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Female Beauty - His View

Playboy Playmate Marli Renfro - September 1960
Marli Renfro - Sept. 1960

Playboy Playmate Kellie Collins - April 1963
Kellie Collins - April 1963

Playboy Playmate Of the Year Allison Parks - May 1966
Allison Parks PMOY - May 1966

Playboy Playmate Paulette Lindberg - October 1969
Paulette Lindberg - Oct. 1969


The 1960s Husband

My father was one of these! Any study of the Housewife HAS to look at the men because technically, we need one to become a housewife in the first place! We will see what the boys were up to in the 1960s (hint...if you were born in the 60s, that is your first clue!).

Men's Fashion in the 1960s was characterized by attention-to-detail, perfect fit and elegance – and the style is back with a vengeance. Smart, crisp shirts and neat, flawless suits are order of the day.

To achieve the look, there are no better characters to emulate than Don Draper, Roger Sterling and Pete Campbell, the highly ambitious employees of Sterling Copper, a 1960s New York advertising agency in the US television drama series, Mad Men. The series captures a time and profession when men opened doors and pulled out chairs for women, and truly cared about their presentation. They were always impeccably turned out; each man was never seen in anything less than the most immaculate of suits, the crispest of shirts, the smartest of collars, the most slender of ties and the most beautiful of silver cufflinks.

As Jeremy Langmead, editor of Esquire comments, “in the 50s and 60s men became body conscious, wearing suits showed off your figure. The advertising industry really blossomed. That is why they looked good. They were selling a dream so they had to look as though they were part of that dream.”

Are You Considerate Of Your Husband?

by Jane Sherrod Singer

To quote the famed old song, "A good man is hard to find." Once found, he deserves consideration and pampering. And it is wise to remember the insightful words of Friedrich Nietzsche: "It is not lack of love but lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages."

  1. Does it make you cross if your husband isn't bright and witty at the end of a working day?   YES NO
  2. When you have an appointment with him, are you often late? 
    YES NO
  3. Do you expect him to take care of all the repairs around the house?
    YES NO
  4. Do you feel your husband holds you back in your social standing? 
    YES NO
  5. If your husband suggests cancelling a social event, do you insist that he goes anyway?  YES NO
  6. Do you wait for your husband to make the first gesture of affection?  YES NO

ANSWERS: All should be NO.
SCORING: 6 correct answers: On these points, you are a perfect wife. But perhaps there are some other ways you can make the man-in-the-house happier. Why don't you ask him some time? 4 to 5 correct answers: Some of your marital good manners need improving. 0 to 3 correct answers: If your husband doesn't beat you, Lady, he's a saint! Singer Features, 1967

Sooner or later your wife will drive home one of the best reasons for owning a Volkswagen.



1960s Car Dealership
The 1960s husband could often be sighted at the local car dealership.

Ben Sherman Men's Posh Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt - Caramel
Possibly wearing this shirt!
 (Ben Sherman)

If the 1960s husband was a sports fan, he might have admired Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs...
Chicago Cubs 1969 Road Jersey - Ernie  Banks
Chicago Cubs 1969 Road Jersey - Ernie Banks at Mitchell & Ness for $250 and elsewhere for Less

1968 Want Ad - Dance Hostess Over 21 - Must Be Attractive.      Purple Flower



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