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We The People - July 30th 1975

July 30th 1975 - News Notes Of Local HappeningsWhat were you doing on July 30th 1975? Figure it out if you can! I bet you can.

"Well.. being the tomboy I was, I was most likely running around in embarcadero with my horse Baca, or hanging with the Lee boys playing baseball because Dave Lee had something over us if we didn't. Or maybe I was in my room listening to records like America, Olivia Newton John, John Denver, or Barry Manilow. What a dork I was! Or maybe I was trying, without luck, to get mom to say yes to my seeing the movie Jaws .It was around that year, I believe. I just know I had a long haul from Embarcadero to Marymount everyday and ended up getting home when everyone from Ellwood was home already and out riding." Tina
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