chip stamps from my childhood. I thought they were great because to me, it seemed like we had an endless supply of stickers. Before my Mom wizened up and taught me to paste them into the little paper books, I and my little sister took full advantage of their decorative properties and pasted them on walls, books, suitcases, my nose and my little sister's forehead. My mother didn't much care for that, so she finally gave us a lesson in Blue Chip Stamps. After that, I was always on the look-out for new sources of the little blue and white stamps because of all the great things you could trade them in for. And, as my mother informs me, the items available by redeeming the blue chips were "very good quality".

1967 - Would You Believe 1000 Bonus Blue Chip Stamps
Blue Chip Stamps were used as a promotional tool in the 1960s - 1970s to attract customers and to keep them coming back! The ad shown above is from 1967 and was printed in the San Mateo Times in California!





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1962 Coupon for 100 Extra Plaid Stamps

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