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adidas in the 80s

  • adidas ZXZ Plus ST shoes designed in the 1980s.adidas ZXZ Plus ST shoes. Designed in the 1980s for maximum velocity.
  • adidas ZX 500 Patent running shoe from 1984.adidas ZX 500 Patent Running Shoe from 1984. The application of patent leather to the uppers of this ZX Family move these shoes into un-chartered territory. The ZX 500 was introduced in 1984 as an excellent shoe for high mileage running. Patent leather upper for comfort and soft feel.
  • adidas ZX 600 Patent Shoeadidas ZX 600 Patent Shoe Durable and eye-catching, the patent makes these shoes really stand out. The ZX 600 debuted in the summer of 1985 and they're still going.
  • adidas ZX 800 Camo Shoes introduced in 1986.adidas ZX 800 Camo Shoes introduced in 1986. The Camo Pack mixes traditional camouflage styles with updated and unique patterns. The camouflage design is made up of ZX model shoes, adding a unique style. The ZX 800 launched in 1986 with the latest technology and reflective patches for night running.


Levi's Preppy Shorts and 501 Jeans - 1989

Return of 1980s Fashion in May of 2008 - The Flashdance Look.
Flashdance shoes are back too (Fall 2008)!

Kangaroos Running Shoes - Popular in the 1980sKangaROOS Shoes: Totally Awesome! The brand that took the 80’s by storm is back in a big way with a cool mix of their classic styles and new favorites. Fun colors and athletic styling come together in KangaROOS, with signature comfort and lots of fun details. The signature pocket on every shoe is great for carrying cash, keys or other essentials. Go for a classic Jogger style (Very 80s).

Tribute to Andy Warhol

Shoes, 1980 Large Poster Print
Shoes, 1980
Large Poster Print Andy Warhol

Flying, Anti Commie Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are typically worn by dancers to keep their muscles from cramping while they warm up. In the late 70s and early 80s leg warmers made a grand Jeté off the stage and into the fashion world.

As far as I can remember, leg warmers became the fad sometime in 1979 and were "out" by 1983.
As far as why - well I think it was political - at first.

Remember back then the evil empire was the Soviet Union - and one of the things the Russians are really good at is ballet. So imagine our glee when one of their star performers - Mikhail Nikolaevitch Baryshnikov defected to the west. There was a lot of hype and interest in ballet and dance in general - and then the movie "The Turning Point" starring Baryshnikov (he won an Oscar)

Then, the fitness craze ran smack into the ballet scene in the form of known ballet sympathizer Jane Fonda, who, in an effort to restore her reputation among her fellow Americans, donned leg warmers for her exercise videos as a symbol of her disdain for oppressive pinko commies the world over.1



1980s Party Dress

1980s ZANDRA RHODES Sapphire blue silk tunic dress, shaped by darts and drapes, decorated by dramatic glass bead embroidery. 1980s LAURA ASHLEY Red Velvet Party Dress 1980S Bespoke Party Dress with blue velvet bodice.
 From Left to Right: 1980s ZANDRA RHODES Sapphire Blue Silk Tunic Party Dress, shaped by darts and drapes, decorated by dramatic glass bead embroidery; 1980s LAURA ASHLEY Red Velvet Party Dress with long skirt, 3/4-length sleeves, drapings and scalloped neckline. Made of Cotton; 1980s Bespoke Party Dress with blue velvet bodice and skirt with taffeta draping below. Made of Cotton, Nylon, Acetate Modal Source: Vintage Party Dress Collection on (December 2008)

Leg warmers, shoulder pads, the head band, stripes, big poofy hair to go with big poofy dresses. Red. Stay tuned as I dig through my closet to see what god-awful stuff we were wearing in the 80s! (You should see my prom picture...purple taffeta dress with ruffles and big hair!)

1981 Designer Jeans - Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, Jordache and Sasoon

Really Expensive Designer Jeans were in every well dressed girl's closet, and the tighter, the better, because nothing should come between you and your Calvins! The jeans in the picture above are, from left to right, Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbildt, Jordache and Sasson. They ran anywhere from $80 to $150 (Remember this is 1981... that was a lot of money back then, minimum wage was around $2.75/hr.)

Shoes We Wore In 1981

The shoes we wore in 1981. I remember Cherokee were very popular, especially the ones with the rubber 3 inch heels.

As you can see in the picture to the left, it was quite common to wear socks with your sandals.

Purple Rain: The Move - Prince 1984Purple Rain   Purple Rain Was it Purple Rain the movie that made purple such a popular color in the 1980s? I wore lots of purple - Prince definitely wore lots of purple and his movie purple rain was also very popular. I saw Purple Rain in Philadelphia where I had a summer job selling books door-to-door in 1984. We played hooky that day and went to the movies instead.

80s Purple - Online Boutique Of 1980s Fashions 

Sperry Top-Siders were popular with the boys. I guess these are all retro style shoes now...

Calvin Klein Jeans with Brooke Shields.Brooke Shields shows us how to wear Calvin Klein Jeans. (She must be getting tired by now...after 25+ years!) Funny thing about Brook Shields is that she turned out to be Funny! Once she got out of the clutches of her mother, she stopped with the pouty looks, bad movies (Blue Lagoon excepted...Hey! It WAS a good movie if you were 13 at the time...Christopher Atkins was a babe!) and the totally annoying goody-goody reputation and developed a personality. (FYI, the other goody-goody of the 1980s was Whitney Houston... Both Brooke and Whitney ran around telling everybody they were still virgins, blah blah blah, wait until marriage etc. Not that it's bad thing to wait, just that money, beauty and proclaimed virtue can be a bit much for the mere mortals to take. Like you didn't enjoy watching Paris Hilton go to jail!)

I wanted to actually discuss 1980s fashion, and put up some more examples! Basically, the major fashion influences in the 1980s were Madonna, the Go Gos (see girls to the lower right), Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks (from Fleetwood Mac), Olivia Newton John (as in Let's Get Physical) and Jane Fonda (one of the first to publicly shed her former hippie-commie skin and concentrate on more important things, like jazzercise) shows like 1980s Style Denim OutfitDallas (Western) and Dynasty (shoulder pads, suits for women, extravagant displays of wealth and some stupid perfumes).

The color red was officially brought back into fashion by Nancy Reagan, the wife of Ronald Reagan, the President. See, Nancy looked good in red and would therefore frequently wear red suits (skirted, never pants), and dresses when she appeared in public. All the Reaganites soon followed and red became the power color. Funny how that goes!

Then came Flash Dance.... What a feeling! Guess what happened to every T-shirt/Sweatshirt I owned... If you are female and were conscious during the '80s you already know.... If you weren't and don't, we all cut and ripped the collars and sleeves out of our shirts, to achieve that sexy sort of "oops my shirt is slipping down off my shoulder look". Jennifer Beals in the Fashion Making Torn Sweatshirt Worn in Flashdance.Then the 1980s fashion industry realized their luck and gleefully obliged us with already torn and ripped clothing, for a lot of money.

Our elders, who by this time had forgotten all of the silly things young'uns do in the name of fashion, were rolling their eyes and lecturing us on the absurdities of spending perfectly good money on torn clothes.

Many of us also perfected the technique of removing one's bra by unhitching the back hooks, and then pulling the bra out our sleeve...just in case we had a Flash Dance Moment. Here are the music videos from Flashdance on youtube.


The Fashion Year : 1980

"The beginning of the new decade brought back some styles of the past. Long slim skirts, narrow men's ties, and thin lapels, all part of the "retro look," were featured in clothing stores everywhere. Saddle shoes and Mary Janes were also included in the 1950ish attire.

The guys seemed to show up mostly in OP, Hang Ten and Stubbie brands of clothing. Many girls chose a more earthy style of dressing. Knee socks with dresses, clogs and bulky wool sweaters proved to be comfortable, stylish and warm during the cold winter days. Sbicca and Bass brand shoes were also popular throughout the year."

"Gold was in, and took on many forms. Charm holders were a convenient way to wear many precious charms at once. Save the Whale jewelry was worn by those who were concerned with environmental preservation"

Fashions of the 1980s as worn by real teenagers in the real 1980s.
Here are some authentic 1980s teenagers - got this pic out of a yearbook of a rival high school!  Arr Arr! Kids at my high school were way cooler...


The Fashion Year : 1981

Jeans took on a new prestige as the clothes market was flooded with name-brand jeans and students had them all. Many fashion minded girls were seen around campus vying for the "Jordache" look, while others were showing their figures to the best advantage in Calvin Kleins', Sassons' and Gloria Vanderbilts'.

Warm, cozy sweaters in soft pastels were another favorite of girls. Baggy pants, overalls and Levis all proved to be popular, as numerous girls were seen wearing them around campus.

Male fashion trends included traditional OP shirts, Levis and cords. Most of the male population n campus dressed casually and comfortable, but there were some style conscious guys who were sporting the college prep look. These styles included long sleeved shirts combined with V-necked sweaters in soft velour. Saddle shoes completed the preppie image.

The trend in the guys' shoe department was a wide assortment of tennis shoes, the most popular brands being Nike, Adidas and New Balance. For girls, Cherokee shoes were the favorite, appearing in a wide range of styles.

As the music temp changed, so did the fashions. In previous years, disco was the rage. As this faded, in came the new fads of punk-rock and new wave. For girls, anything matched together. Tight t-shirts and leather jackets were a must for the guy who wanted the punk look. Dark Devo glasses were fashion favorite with both sexes.

Early 1980's Chanel Boutique Wool Tweed Coat In Pastel Shades And Silver Front Buttons.Early 1980's Chanel Boutique Wool Tweed Coat In Pastel Shades And Silver Front Buttons.

I know this is Chanel and all, but this coat screams "old lady" at me - maybe it looks better on?

80's Fashion Sense
1989 - Dolce & Gabbana appears on the fashion scene.

Tip: Check out the DECADES OF STYLE - '80s - 1980's All About Attitude- Section at Saks 5th Avenue - for some modern - and pretty darn authentic- interpretations of 1980s fashions. Here you can buy "retro" shoes and retro fashions ('80s styles mostly - I have a hard time calling that retro...) How about retro couture? Like this late '80s Dior top:
DIOR Late 1980s Prototype of a black crochet top.
 CHRISTIAN DIOR - Late 1980s Prototype of a black crochet top with suspenders and significant metallic knit insert along the neckline, made of cotton.
2008 asking price - a measly $265 on

"Ahh, Tilly's ... It all began in 1982, when we opened our first store in Southern California. Now, here we are, 27 years later, operating stores throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. Our name, Tilly's, has become synonymous with the latest in surf, skate, motocross, and So-Cal lifestyle clothing, shoes, and accessories."

  • I do believe Jordache Jeans are back in style (December 2007). I just got an email from informing me that they now have Plus Size Jordache Jeans. Good thing too - I don't think I'm the same size 5 that I was in High School!
  • 1980s Vintage Long Red Strapless Dress by Coco Chanel - in Nancy Reagan Red. (Available to purchase at YOOX as of 11/07 for $1,530.00 - One available!)
    1980s Long Red Strapless Dress
  • On The Mini Skirt - "I love mini-skirts, and I'd wear them if men weren't so sexist and dirty minded said 20-year-old Colleen G.", while standing at a downtown Syracuse bus stop. Those dirty minded men! You try washing them, scrubbing them... She was with Brenda L., 23, who wasn't at all receptive to minis. "I wouldn't wear one. They're too short, and they're ugly." Fer Sure!
  • On The Mini Skirt 2 - Mini-skirts, it seems, do not fit the new woman. Generally, there's been a shift to a more masculine look in women's clothing. "Women are wearing more tailored clothes," Harris said, "almost, in effect, dressing like a man." Of course, there are exceptions. Wearers of slitted skirts, for example, aren't likely to be mistaken for men. But the push for sexual equality does seem to have tailored women's clothing ideas. Feb. 21, 1980 Syracuse Herald-Journal
  • Gucci in the 1980s - Here is a 1980s vintage Gucci coat (on a special tribute to Gucci page!)!
  • Gucci Still Winner In The Name Game -  But that isn't so not if the initials are interlocking Gs the identifiable mark is a red stripe and the name stamped throughout is Gucci. (1984)
  • Calvin Klein made a splash with the help of a teenage Brook Shields, who rolled around and proclaimed "Nothing Comes Between Me And My Calvins"
    1980s Style Dress by Vanessa Bruno
    1980s Style Dress by Vanessa Bruno - found it here (

Elle Style: The 1980s
Elle Style: The 1980s

1985 Fashion Girls Wearing Fashions of 1985.
1985 Fashion Girls
"Having Fun"

1980s Style White Pumps
You will be happy to know that costume shops are already selling 1980s costumes...I found these 1980s Style White Pumps ("Like, oh my gosh! These shoes are like totally awesome!") at Boy do I feel old.
      Fashions of a Decade: The 1980s
Fashions of a Decade: The 1980s

1 Don't believe everything you read on the internet!