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Price Watch

Grocery 1974 Grocery Shopping - Price Of A Dozen Eggs 83 Cents.

1974 Grocery Shopping - 2 lb Loaf Kraft Velveeta $1.57

1970s Coupons

1976 JELL-O Gelatin Coupon for 16 Cents - Valid from February 5 - 8.
1976 JELL-O Gelatin Coupon, to buy JELL-O for 16¢ instead of 25¢ - Valid from February 5 - 8.

1976 Walgreen Store Coupon - Limit 1 coupon per customer.
1976 Walgreen Store Coupon - Limit 1 coupon per customer.

SAVE 8 Cents ON GLAD TRASH BAGS Offer Expires November 30, 1977
SAVE 8¢ ON GLAD TRASH BAGS Offer Expires November 30, 1977


Shopping in the 1970s

Sears Credit Card From 1977

Apply Now For A Sears Credit Card!
Order by phone when you can't come in! Just look up the number of Sears Catalog Telephone Sales in your local telephone book.

 Tell the salesperson you want to place a catalog order... give your name, Sears credit card number, and say "Charge It." You can pick up your order at your nearest Sears Store, or, in most areas, have it sent to your home.

In the 70s, Sears was the place to buy appliances. My mother said they bought all of their appliances from Sears because they had an excellent reputation for selling quality products at reasonable prices. They would also send a repairman out to your house to fix anything that did go wrong.

1977 Housewife Applying for Sears Credit Card On the Phone.Here is a picture of what you might have looked like ordering appliances from Sears in the 70s ==>

1973 Charge-It With A KMART Credit Card

1973 We Honor BankAmericard

1973 We Honor Master Charge Credit Cards


Started in the 1970s
  • Home Shopping Network, aka HSN debuts in 1977. Home Shopping network originated the concept of "electronic retailing". Now, viewers can tune in on their televisions and watch and listen people talk about and demonstrate products. Viewers can call on the phone to place an order!

    Musings of a HSN Junkie - Consider yourself warned! Oh, and here is where I stick Home Shopping Network coupon codes when I find them!

1976 - Thanksgiving Sale Starts Wednesday 23

Working Housewife's Shopping Habits Studied

In case you haven't already felt it, Madison Avenue is grabbing for your hard-earned dollar. "As consumers, women are becoming so important financially they are the big bombshell market of the future, if not right now," New York advertising woman Lois Geraci Ernst was quoted recently in the Wall Street Journal. (Read the Full Article With My Comments)

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