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Median Age at First Marriage
  Men Women
196022.8 20.3
196122.8 20.3
196222.7 20.3
196322.8 20.5
196423.1 20.5
196522.8 20.6
196622.8 20.5
196723.1 20.6
196823.1 20.8
196923.2 20.8
Source:  US Census: Estimated Median Age at First Marriage, by Sex: 1890 to the Present

1960s Weddings & Showers

A new policy is now in effect for weddings to be submitted for publication in The News women's pages.

Wedding information and pre-bridals (pictures taken at the studio prior to the wedding) must be received at least five days before the ceremony.

Candid photos taken at the wedding (bride alone or couple) should be submitted, along with wedding information, by photographer or family within 10 days following wedding.

Information should be typed on a regulation wedding form supplied by photographer, or available by phoning The News wedding editor at ST 6-7111, Ext. 342. Attach form to 8x10 glossy photo before mailing.

Mail to The News Wedding Editor, P.O. Box 310, Van Nuys, Calif.

The News - October 6, 1964 Van Nuys (Calif.)

1960s Dating Service Zipo Dating - December 11, 1969 Long Beach, California
1960s Dating Service Zipo Dating
"Pictures & Phone Numbers of Pre-Selected Dates - Free Trial Membership - 24 Hr. Recorded Message"


2007 Dating Service:


Romance, Dating and Marriage in the 1960s

Personalities Queried On Romance Status In New Space Age


There was a time when the moon was for lovers instead of for unmanned instrumented probes.

Singers then crooned of pretty girls who were like melodies and of love in bloom. Nowadays pop songs discourse on the shape your stomach is in, or on going to a go go.

Is romance dying out?

"Lots of romance is still going on, especially among the young." said Oleg Cassini, dapper fashion designer and bon vivant. He was one of a group of personalities queried about the status of romance in the space age.

But the romantic approach - that slower, measured way to emotional attachment  - is less apparent. Romance today is fast and furious. If you don't make up your mind about someone today, you may never see her again tomorrow."

"Romance is dead." pop singer Bobby Vinton said flatly. Times have changed. So have the formalities of boy-girl relationships. Candy and flowers used to be considered necessary to any courtship. Now they're nice but extraneous."

Actress Jayne Mansfield. who is currently appearing at the Latin Quarter night club, differed strenuously:

"I've never been under the impression that romance, gallantry and chivalry were dead. Men have always made a fuss over me. Their motives weren't always gallant or chivalrous but when the gift wrapping is so elaborate, who prices the gift?"

Dr. Harold Greenwalk1, psychoanalyst and author of "Emotional Maturity in Love and Marriage," said "I don't think it's dying but it's less with some people. Romance is based on unavailability. The greatest romantic figures were cowboys out on the range without a woman in sight and knights in armor - how affectionate can you get wearing armor?

"If there is less romance now," Greenwald went on, "it's because there is less postponement of gratification. Those who can wait have more romance. Dropouts don't go in much for romance. Romance is, after all, a middle class luxury."

Mrs. Wyatt Cooper, the former Gloria Vanderbilt, put it elegantly: "Romance, like the precious century plant, only blooms when it is not watched.

Romance dead? No, snapped Eve Merriam, happily married author of "After Nora Slammed the Door" and other books on women and their problems.

"No." she repeated, "but it should be. Romance is the worst approach to love and marriage I know."

"I define romance in the Hollywood sense falling in love and staying in love in a monogamous way for the rest of your life. Romantic marriage is finding a mate by all the standards of mass media, including the Hollywood movies, the television situation comedies and the advertising columns of your favorite periodicals."  

Daily Capital News, Jefferson City, Mo. Wednesday, February 23, 1966 Page 5

1 Intentional misspelling, as printed in Daily Capital News, Jefferson City, Mo. Wednesday, February 23, 1966 Page 5 - I believe Ms. Miller is referring to: "Lashinsky, B.K. (1961). Emotional Maturity in Love and Marriage. By Lucy Freeman and Harold Greenwald, Ph.D. New York: Harper and Brothers. 249 pp. $4.95.. Psychoanal. Rev., 48D:141."
Are You A Swinger?North Hollywood Swinging Pool Building - Planned Recreation for Guys and Dolls.

The 1960s were a boon to singles. The baby boomers were coming of age and for many, marriage could be put off for a few years in order to enjoy the single life and have a bit of a whirl. Thus was born the swinger.

Cool Swingers - The Modern Apartment Living 1967The free market happily obliged this new phenomenon with an abundance of "Singles-Only" activities, entertainment and even places to live. Singles apartment complexes began to spring up (starting in California and moving east, natch.)

It seems the first such singles enclaves were the South Bay Club in Torrance (every one of its 248 apartment units were rented before construction was even completed), the 130-unit Friday Apartments in North Torrance, the 200-unit Friday Sylmar in Sylmar and the 143-unit Friday U.S.A. in South Torrance.

These joints catered to the 21 - 40 year old-employed-in-respectable-white-collar-jobs crowd (average income a whopping $8,000 per year...yeah I know....1960s dollars.) And, as the "Cool Swingers" ad says, many employed social directors to come up with fun excuses for boy to meet girl.

If you got married, you were history. Different times.

Nevertheless, men still popped the question, and women still said "yes", assuming of course, the man produced an engagement ring, diamond engagement ring, bien sûr!

1969 Couple at a Christmas Party.If You're Ready To Pick The One...

Choose a Zale Diamond For Christmas!

1969 Zales Diamond Engagement Ring for $325.

1960s Wedding Photo for Newspaper wedding announcement.Love American Style circa 1960

Las Vegas was honeymoon destination of Mr. and Mrs. Armound Rubert Meyer (Georgia Pauline Johnson) who spoke their vows in a double ring ceremony performed by the Rev. Elmer Klenk of First Lutheran Church of Van Nuys.  

...  the bride chose a floor length gown of French lace over white satin embroidered with seed pearls and star sequins. Her fingertip veil was attached to a crown of seed pearls and sequins and she carried a bouquet of white orchids and stephanotis.
Run For The Border!!Marriage Traffic Growing
Those wild South Dakotans had no waiting period to get married, causing many eager, lovesick couples to high-tail it to South Dakota to start their life of bliss together 3 whole days sooner!

Then, came the honeymoon...
1965 Honeymooners, Beware!

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Display Of Wedding Gifts

When wedding plans are made give some thought to the delicate subject of what you'll do with the wedding gifts. A mother of a June bride-to-be asked me what current attitudes are on the display of wedding gifts and for the answer I checked with a top-notch bridal consultant, Norma Black.

Some customs are changing. Many mothers of this year's brides were married in wartime in small and extremely simple weddings; displays and fancy receptions were not feasible or desirable. We can also remember the gala weddings of prewar days when gifts were displayed like so much loot with cards attached and sometimes even the wrappings.

The gift display has not gone out of style, says Miss Black, but more effort is directed towards shelving presents harmoniously and in good taste. Growing in favor is the trousseau tea, she says. This is given by the bride's mother for relatives and friends and is the only opportunity for them to see all the gifts.

If the reception is given at home, gifts may be displayed at the time in a separate room. When the reception is held in a public place, gifts may be shown to friends in the home a few days prior to the wedding day. In any event, displays are always at the home, never in a public reception hall.

If space allows, all gifts should be shown. In limited space, show gifts from close relatives and friends. When duplicates have been received, only one of the items need he displayed.

Do not include gift cards or wrappings in the arrangement of presents. If checks are shown - and this is a matter of choice the amounts should be covered, although this will work a hardship The ladies who enjoy comparing who gives what and how much.

The arrangement itself reflects the taste of the family, Miss Black believes. White or ecru linens should cover the tables and decorations (candles, flowers, etc.) used sparingly. An easy rule to remember is that a well-balanced display needs a high and a low point. Group in one place items that will bę used together. Show just a few pieces from tableware sets. 

For example, if the bride's parents have given her the traditional sterling silver flatware, show just one place setting, Arrange the sterling in a place setting with pieces of her china and crystal surrounded by serving pieces which will be used with them.

Other types of wedding gifts such as kitchen appliances, household items and linens can be arranged in attractive individual groupings at one end of the display table or on separate tables.

Because a wedding gift display is a concentration of highly desirable items, I would consult local police officials about safety precautions.

Sunday, April 29, 1962 - Kingsport Times-News - Kingsport, Tennessee

Love Notes

  • 1964 Notice Of Marriage Applications in Newspaper
    1964 - Marriage Applications posted in the local newspaper.
  • Singles Only Week-End the first such promotion on record, hosted by Grossinger's Hotel in the Catskills. Young, single co-eds were bused in for a week-end of recreation, parties, and spouse hunting.

  • Astronauts are IN!
    Apollo 11, the fifth human spaceflight in the Apollo program, carried three American astronauts on its journey to the moon. The crew consisted of Neil Armstrong, commander; Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, lunar module pilot; and Michael Collins, command module pilot.

  • Winter Nuptials Gaining Impetus.

Brides of the 1960s

Young couple, both graduates of San Fernando High School - 1964

Young couple, both graduates of San Fernando High School, will reside in Canoga Park following their Santa Barbara honeymoon. 1964

Wedding Photo of the bride from a 1964 wedding in California.
 Graduates of Canoga Park High School, the couple studied at Pierce College. For her wedding at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Woodland Hills, Susan chose a peau de soie gown embroidered with Chantilly lace and seed pearls. A shoulder-length veil fell from a matching tiara and she carried a spray of white orchids and stephanotis.

Lynn G. was maid of honor and bridal attendants included Gail Entrekin, Mmes. John Turquand, John Coughlan and Robert Campbell. Flower girl was Becky R. Serving as best man was John Turquand and seating guests were Stan and Ronald Ramage, Charles Pisciotla and Steve Anderson. Ring bearer was Jimmy Coughlan. Two hundred and fifty guests were present at a reception hosted by the bride's parents and the newlywed couple left immediately afterward for their wedding trip to San Francisco and the bay area. They will be at home in Canoga Park after Oct. 15.  1964



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