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1960s Hats - Spiral Turban of twisted wool.
Spiral Turban of twisted wool. Black, coffee brown, grey and white. $5.97*

1960s Hats - Pile Cloche
Pile Cloche. Beige, brown band. Dk Brown, brown band. Black, black band. $4.97*

1960s Hats - Wool Felt Bumper
Wool Felt Bumper.  acrylic jersey scarf tucks under hat. Fits all.  Grey, Black, Navy and Beige. $2.97.


1960s Hats

Tip: Check out the DECADES OF STYLE - '60S Section at Saks 5th Avenue - for some modern interpretations of 1960s fashions.

1960s Fashion Look - Spotted Pile Pillbox Hat
Grrrrr! Here is a spotted pile pillbox hat - black on beige. Looks like sleek jungle animal. $2.47 *

1960s hat - Eskimo Hood
Eskimo Hood. Wool jersey tie-scarf with pile cuff. Fits all. Black, White, Beige and Sapphire. $3.97 *

Rabbit fur hat and muff from Sears Catalog 1964.
Hat and Muff. black dyed or natural white rabbit fur. Fits all. Hat $3.97* Muff $5.97

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