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Vacation Notes

Ever wonder what 1960s vacations were like? What were our favorite vacation destinations? How did we travel? How long were our vacations? Luckily, many local newspapers kept track of our vacations:

VACATIONING IN THE SOUTH Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rollins and children, Brent and Susan, left today for the Southern part of Missouri where they, will vacation for two weeks. On their return they will visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Rollins and with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Basler at Fredericktown, near St. Louis. Mrs. Rollins and children plan to spend the remainder of the month with her family.

VACATION AT OSAGE BEACH Mr. and Mrs. Bob DeVaul and children, Rhonda and Howard, have returned from South Missouri where they vacationed at Osage Beach.

RETURNS FROM VACATION Miss Ethel Odon has returned from a weeks vacation and has assumed her position as office secretary for Dr. George Mandler.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marsh returned Sunday evening from Bennett Springs, where they spent four days fishing. They reported catching their limit.


 June 1965, Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune



1960s Family Vacations & Travel

1962 Drive-In Living

A World Of Comfort And Pleasure At The Side Of The Road

Phillips 66 suggests a luxurious weekend vacation that's low cost

A revolution in travel has taken place on American highways, and the most important factor in this revolution is the development of the modern roadside motel and drive-in hotel. 1962 Family On Vacation - Phillips 66 Ad

The old time "rooms for tourists" signs have given way to a network of luxury facilities that make each overnight stay or weekend a vacation. What most persons considered unusual a few years back is becoming commonplace in today's motel-hotel. Facilities such as TV, swimming pools, restaurants, clubhouse lounges, dry cleaning service, piped-in music and many other services add to the pleasure of a vacation. And some of the new units have kennel service, marinas, kitchenettes and even electronic baby sitting where TV cameras watch the children. Home was never like this!

This kind of living is economical too. Average daily rate is around $8.50 for the more than million and a half modern drive-in units. Many of these now offer special weekend family rates. Rooms are big and inviting. They are designed for family vacation living.

Drive-in living is not only for cross-country travelers. For a pleasant change of surroundings try a weekend motel or hotel vacation within a half day's drive of home. And to make sure it's really a vacation, see your Phillips 66 Dealer before you start. His friendly, efficient service and top quality products help you make every trip a pleasure trip! Source: Albuquerque Tribune June, 1962 from

1961 - Little Liz Cartoon - Perfect Vacation
A perfect vacation is the result of taking half the clothes and twice the money you originally planned on. 1961
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