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Jack LaLanne Is Still an Animal
Jack LaLanne Is Still an Animal
"It was in 1936 that Jack LaLanne opened the nation's first health club, in Oakland, California, but for five years before that he had conducted private research on the physiological benefits of heavy exercise..."

About Jack La Lanne...A pioneer who opened one of the first modern health spas in 1936, motivator and "Godfather of Fitness" Jack La Lanne continues to spread his message of exercise and nutrition. Jack first brought his workouts to TV in 1951. Now in his 90s, Jack and his wife speak all over the world, inspiring people to help themselves to a better life, both mentally and physically.


1970s Diets And Weight Loss

Are You A Mind Sticker?


I'll call this early 1970s commercial for Tab Cola (One of the first diet sodas, I believe - but it wasn't called "diet" yet...), Take 1 - Really, Guys? Mind Sticker? How'd that work out? I am not sure how many "Takes" came after this one, but it is the 1980s version that I remember... and still sing on occasion. Although, it seems that this ad was successful at the time - the message here being Tab Cola will help keep you physically fit - and thus attractive - You will then "stick" in his mind.

  1. Diet Center, The (1970s) -
  2. NutriSystem - (1972) -


Shed Your Anxieties: Shed Pounds

To shed pounds, shed your anxieties. The advice comes from Jack LaLanne, the health and figure culturist. LaLanne says that anxiety is the cause of obesity 90 per cent of the time. Anxiety stimulates body tensions, making the system demand more food than it needs--storing excess calories in the form of fat.Revitalize Your Life: Improve Your Looks, Your Health & Your Sex Life

The nationally known expert on physical fitness has other ideas on why fatties get that way- "too many people wake up with negative thoughts" How to think down? "Start the day with a psychological high."

Metabolism has to be stepped up," LaLanne said in an interview. "The person who's about to begin dieting should wake up, pat himself on the back and think of his good points. He should think about how lucky he is to have a body and say, "Thank God, I'm born again to start a new day.'" This attitude is the "psychological high"

The next step is motivation, he said. The dieter must decide why he wants to lose weight and the reasons should be the motivation. "Then he should pray and ask God to help him keep his will power," LaLanne said. "He has to have faith and believe in something or he's lost." He added: "Dieting is like climbing a hill. You may slip and lose a step, but with faith and self-determination, you keep on going -getting a little stronger with each step".

To begin, forget about all the "weird diets that promise "tremendous weight losses overnight." Proper nutrition is essential while dieting. LaLanne offered these tips in selecting foods with a high nutritional value: "Eat natural foods in as close to their natural state as possible: try to stay away from overly processed foods: eat a lot of fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables and drink skim milk. 1970, Daily Courier




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Celebrating 90 Plus Years by Jack LaLanne
Celebrating 90 Plus Years by Jack LaLanne
More than just a recipe book, Celebrating 90 Plus Years by Jack LaLanne is a complete guide to exactly how to live healthy through better nutrition and exercise.
In it Jack shares his healthy living secrets, his philosophy of juicing and much, much more. (He even has is own Power Juicer)
The book includes nutrition and health information on more than 100 fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains and healthy additives as well as more than 200 recipes for juices, smoothies, muffins, breakfast foods, sorbets, soups and more.
Jack also makes specific food and juice recommendations for the relief of a wide range of ailments, symptoms and conditions. And you even get illustrated instructions for several simple, no-frills toning and calorie-burning exercises that you can do right at home with no special equipment.