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Housekeeping & Homemaking In The 1960s

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Showers Bring May Flowers, Headaches to Homemaker

Spring showers bring May flowers. But they also bring full-blooming headaches to many a household homemaker.

It's a scientific fact that changing inclement weather encourages headaches in both men and women. But women get more of them.

Medical science confirms that women suffer far more migraine than men and almost three times as many muscle-contraction. or nervous tension, headaches. And one of the most frequently reported reasons for women's nervous tension headaches is "miserable weather."

Scientists now know that temperature, humidity, wind, natural radiation and oxygen pressure all contribute to, or detract from, man's health and well-being.

For years they have been studying human biometeorology the effects of atmospheric and cultural environments on human beings.

Women long have known that incessant spring showers can bring on the "blues;" make you jumpy give you "the miseries" or, play havoc with your corns. Women know these things, because they are more sensitive to all forms of stimuli -both physical and psychological.

Whether the stress situation is cranky children screaming around the house, the oppressive gloom generated by soggy spring weather, the prospect of being housebound by spring cleaning, or repressed hostility at thoughtless husband or boss, a woman reacts.

Her endocrine glandular system makes her respond just assuredly as it makes her female and her female headaches are "different."

She tightens up. Before long; her skull feels as though it's in a vise, muscles tighten in the back of head and neck and the shoulders. She has in effect, a full-blooming headache.

There are two steps a woman an can take. Eliminate the pain and tension, then reduce or improve the stress situation that is responsible.

Weather - induced headaches most often result from resentment at being confined indoors often with quarrelsome children. So why not dress them, and yourself, in warm clothes, waterproof rainwear and boots for an excursion outdoors?

Enjoy the rain, don't fight it and let the children enjoy the puddles. Or, if you're easily waterlogged, choose this time to plan the summer holidays; devote the afternoon to a complete beauty routine (with the TV doing "sitter duty"); take a nap; or just fritter the day away.

Do something selfish that you enjoy. And only work if work is your way of coping with springtime doldrums.

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