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The Mini Controversy

Mini Skirt  - Precious details like embroidered ribbon, soft shirring, chain stitching and tiny pleats, come together to form one flirty mini! It has been cut from silk and cotton voile with a historical print that is a exclusive.

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The '60s Mini Skirt

Blame it on the British, or thank them if you like mini skirts, because the mini skirt craze started in London in 1963. The French, normally used to being the fashion leaders, turned up their noses at the mini, and even tried to ban it in schools:

"What goes up must come down," somebody once said, no doubt thinking about the law of gravity. France's Minister of Education, Alain Peyrefitte, recently decided to give that law a new interpretation. Convinced that the high hemlines of the mini-skirt rebellion were, raising too many eyebrows and lowering scholarly concentration in the classroom, he decreed that such scanty coverage was not proper for French girls during school hours.

The French lasses, caught short with their wardrobes full of thigh-high school wear, threw up their pretty arms in despair: Matters reached an impasse. Then to the rescue came the Paris designers. Displaying their usual savoir faire, they patched things up with a brilliant compromise an extra band of cloth that could be added to a mini skirt's hem by Van adhesive strip, thereby eliminating its academic shortcomings. Now the French girls wear their skirts long to school. But after classes, they reach down, zip off the band at the bottom, and voila. Instant mini-skirt!  The Fresno Bee, Sunday, November 12, 1967 Fresno, California.

White Cotton Eyelet Mini SkirtWhite Cotton Eyelet Mini Skirt or Cotton Batiste Schiffli Mini Skirt has lots of ruffles, scalloped edges and a thin grosgrain ribbon drawstring. This mini skirt sits low on the hips, is fully lined, fits true to size, falls 19 inches from the waist. 100% cotton.

"In Spain it's a mini-falda. In France it's a mini-jupe. In Greece it's a mini-fusta. In Austria, Germany and Holland it's a mini-rock. In Britain, where it started in 1963, it's a mini-skirt. Wherever it is, it is well, well above the knee."

1960s Claudia Cardinale wearing white mini skirt.

"Movie star Claudia Cardinale wore a black mini-gonna dress for an audience with Pope Paul VI in May. Four days later in the Vatican magazine a noted theologian billed mini-skirts as immoral and condemned the bad taste and frivolity of their wearers. " The Gettysburg Times, Thursday, November 16, 1967

American evangelist Bill Graham said (in 1967) "I don't see anything wrong with them unless they are deliberately worn to entice men to have sensual thoughts."

AKA New York Print Laced Front Mini Dress - The Retro 60s Look from

Here's another cute mini-skirt from Cotton Silk Voile Mini Skirt with soft pleats at the waist that are anchored by ribbons woven through to create texture and subtle volume. Other features: Macramé edged hemline, Side-zip skirt (can be worn with everything from a cotton tank and flip-flops to a sparkly top and heels), fully lined skirt, fits true to size, falls 21 inches from the natural waist.

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