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Mrs. Brady Lamp - Late 1960s Home Decor Style

1960s Retro Table Lamp With Mod 1960s Wallpaper.
1960s Style Table Lamp with 60s patterned wallpaper in the background. The lamp is from Home Decorators Collection and the wallpaper from American Blinds & Wallpaper (Pattern: MA51102).

1960s Retro Floor LampRetro Floor Lamp
This retro lamp will reflect your fun personality with its funky, contemporary style. The modern lamp can be used as a table or floor lamp, as well as a sculptural art piece to liven up any room. Available in white, beige and other bright colors, the lamp emits diffused, soft lighting. When not in use, external light plays upon the surface of the unlit lamp. A functional zipper allows the shade to be taken down and transported with ease.


1960s Home Decor

Dinette Set by Virtue - 1969
Dinette Set by Virtue - 1969

Modern Design In Furniture - What the Hip Had at Home

1966 Platner Coffee Table - Modern Design 1960s

Many designers were influenced by the rapid industrialization taking place in Western society, and this was reflected in the furniture designs they came up with. Cozy and warm, out...metallic, modular, slick and minimalist, IN! The Platner coffee table is a good example of 1960s Style Area Rug.this. It is made out of nickel coated metal parts with a tempered glass table top. There are chairs, an end table and a dining table to match!

The retro area rug, while from modern times, is reminiscent of Duveteen appliqué wall hangings from the 1960s which were individually conceived and designed by Jettie Penraat.1960 AJ Floor Lamp

It all reminds me very much of the "Ab Fab" episode where Eddie's friend from the 60s comes to visit, and there is a flashback of there post-modern minimalist flat, done entirely in white.

This floor lamp would fit right in! It was designed in 1960 by Arne Jacobsen to go with his Series 3300 furniture, which included the Egg Chair and the Swan Chair. The heavy cast iron base of the lamp is a sloped wedge with a circular cutout that was originally designed to hold an ashtray! (Did somebody enjoy lying on the floor with a smoke?)

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1962 Enjoy Westinghouse Instant-On Attache 19'' Portable T. V. $179
Thank Goodness! No more waiting for the T.V. To come on! ?

1960s Clocks

Petal Clock by George Nelson
Petal Clock by George Nelson

1965 - George Nelson Talulah Clock - Kids Teens
Talulah the Toucan, designed by George Nelson in 1965, is one of Nelson‘s more whimsical designs. Designed in the 1960s, the George Nelson clocks became icons of an era characterized by the transformation of ordinary, useful items into functional art.

1965 George Nelson Fish Clock
Fernando the Fish, designed by George Nelson in 1965, carries an adorable maritime motif.

Modern Design 1960s
"Good Design"  "Modular Design"  "Eames"  "Mies van der Rohe"  "Le Corbusier"  "Japanese Influence"  "Erwine & Estelle Laverne" "Industrialists"

Furniture & Interiors Of The 1960s

  The Dalu Lamp by Vico Magistretti, Designed in the Sixties.
The Dalu Lamp, first designed by Vico Magistretti in the Sixties, has been re-issued by Artemide utilizing contemporary thermoplastic technology.

1960s Vintage Desk Phone in Orange
1960s Vintage Desk Phone in Red

1960s Vintage Desk Phone in Grey

1960s Vintage Desk Phone in Green.

  6 Feet of Stereo BeautyThis is what the rest of us most likely had at home! Note the price tag of $475! Those are 1960s dollars! And $475 was one heck of a lot of money!
 6 Feet of Stereo Beauty - Fits under Picture Windows Perfectly! Custom Features: 6 speakers (1 woofer, 2 tweeters on each channel) - Finest Garrard automatic turntable with diamond needle - 88 watt peak output - Automatic Frequency Control for no-drift FM tuning. Scandia Walnut $475.00


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