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Some Kid Facts

Or... Kids? Not So Much.
  1. In 1970, 73.6 percent of women, ages 25-29, had already entered their child rearing years and were living with at least one minor child of their own.
  2. Only half the country's total pregnancies from 1970-75 ended in "legitimate" live births. "Illegitimate" births rose from 7 to 8.5 per cent, and legally aborted births skyrocketed from 3.4 to nearly 20 per cent of all pregnancies.
  3. One-third of all first births in the first half of the 1970s were conceived before marriage, and one in 10 of all remarried women's children were born between marriages.

Child Costs On The Rise

WASHINGTON (UPI) - It will cost the parents of a child born last year about $5,000 more to raise him to age 18 than it would have had he been born eight years earlier, an Agriculture Department economist said Wednesday.

Parents of a child born last year will spend from $19,360 , to $25,000 to rear him to the age. of 18 - assuming prices during that span remain at 1969 levels, Jean L. Pennock told a panel at the Department's Annual Outlook conference.

On the basis of 1961 prices, however, child support for 18 years would have cost between $15,443 and $20,417.

In both cases. Miss Pennock stressed, the estimates applied to spending by families which use the equivalent of a "low cost, but adequate" diet calculated by government specialists.

Average after- tax incomes of such families in 1961 ranged from $5,370 to $6,830.

 Wealthier and poorer families would spend more or less than toe amounts estimated for the "low cost" living standard families, the economist noted.
Source: The Arizona Republic February 20, 1970 Pg.65.

What's for Lunch?
Head Start Programs Scheduled
 ..."Center based programs will begin in Tyrone and Bellwood Area. Fifteen children will be enrolled in each. In addition one Home - Based program will be operating in the Mines area of Williamsburg, serving no more than 10 children.

Both center - based and home - based programs share all the Head Start components, planned education, parent involvement, health and social services. The center - based program operates four days each week with children being brought to the center, the fifth day the classroom staff work with the parents in their home, involving them in their child's educational process. Each home is visited once in two weeks."  Tyrone Daily Herald, October 16th, 1975


Raising Children in the 1970s

Kindergarten to enroll next week

There will be kindergarten enrollment on Monday and Tuesday, August 4 and 5, in the library of the Chillicothe Area Vocational-Technical School. Enrollment hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Parents are to bring the child's birth certificate and immunization records. The child must be 5 years old before October 1 in order to enroll in kindergarten.
Source: Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, Chillicothe, Missouri - July 31, 1975 - Newspaper Archive

Unbeknownst to parents, the schools had been taken over by patients from the local insane asylum, in what will one day be considered the most successful conspiracy in history, wherein every member of the educational profession was swapped out for a patient, who then simply assumed their role. This has to be what happened, because how would you otherwise explain this:

 "We affirm the students' right to their own patterns and varieties of language -- the dialects of their nurture or whatever dialects in which they find their own identity and style. Language scholars long ago denied that the myth of a standard American dialect has any validity. The claim that any one dialect is unacceptable amounts to an attempt of one social group to exert its dominance over another. Such a claim leads to false advice for speakers and writers, and immoral advice for humans. A nation proud of its diverse heritage and its cultural and racial variety will preserve its heritage of dialects. We affirm strongly that teachers must have the experiences and training that will enable them to respect diversity and uphold the right of students to their own language. "

Imagine, you're a poor, uneducated parent, working your tail off so that your kids can have a better life - get a real education, and the ninnies at the school want to respect your child's language instead of teaching him or her how to read and write properly. Dialects are great! They add spice to life and flavor to regions of the country - but language is first and foremost a communication tool, not a condiment.

It seems we have been altogether wrong about the poor performance of our schools. They have performed wonderfully given the goals they set for themselves. They weren't trying to teach kids to read and write, they were busy patting themselves on the back for "respecting diversity and upholding the right of students to their own language!" That resume full of spelling errors and grammar catastrophes you received? Not the case at all! That was just your applicant's "Own Language!" sca huulhopit burg borf glip glip! Meitjlqpp gorrrup fiddlat boing boing!!!!!!!

What was it like to have children in the 1970s? Oh Flowwwer Children....(Actually, it was the kids born in the late 50s and early 60s that became flower children...Like...If you're going to San Francisco, be sure and wear... some flowers in your hair...) (La La La...etc.)
<<== One cause of flower children.

We Need Carriers To Deliver The Constitution-Tribune 1975

WE NEED CARRIERS (Immediately)
To Deliver The Constitution-Tribune This Summer and At Least Through The 1975-1976 School Year.
Learn Responsibility and Earn Plenty of Spending Money.
Apply In Person Only To Craig Watkins at the Constitution-Tribune, However Call First For An Appointment.

However, many things were still the same - for example, kids still had paper routes - lest you get the idea that all children were being transported off to communes by hairy hippies...

Newspaper Article Headline: Synanon Offers New Lifestyle for Society's Dropouts... including children of various ages... read two of their stories in the following box "Kids and Communes"

Kids and Communes

  • Charlotte is 24, an Air Force brat who got on booze, psychedelic drugs and the whole sex scene in high school, dropping out at 17, contemplating suicide. "That's when I came to Synanon. It's my life now."
  • Drew, 15, is from Los Angeles, and has told his story so many times it sounds rehearsed. "When 1 was 10 my parents separated. My mother remarried. My stepfather didn't like me and I didn't like him. I stole money from his wallet and pants pockets and lied to him. He beat me.. I ran away at 12. A cop found me sleeping on a bench and wanted to take me home. I didn't want to go so went to a boys' home until getting lonesome for my mom. But it was the same, stealing, messing around, fighting, getting beat up by my stepfather."

    He ran away again. In three days he got caught.

    "I didn't want to go home. Mom had heard about Synanon. ...I've been in four months. I'm in the punk squad. That's for people who need to be tamed. We get up at 4:30. We exercise and run. We have inspection. If the bed ain't right we have to do it until it is. If we don't follow, the rules we have to do pushups or - get knocked around. We don't get school, until we earn it."

    Kaiser interjected: "Education is a privilege, not a right; These people have to learn to get along before they can go to school."

Follow up: Children of Synanon,1996 ** Synanon Museum (Official Site)




What's My Name?

1940s 1950s 1960s 1980s 1990s 2000s
Top Baby Names of 1970
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  James,   Lisa
  • 3.  David,   Kimberly
  • 4.  John,   Michelle
  • 5.  Robert,   Amy
  • Top Baby Names of 1971
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  James,   Michelle
  • 3.  David,   Lisa
  • 4.  John,   Kimberly
  • 5.  Robert,   Amy
  • Top Baby Names of 1972
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  Christopher,   Michelle
  • 3.  James,   Lisa
  • 4.  David,   Kimberly
  • 5.  John,   Amy
  • Top Baby Names of 1973
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  Christopher,   Amy
  • 3.  Jason,   Michelle
  • 4.  James,   Kimberly
  • 5.  David,   Lisa
  • Top Baby Names of 1974
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  Jason,   Amy
  • 3.  Christopher,   Michelle
  • 4.  David,   Heather
  • 5.  James,   Angela
  • Top Baby Names of 1975
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  Jason,   Amy
  • 3.  Christopher,   Heather
  • 4.  James,   Melissa
  • 5.  David,   Angela
  • Top Baby Names of 1976
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  Jason,   Amy
  • 3.  Christopher,   Melissa
  • 4.  David,   Heather
  • 5.  James,   Angela
  • Top Baby Names of 1977
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  Jason,   Melissa
  • 3.  Christopher,   Amy
  • 4.  David,   Jessica
  • 5.  James,   Heather
  • Top Baby Names of 1978
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  Jason,   Melissa
  • 3.  Christopher,   Jessica
  • 4.  David,   Amy
  • 5.  James,   Heather
  • Top Baby Names of 1979
  • 1.  Michael,   Jennifer
  • 2.  Christopher,   Melissa
  • 3.  Jason,   Amanda
  • 4.  David,   Jessica
  • 5.  James,   Amy

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     1974 Popular Children's Movie - Herbie Rides Again
    If you were a kid in the summer of 1974, there is a good chance you would be scrounging up $1.25 or so to go see Herbie Rides Again.

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