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"It's True, what they say of the feminine gender. BANG! goes a headlight- WHAM! goes a fender - It's not all your fault's partly that dimly lit garage. If you'd whitewash the walls, you'd have a lot easier time parking."

1974 Movie Rating For Parents & Young People
1974 Movie Ratings
Source: The News and Tribune, Jefferson City, Missouri and Newspaper Archive



"In a commune life tends to polarize along the lines of the cleans and the sloppies and it isn't very easy to handle. You have to remember that a lot of people in the youth culture have really deluded themselves into believing they are really beautiful people when in reality many of them are mirror images of their parents. But there's this myth that anyone with long hair or who shouts "off the pig" is a beautiful person."
Burlington (N.C.) Times News - Wednesday, April 28, 1971

April 1975 Assembly Approves School Smoking Bill

 What!!? Your Kids' High School has no designated smoking area? Luckily, there is a solution! Here we see that the California Assembly has just approved a bill (April 1975) that would allow schools to designate an area for their puffing pupils to partake.

Don't know whether Governor Jerry aka "Moonbeam" Brown signed it. FYI, he dated Linda Ronstadt a few years later. Those kookie 70s! (Postscript: Governor Moonbeam is now the State Attorney General of California...Those kookie Californians!)

Vatican to Reveal Rules Regarding Mixed Marriage - 1970 Headline

Here's an interesting headline, the Vatican issuing rules on "Mixed Marriage". Care to guess what was considered a "Mixed Marriage" in 1970? It seems almost silly today, but the Vatican was talking about Catholics marrying Non-Catholics (Heretics). Could be that marrying somebody who would not allowed through the pearly gates may interfere with marital harmony...Roots - the mini series.

Roots - the mini series, debuted on television in 1977. In the US 36.38 million households or 51.1% watched the January 30th, 1977 episode. I remember watching Roots, and the anger and horror I felt watching people being treated so badly. iTunes just added it to their collection...if you haven't seen it, watch it. Here it is at itunes.

Voice Activated R2-D2 From Star Wars.Star Wars was amazing in its day, the public had never seen special effects like in Star Wars. R2-D2 became an instant favorite...who wouldn't love this little "Droid"?


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The Brady Bunch -Marsha Visits Davy Jones At The Recording Studio

1970s Barbara
The Hilltop Ad by Coca Cola - You'll know it when you see it!

1976 - Colt Cup Mike Douglas


"But you also know the people around you dig you and know that everyone around wants to help everyone else." 1971

70s One Hit Wonders
Naaah...One Hit Wonders from the 70s? The 1970s just wouldn't be the same without Disco Balls.

1972 Little Olga Korbut With A Big Smile At 1972 Olympic Games In Munich, West Germany.
Olga Korbut became the star of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games - and a household name in the USA.

1970s Style Shag Wig
The Shag Hairstyle - This is actually a wig from The Costume Man ...But you get the idea!

Groovy 70s...

Remember these? Captain & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together, Indiana Wants Me, Escape (The Pina Colada Song).. Fun Fun!

The sweetest phrases in the English language are:
"I love you"
"Dinner is served"
"All is forgiven"
"Sleep until noon"
"Keep the change"
There are those who choose to add: "You've lost weight"
Thursday, November 25, 1976, CARIBOU COUNTY SUN

1970s Commercials & Music Videos

  1. Enjoli Perfume by Charles of the Ritz.
  2. Atomic?
  3. Atomic! - Your hair is beautiful...(Blondie)
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Pat Benatar - Off the First and Best! Album