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Your 60s Fashion Tips

LITTLE SUMMER SUIT The little summer suit always has a smartly tailored open front Chanel-type jacket over a sleeveless dress with open neckline.

STOCKINGS TOO TIGHT  If your feel are uncomfortable, check the size of your stockings. They may be too small. If they are, you will have as much discomfort as you would if your shoes were too short - more, in fact, for stockings tend to shrink from perspiration.


Vintage Mod 60's Charlotta By Glazier Dress
Vintage Mod 60's Dress
Charlotta By Glazier

Vintage Early 1960s Black Velvet & Peau de Soie Cocktail Dress
Vintage: Early 1960s Black Velvet & Peau de Soie Cocktail Dress

1960s Fashion Wool Dresses from 1964 Sears Catalog
1960s Fashion: Wool Dresses from the 1964 Sears Catalog

Diane von Furstenberg Mondrian Patchwork Mini Dress $375.00
'60s revisited by Diane von Furstenberg in this Mondrian Patchwork Mini Dress $375.00 at Saks.

Christian Dior 3/4 Length Dress
CHRISTIAN DIOR 3/4 length dress, Early 1960s afternoon dress from the Yves Saint Laurent era, in knit wool and silk with black and grey animal print. Wide, raised neckline, three-quarter length sleeves with two small hidden buttons. Calf-length skirt with inserts to adjust the fullness below. Entirely lined in white silk. Rear zip closure. Made of Wool, Silk.


Late 1960's BILL BLASS Suit - Sweater With Green And Navy Blue Horizontal Stripes And Plaid Cotton Skirt In Shades Of Green, Red, And Blue.
BILL BLASS - Is the designer of this spunky little number from the late 1960s - Quite Spunky.
Source: Styles and Memories featuring select pieces from ROSAMOND BERNIER's closet.


Fashions of the 1960s

1960s Pucci Patterns - Typical Mod Patterns Of the 1960s

The 1960s Party Dress

1960s Bespoke party dress in taffeta and chantilly lace, decorated with sequins. 1960s Bespoke party dress in velvet and crimson silk with removable top richly embroidered with four crystals beads.1960s Bespoke party dress in blue brocade lamé with a pink sash at bust.
From Left to Right: 1960s Bespoke dress in taffeta and chantilly lace, decorated with sequins. Bodice with inner ribs. Rear zip closure. Made of Nylon, Silk; 1960s Bespoke dress in velvet and crimson silk with removable top richly embroidered with four crystals beads. Hidden snap button closure. Made of Cotton, Silk; 1960s Bespoke dress in blue brocade lamé with a pink sash at bust. Ribbed bodice. Rear zip closure. Made of Cotton, Lurex. Source: Vintage Party Dress Collection on (December 2008)

1960s Dior Cocktail DressCHRISTIAN DIOR - Late 1960s Dior Cocktail Dress from the Spring-Summer 1967 Collection.

Sleeveless sheath in two-tone wool crêpe with a central double pocket, decorated with two loops.

Lined in two-tone silk, rear zip closure. Made Of Wool.

 Dress with a History:  This Cocktail Dress belonged to the film star Maria Felix.

Asking Price was $1,750.00 in the summer of 2008 - (already sold.)

Source: From the Long Live Christian Dior Spring-Summer YOOX Collection




1964 Women's Short Sleeve Pullover $2.64
Short Sleeve Pullover. Crew Neck. Mock Fashioned. No Pin. 1964 Price $2.641960 Vintage Sleeveless Dress by M. Sarti in Orange.

1960 Vintage Sleeveless Dress by M. Sarti in Orange. Decorative buttons and two faux pockets with decorative buttons on front. Decorative floral applications in silk. Side zip closure. The skirt is lined. Made of 70% Wool, 30% Cotton found at Chanel Long-sleeved dress in dove grey chiffon.

Vintage Chanel 3/4 length dress. Production date: 1960s. Made of: 100% Silk, For Sale in December, 2007 for $1,920. Long-sleeved dress in dove grey chiffon. The bodice is composed of two layers that accentuate the material's transparency: the outer layer has a deep V-neckline and sleeves that close with fabric-covered buttons; the internal layer is sleeveless. The pleated skirt, composed of three chiffon layers, is decorated with a curled waistband and displays two front pockets and a front zip. The hem is slightly asymmetrical (shorter at front).

1964 Outfit with red had More 60s hats
Skirts start to get shorter and more form fitting in the early 60s, but are still a far cry from the mini-skirt which will appear towards the end of the decade.

Shoes of the 1960s

Golo Boots - 1962 More Shoes of the 1960s

1960s Winter Fashion
  Winter Fashions of the 1960s


"Oscar de la Renta, the designer who creates clothing for the woman indoctrinated to modern life, is fascinated this fall season by the jungles of the Turkish harem." Ohio Mansfield News Journal, July 1968

Some Vintage Dior

FROM: DIOR Vintage - 60 Years of Dior Couture exclusively on YOOX.COM.
 Christian Dior - Short Jacket In Silk Shantung
CHRISTIAN DIOR - 1960s Short jacket in silk shantung, with round, collarless neckline. Both the neckline and the front hemline are adorned with an applied organza fringe in a matching shade. Lined in cream colored satin. The lining presents a small hole and is slightly faded in some places.

Fashion News In Knits

By GAILE DUGAS NEW YORK (NEA) - All of the fashion news for late spring and summer is good. It tells a story of lightweight knitted silks that shed wrinkles, of printed cashmeres, of ribbed, knitted silks gay with print and of a-man-made miracle fiber that is light, chic and washable.

In the past, women who doted on the luxury and soft texture of silk have sometimes sighed and given it up in favor of what they felt was 'a' more practical fabric. But the new knitted silks combine the luxury of silk with the ability to shed wrinkles immediately. They are, in fact, the perfect summer travelers.

Printed cashmeres in truly beautiful colorings burst upon the fashion world this spring. Against 3 downy white background, brilliant florets of rose, aqua or yellow bloom forth. The printed cashmere cardigan worn with a simple, sleeveless, sheath makes a costume of 'elegance.

Courtelle is the newest of the man-made fibers. It is light, cool and washable but, of course, most man-made fibers are. The difference lies in the fact that this newest fabric has genuine chic. It has been used for knitted suits that are truly handsome. No matter what your summer vacation plans — this country or Europe—these are fashions worth your investigation. 1962

Save on Mary's own Marchioness girdles and bras by a very famous maker! April 21, 1963

60's Fashion Sense

  • Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogs: Late 1960s
    Book: Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogs: Late 1960s

  • 1968 Esprit Flower Power VW Van1968 - Esprit - the Brand was born when "Susie and Doug Tompkins started selling Esprit clothes out of the back of their station wagon."

  • Book - 60s Fashion: Vintage Fashion and Beauty AdsBook: 60s Fashion: Vintage Fashion and Beauty Ads at eCampus Bookstore for $7.79. ISBN: 3822849359

  • Ben Sherman the Mod God who started making shirts from a small, back street factory in Brighton, went on to dress the swinging Sixties and became the King of Carnaby Street.  Ben Sherman Clothing as a brand started in 1963.

  • 1965 Oscar de la Renta hits the scene and is an instant darling of the celeb crowd.

  • Emilio Pucci, Italy - The most colorful of the 1960s designers. Look: Psychedelic op-art prints and patterns, swirling silk dresses and tops, bias cut eveningwear, silk handbags.1960s EMILIO PUCCI 3/4 length dress Turquoise, Purple, Black, White Mod Pattern
    1960s EMILIO PUCCI 3/4 Length Cotton Velour Round Neck Short Sleeve Dress Turquoise, Purple, Black, White Mod Pattern, zipper in back, cream silk lining. 100% Cotton From the Yoox EMILIO PUCCI The Endless Summer Collection 2009 - $1,350.00

  • Mary Quant, London - Created the "Swinging London" look of the 60s. Look: Mod mini-skirts, Vidal Sassoon haircuts, dark stockings, daisy logo.

  • Paco Rabanne, Spain - Studied architecture in Paris, became one of the most experimantal designers of the 60s. Look: Space Age Mod fashions, metal dresses and helmets, plastic disks bib necklaces, chainmail mini dresses.

  • André Courreges - Since 1961 has been known for crisp clean lines, structure and attention to detail! Recent collection now at La Redoute.

1969 San Francisco, California:
 The First Gap Store is Opened.

After going through a few transformations, The Gap is still with us in 2006!


1961 Cover of Fashion Magazine Mademoiselle

Rich emerald green 1960's gown
Rich emerald green 1960's gown

1968 2 Piece Double Knits in Navy, Yellow, Green and Turquoise from Sears
1968 Double Knits in  in Navy, Yellow, Green and Turquoise from Sears. Made from Perma Prest® textured Polyester, you never have to iron them! Hand wash and drip dry. Note that the hemline is now clearly above the knee.


1968 Girdle with Lycra by Du Pont

Daahhrling...have you seen Du Pont's new line of girdles? You simply must try one! OK, so maybe a girdle isn't high fashion, but wearing one could make or break your look! "Lumpy" wasn't IN in the 1960s either!

Fabrics of the 1960s
  • Wool

  • Wool jersey

  • Pile

  • Acrylic jersey

  • Poplin

  • Nylon

  • Perma Prest® textured Polyester

  • Acetate/rayon crepe - as lining

  • Lycra® by Du Pont - 1962

The Jump Suit was a popular style in the 60's, as it became more acceptable for women to wear pants!

Jiffy Jump-In Style No. R263



Even MORE 1960s Fashion

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