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"I think (design) is going in a very good direction because it's sort of no direction. People want things that are much more suitable, more simplified, not so decorated, much more personal, highly individual," she says "I think people realize that designers don't really have any secret sources. People are much less concerned about the judgment of other people today - they're being much more individual about what they're doing with a house or apartment. They no longer do what a decorator tells them to do."
October 1991 - Paige Rense, Architectural Digest's editor-in-chief


1998 - Feng Shui consultant directs clients

Feng (wind) shui (water), a technique used in China for three or four thousand years, is the practice of harmonizing the breath and flow of energy in living and working environments to enhance health, peace, and success.

Yup, the Boomers are at it again! Although, it can't hurt to put a little thought into where we place our furniture and what colors we choose for our home... Like, is it really such a good idea to hang a lamp where you'll knock your head on it every time you walk by? Or that dratted bed post that you always stub your pinky toe on... that just has to be bad Feng Shui!

Good for your Feng Shui - A Lovely Indoor Water Fountain.Hoang Ho, feng-shui consultant, who practices acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in both Kerrville and San Antonio, said the use of the ancient philosophy has increased the past few years.

"These days in the United States, 90 percent of homes (and offices) would not pass a Feng Shui inspection," said Ho. Consequently, he recommends consulting a Feng Shui Master before selecting a home or worksite. This consultation would be especially helpful in the planning stages of new home construction, he said.

Additionally, Ho encourages couples or families who are experiencing disharmonious relationships to consider a feng shui consultation to determine possible problems that may be arising out of arrangements that conflict with feng shui principles...

From: The Kerrville Daily Times, Sunday, January 4, 1998