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Hippies, Flower Power, The Summer of Love

(Things that make Baby Boomers get all misty-eyed and nostalgic)

Woodstock - a 3 day music festival that ran from August 15, 1969 to August 18, 1969 in upstate Bethel, New York. "If it wasn't for the U.S. Army, Woodstock might not have happened." Richie Havens, who I am quoting completely out of context and in a rather misleading fashion. This happens in newspapers every day, but they don't admit to it! Read the whole very interesting tale called "How Woodstock Happened ... Part 1"  to see what I mean. Peace baby! RH

Summer of Love - refers to the summer of 1967 in San Francisco's Haight -Ashbury district. Like most things, by the time it hit the newspaper mainstream, the cool part was over. Here is a newspaper article from '67 on the Summer of Love.

Flower Power
Great Hippie Music all summed up nicely by Time/Life in an album set aptly called "Flower Power".


What's On TV In the '60s

7:30 p.m.
  •  Wagon Train - In the middle of Indian country, the wagon train runs into Sarr. Darland and a group of orphan boys. Darland has started a home for these youngsters in an abandoned ghost town and he's doing his best to provide the unwanted children with proper guidance.
  • Virginian - Retired sailor Kevin Doyle - who's looking for a wife - is captivated by the Morrow twins, Judith and Susan. Doyle is more entranced by Judith, but she insists that she'll never leave her sister.
9:00 p.m.
  • Beverly Hillbillies - Back in the Ozarks for a Christmas visit, The Beverly Hillbillies was on prime time in 1962 the Clampetts decide to help cousin Pearl in her efforts to trap a husband - and Mr. Brewster is the man Pearl's after.


Van Nuys California Sept 20, 1963
Students Comment on Campus Crazes

Now that school is underway, undoubtedly new
fads and era sees will be springing up throughout the
Valley and taking hold in junior and senior high
schools and colleges.

Barbara Lilian JS, Van Muys High School: "This semester seems r a t h e r quiet as far as fads are concerned. Of course, all the girls are wearing the A-line dresses and skirts as well as shirts and jumpers. "And the natural look seems to be reappearing on campus that is: less ratted and dyed hair and less make-up."

Fading Out

Jim Nelson IS, Valley State College: "Although there have been fads among school students f r o m the 20s on, I feel that these crazes are beginning to fade out. "The student of today is actually more serious about his studies, and although he does spend some time in extra-curricular activities, a great deal of these events are more meaningful.

Take Part

Gloria Reese 16, Reseda High School: "Most of my friends and I participate In the various fads provided they don't go too far. We might as well admit that most of us take part in these crazes to attract attention, which, indeed, the crazes do."

Bill Srliaefi-r 17, Polytechnic High School: "My friends and I don't take part in fads and crazes, and we feel they're on their way out. As students realize that their major purpose in attending class is to study, all fads will lose out entirely."

Judy Howard 19, Valley College: "No one can deny that crazes do have a part, like it or not, on the high school and college campus. The extent to which the fad occupies the student's time is the principal point to be considered."

Always Fads

"As long as there are females on campus, there will he fads in clothing. This year it's the little boy and "Oliver" look along with the popular  A-line and coachmen skirts."

Ren Denis 16, C a n o g a Park High S c h o o l : "Although it's a little early to note trends that are apparent on campuses, I feel that school would not be school without some nutty crazes. This is especially true for college students."


Employment - Male Help Wanted - 1968Employment - Female Help Wanted - 1968


 On a recent morning in the Haight-Ashbury, three long haired, hippie girls skipped merrily down the main street of hippieville holding hands and singing, -"We're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Ows".

The wizard, a blond - haired youth of about 24, sat at a table in the window of a Haight-Ashbury coffee house. He chatted with the girls briefly and they walked away. "No, I didn't sell them any acid," said the wizard, whose nickname comes from the fact that he distributes the product of an amateur chemist known throughout Bay area hippie circles as "Ows"- short for his real name. "I'll drop by their pad later," the wizard said. "This place is loaded with narcs (narcotics agents). They know who I am and what I'm doing, but they also know I'm smart enough not to carry the stuff around with me." 1967


1960s Barbara
Things a 1960's Housewife might read in the newspaper:
  • Surveyor lands on moon (1966)
  • Castro To Permit Relatives To Leave Cuba - Families Forfeit All Possessions

1960's Stars

  • Audrey Hepburn

  • Agent 99

Get Smart TV Series Ran from 1965 to 1970 width=
Get Smart ran from 1965 to 1970. CONTROL agents Maxwell Smart, the Chief and Agent 99 battled KAOS (the bad guys), who I guess were supposed to be Russians, but sounded suspiciously German.

Movies/TV Shows Set in the 1960s

  • American Graffiti ('62)

Custom Of Afternoon Tea Is Revived

How long has it been since you have seen a silver dish used for the calling cards for which it was intended?

It has probably been almost as long since you put on a hat and attended an afternoon tea at home. Both are reminders of a more formal era. A Tea Has A Formal Air Of An Earlier Age - Miss Virginia Russell, Mrs. R. L. Asay

But Mrs. Leslie Murray Jr. invited three generations of women to Sunday afternoon tea recently, proving that, while that form of entertaining may be infrequent, it is certainly not forgotten.

The tea table was centered by carnations with the tea service on one end and a punch bowl on the other. Small cookies and cakes replaced the familiar sweet rolls and hardier fare of the more typical morning coffee.

Silk prints and linen afternoon dresses were worn instead of shifts or more tailored linens and cottons of parties held earlier in the day.

Again, the idea of combining age groups works out to good advantage. Women of all ages enjoy talking, and the chance to exchange ideas among grandmothers, mothers and daughters provides a delightful afternoon.
The Arizona Republic Phoenix, Sun., June 19, 1966

1968 Shelby GT 500-KR Convertible Limited Edition
1968 Shelby GT 500-KR Convertible Limited Edition (Very Cool Car! See it here)

1961 - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Turn On, Pad, Travel Agent,

Ross Hunter's The Pad - And How to Use It. - 1968
"The Pad"

Jane Mansfield posing at the Santa Barbara Polo Club c. 1960s

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys became popular in the 1960s and stayed popular until the early 1980s, if my memory serves me correctly! Beach Boys music is very happy and upbeat, and lends itself nicely to any beach-themed party! Some of the Beach Boys Hit Singles:

Beach Boys 'California Girls' 24K gold-plated record from California Gold.     
Beach Boys 'California Girls' 24K gold-plated record from California Gold at QVC.
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