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1970s Style Lava Lamp - Purple and OrangeThe Lava Lamp - Icon of the 70s

Lava Lamps, Bean Bag Chairs and Shag Carpet, those are the things that most people think of when 1970s furniture and 70s home decor is mentioned. These items just seemed to mesh with the groovey way of life! 1970s Style Lava Lamp - Purple and Orange

Arial View of 1970's Living Room
View From Above: An Arial View Of a 1970's Living Room

Retro Modern 70s Style Lounge Chair in a Burgundy Finish
Retro Modern 70s Style Lounge Chair in a Burgundy Finish
This is a replica of a 1970's style retro lounge chair.


Did I ever mention the very first piece of furniture I ever purchase with my own money? It was in 1977 and I had saved up $20 (a lot of money back then!) so that I could buy my very own bean bag chair. My parents drove me to the local Levitz, which had advertised bean bag chairs for the amazingly low price of $19.99, and I ran in to the huge warehouse like store to find there was only one left. It was an orangish gold faux fur bean bag, and it was actually hideous, but I bought it anyway, because my little 11 year old heart was set on having one. To me, it was the coolest, groovyest darn thing on the planet.Leopard Skin Print Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair I can remember sitting in it all comfy and reading Jaws, yes, the book.

Here is a picture of a girl (not me) sitting in a much nicer bean bag chair. ==>

She is also not from the 70s, (but is actually a pretty good example of a 2000 era teenager wearing 2000 era fashions) Her bean bag chair would have won rave reviews in the 70s, and, I'm sure, these days too, as they seem to be back in fashion. I think they cost more than $19.99 now. I found her and the bag on which doesn't exist anymore, it seems.

1977 Orange Bedroom from Sears.

Another hallmark of the '70s was a peculiar affection for strong colors, and lots of them, as we see here in this entirely orange bedroom from 1977. This is what people wanted! And not just rock stars and the insane, this picture is from the Sears Catalog, which was, back then, where everybody shopped. (Here's my page on Sears today) In fact, think back, or ask an older relative to think back and I bet you will find somebody in your family had at least the orange shag carpet or the orange bedspread. Betcha!

Shag carpets were everywhere! Let's face it, bad taste was IN during the 1970s. The 70s gave shag carpet a bad name which is a little unfair! There are some really lovely, snuggly shag carpets out there that look really nice. Like get a load of this really far-out area shag carpet at Don't try and tell me that doesn't look just spiffy!

1970s traditional style kitchen

1970's Kitchen in the traditional look.

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Home Decor Tips - '70s Style

Color makes the world go 'round

New colors in kitchen paints are being used to complement the natural wood cabinets and the popular coppertone appliances now used so widely. Continued

The Shag Rug

I remember our shag rug, it was sort of a dark green. I am not too crazy about wall-to-wall shag, but it was definitely the thing to have in the 70's! For those who are too young to remember, this is what shag looked like!
1970s Style Shag Rug
Grecian Shags-Shagadelic Grecian 107 4x6 Area Rugs  

Of course, the real 70's shags were a groovy mix of brown, orange and tan and there was usually matching wall paper...perhaps with large round dots in each color, or a rainbow of brown, orange, tan and yellow! My Mother-In-Law has just such a setup in her basement "Party Room".Red Shag Rug

Go See This Pink Shag Rug!