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1970s Christmas Gifts

Presents That Fit Into the Home

Christmas gifts that fill a need in the home have various advantages - you don't have to know the size and they are likely to outlast all others as reminders of the giver. In addition most people want and need something for the home.

I would like to suggest a few suitable family type gifts for the home.

Nested tables perhaps with glass tops are invaluable in any living room.

A footstool for any room in the house - always useful.

Monogrammed bath towels - can't have too many.

Or how about a folding table tennis game?

Monogrammed doormat?

Brass foot umbrella stand?

Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, Friday, Dec 22, 1972


How America Celebrated Christmas in the 1970s

How to Make A Christmas Scrapbook

Here's a great idea for salvaging those used or leftover Christmas gift wraps.

You may use a regular 3-ring loose-leaf notebook or cut cardboard to any size you like for the covers. If you make your covers you can punch holes in them later and put covers and inside pages together with left-over Christmas ribbons (press them smooth first).

  • Cover notebook or cardboard with gift wrap paper. You can press used or left over Christmas wrap paper smooth with an iron set on very low heat.
  • Measure notebook taking the height and width of front and back covers.
  • Add 1" overlap to all four sides.
  • Cut out of one piece of paper or two if you use two pieces of cardboard.
  • Notch the corners using rubber cement or any household glue.
  • Glue paper to outside covers of notebook, centering between the notched corners. Then glue overlaps to inside of covers.

Measure exact dimensions of Inside covers. Cut out one piece of gift wrap for 1972 Gifts and Toys Underneath The Christmas Tree.each (this could be a contrast pattern) and cement into place covering overlaps.

Select a scene from a Christmas card and glue to the center of front cover. Trim the edges if you like with leftover ribbon gold braid or tape. For the inside pages use your imagination. Group the Christmas cards you want to save on the pages and glue them to paper (construction paper would be good for this). Put in souvenirs of Christmas parties and photos.

Score Yourself On This Christmas Quiz

See how well you can score on the answers to questions about Christmas and its customs' Then check the answers.

  1. Research says that Christ's birthday occurred on
    1. a) December 25
    2. b) an uncertain date
    3. c) January 6
  2. Sending Christmas cards is a custom that started in
    1. a) Germany
    2. b) England
    3. c) the U S
  3. Hanging mistletoe is a custom that began
    1. a) in the 18th Century
    2. b) in Scandinavia
    3. c) among the ancient Druids
  4. Decorating a Christmas tree has its origin in
    1. a) Germany
    2. b) Czechoslovakia
    3. c) Norway
  5. The first people to set up a decorated Christmas tree in a public place were
    1. a) Portuguese
    2. b) Flemish
    3. c) Americans
  6. The custom of burning the Yule Log originated with
    1. a) the Vikings
    2. b) the French
    3. c) the Slavs


Home gift shopping easier

Take the problems out of gift giving this Christmas. Forget about sizes and fit. The answer is the ready-to-use house gift to be enjoyed by the whole family as well as the actual recipient. And it's extremely easy to choose a gift for someone when you know how they live.

Taste preferences are there before you - color schemes, types of styles enjoyed, what's needed It's a rare house that has everything

Since the Christmas "House Gift" concept was first presented four years ago it has become an ever increasing trend in gift giving adopted all over by sophisticated shoppers in the know And according to recent statistics, more store space each Christmas season is being devoted to the display of the house gift.

Boutiques have been set up in stores throughout the country with months of pre-planning going into the gathering of some of the most exciting house gift ideas yet seen. Everything from works of art to zithers is being shown. The variety is vast, encompassing absolutely everything one could imagine.

Just wander into the culinary department, or the bath boutique, and it will be a wonder if you come out without a gift for yourself, as well. Sheets and towels are as beautiful as you would expect their famous-name designers to make them But as the walrus said, we're here to talk of many things. Gift ideas for the house include ice buckets, silver baskets, glassware, the list is endless.  The Dominion-News, Morgantown, West Virginia, November 25th, 1971

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