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1970s Food & Beverage

RC Cola or Diet-Rite On Sale for 99 Cents in 1976
If you weren't up for paying for "The Real Thing", you could snag a 6 PAK of RC Cola or Diet-Rite On Sale for 99¢ in 1976

1975 Coupon for Wheaties Cereal - Save 20 cents
1975 Coupon for Wheaties Cereal 69¢ - Save 20¢ Offer Expires January 21, 1975  Sorry, I think you're a bit too late to use this coupon!



Cooking in the 1970s? 1000 things you can do with tofu and guacamole? We shall see as we explore the culinary delights of the 1970s!

Microwaving: A New Cooking Term

The microwave oven has added a new term to our cooking language. "Microwaving" means to cook, heat or defrost foods with microwave energy. Microwaving is a new type of cooking which has its own special benefits, and produces its own food characteristics. Some microwaved foods may be different from what you expect when cooking in a conventional oven or on the range top. The difference may be in appearance, in improved flavor and juiciness or in cooking technique. 1977 from The General Electric Microwave Guide & Cookbook

1977 Coupon for $4.00 in Savings on a Rival Crock-Pot.

By 1977, things had begun to change for women in the United States - and that is evident in this advertisement for the Rival Crock-Pot which appeals to the time management sensibilities of women who were holding down two jobs: The Working Woman's Dream!

Other things were changing as well... New technologies meant new appliances in the kitchen.

Here's a few excerpts from a cookbook that accompanied a food processor sold in the 1970s. The cookbook is from 1976 and the introduction describes some of the changes going on in our friendly housewife's kitchen!

"There is a quiet revolution going on; scientists and engineers have crept almost unnoticed into the kitchen and presented us with opportunities that can and will eventually change the quality of our lives, enabling us to save literally hours each week in preparing and cooking food." Food Processor Cookery, 1976
  What are these opportunities of which they speak?  The three kitchen wonders are none other than the deep freezer, the microwave oven, and the food processor!

 The author is especially impressed by the food processor:

"The food processor is a mind-boggling miracle of modern ingenuity. When you own one, your will wonder how you ever managed to live without it, and why you spent so much time doing a thousand jobs that a machine would have done not only faster but better. In the opinion of the author, this is the single most important appliance in the kitchen other than a stove and a refrigerator, of course." Food Processor Cookery, 1976

Personally, I could live without a food processor, although I do have one. I did fine with a blender. What with the 20 or so parts that make up the food processor, and the clean-up, I only use mine for the big jobs. The appliance I throw fits over when I don't have one, is the dishwasher. All Hail the Dishwasher!

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1970s Recipes

1971: Hamilton Beach introduces the Butter-Up® Popper, a popcorn popper that butters popcorn as it pops. The product’s see-thru lid doubles as a serving bowl.
1972 Ad For The "Butter-Up" Popper - Hamilton Beach Popcorn Popper
The "Butter-Up" Popper - New Hamilton Beach Exclusive. Finally a popcorn popper so unique it butters it own popcorn as it pops. The exclusive principle behind this innovation has been registered with the U.S. patent Office. Hamilton Beach designed this popper with a special automatic butter dispenser. All you do it place butter in lid dispenser and as heat cooks corn, butter melts and drips down to coat popcorn to perfection. It's so simple, and exclusive, you'll find it only on the Hamilton Beach "Butter-Up" Popper. Themastatically controlled heat for perfect popcorn; 4-quart capacity cover doubles as a serving bowl; unique kernel separator eliminates unpopped corn; jewel light tells when corn is popped.

1977: A Hamilton Beach blender is featured in a Dan Aykroyd skit as the “Super Bass-O-Matic 76” on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

1978: Hamilton Beach introduces a blender with microprocessor controls.

1975 Ad for a Litton 418 Microwave Oven
"Now just preset the food temperature control to the degree of doneness you want and the new Litton 418 microwave oven with Vari-Temp control does the rest. Automatically cooks and shuts-off. Cook exactly to your taste. Roasts come out browned and naturally juicy. Leftovers and casseroles are warmed to a flavorful freshness. Soup or coffee are served hot as you like."

Indian Way Of Life

New Cookbook Embraces Traditions

1977 - PHOTOJOURNALIST Marcia Keegan displays photographs in her new cookbook
PHOTOJOURNALIST Marcia Keegan displays photographs in her new cookbook, "Pueblo and Navajo Cookery," during a recent interview in New York City. The book's 89 recipes are mixed in with photos, prose and poetry that describe Indian traditions, along with traditional and contemporary foods. December 29, 1977 - Las Cruces Sun-News, Las Cruces, New Mexico