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The 1980s Home Economist

"Mrs. Gibson defines the role of a home economist in the community as that of advisor, friend and one who should willingly give her time when needed." Valued member of her community and an enthusiastic professional home economist, Cleta Gibson
Recognizing that seniors in high school will soon become homemakers, Mrs. Gibson has for many years taught a senior girls home economics course preparing students for housekeeping and parenthood. The contemporary living course has become popular with male students as well, preparing students for balancing a budget, decorating an apartment, care of their clothing and food preparation.

Saving, Investing & Money Management In The 1980s

1980 Arlington Federal Savings & Loan Money Market Certificate Advertisement.
Advertisement for Money Market Certificates offered by Arlington Federal Savings & Loan of Chicago, Illinois yielding compounded interest of 11.43% for a 2 1/2 year certificate and compounded interest of 12.56% for a 26 week (6 month) certificate.




European Gold Prices On Rise LONDON - European gold prices burst through the $700 an ounce barrier Wednesday for the first time in two weeks, while the dollar slumped for the second straight day. Zurich bullion dealers said they expected the International Monetary Fund's gold auction later in the day would support the new higher levels, and no profit-taking reaction was expected short of a price of $750 an ounce. Source: Daily Herald, Chicago, Illinois February 7, 1980


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