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Central Perk Apron from NBC's Friends TV Series.


TV series 1994-2004

Who doesn't love friends?  Monica, Rachael, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross - Six friends living in implausibly nice digs in NYC and whose lives unfold in the Central Perk and their living rooms. - Friends could be side-splittingly funny at its best and managed to turn a simple plot into 10 years of great entertainment.

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1990s Fads And Culture

1997 Studies find Generation X keeping the faith.

1997 Survey Data Pie ChartsIn general, can people not be trusted?

Looks like GenX has a few trust issues! Although growing up in a child-hostile era could have something to do with that...


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Twin Peaks

Something that passed me by completely - but pretty much defined the early 1990s if the internet is to be believed... It's not that I've never heard of the phenomena Twin Peaks, it's just that back then I was way too cheap to pay for cable or whatever it took to get your TV to produce something watchable. Or it could be I didn't even have a TV set. I remember freaking out one night because I was sick of not having a TV, and being pregnant at the time, meant my life was pretty boring/wholesome - thus the freak out. Anyway, I wound up at the Circuit City on Van Ness (it's gone now)- and bought one on the spot. I still didn't watch Twin Peaks, though. I do remember watching a documentary about Mozu, the Snow Monkey - which ended up costing me $125 - because at the end I was in tears due to the little Mozu's heroic performance. The $125 was the donation to the local PBS which got me on their mailing list and a video of Mozu the Snow Monkey.

You might like Twin Peaks, though... Everybody else seemed to...

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