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2008 Toys & Trends
Top DVDs at the Discovery Channel! Dinasours are hot items! Kids are watching Discovery Dinosaur DVD Sets!

At Top Winter Toys in 2008:
2008 Favorite Toys - Sno-Paint Sno-Art Kit
Sno-Paint Sno-Art Kit (Price: $12.99),
 2008 Favorite Toys - Snow Tracker Sled - (36 Inch Foam Slider)
Snow Tracker Sled - (36" Foam Slider) (Price: $27.99),
2008 Favorite Toys - Frenzy Double Snow Tube
Frenzy Double Snow Tube (Price: $19.99),
 2008 Favorite Toys - PT Blaster 3-Ski Sled
PT Blaster 3-Ski Sled (Price: $49.99)
, 2008 Favorite Toys - 56 Inch Mega Snow Tube
56" Mega Snow Tube (Price: $17.99)
 and 2008 Favorite Toys - Steel Runner Sled
old fashioned Steel Runner Sleds (Price: $49.99). Also, here are the first of the spring toys: Early Buys for Outdoor Toys - at

Back To School 2007

Back to School July07
Back to School @ Kmart

Favorite Toys Of 2007
XBOX 360 Ultimate Bundle - Favorite Toy 2007When your boys are all grown up, they will think back and remember their XBOX 360 with fondness, much like you may remember "Pong". You will also remember your son's XBOX 360, because at  $899.99, you might still be paying for it!
  1. Optimus Prime figure - Top 10 Toys Of Summer 2007Optimus Prime figure that features Advanced Automorph Technology. Kids' Favorite: One of the Top 10 Toys Of Summer 2007 (according to
  2. Little Tikes: Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler - Summer 2007 Favorite Toy Little Tikes: Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler- and, at $12.99 you REALLY get away cheaply! Be a hero for $12.99!
  3. Baby Spring Float with Canopy - Summer 2007 Favorite ToyBaby Spring Float with Canopy - Doesn't come with a drink-cup holder though...but for $14.99, you can prevent "Crispy Baby Syndrome!"
  4. A Best Selling Toy in 2007 is Tickle Me ElmoA Best Selling Toy in 2007 is Tickle Me Elmo! Elmo is now 10 years old, and is still going strong! Hooray for Elmo! (Elmos could be found here)
  5. A Best Selling Toy in 2007 I Dream of Autumn Barbie DollAnother Best Selling Toy in 2007 is the "I Dream of Autumn" Barbie Doll. Barbie is still on top, but no longer blond! Heeeeere's Barbie!


Adults are very familiar and comfortable with Monsters.
Monsters are becoming a part of everyday life, and adults are accustomed to them. Children still find them scary.

How to Protect Your Children From Monsters

Once the "No Spanking" Law goes into effect, Monsters will be everywhere! Here are some tools to safeguard your kids!


Raising Children in the 2000s

Off to College - My daughter will be a senior next year and the college planning has already begun! I am posting articles I found to be helpful on the site. Here is the first one on getting waitlisted Gone To College - Well That just flew by, didn't it? Same daughter is now off at college - on the other side of the country. Thank God for the Interweb... At least we IM daily, and I have spent more than one late night proofreading the odd essay that is due first thing in the morning.

What was is it like to have children in the 2000s? 

The Trend Toward Homeschooling

One reason parents choose to homeschool is the advantage children have in learning at their own pace. However, even homeschoolers must learn how to meet a deadline. Balancing these two approaches to learning required creativity as I prepared my lesson plans. Since I knew deadlines would teach my children to manage workloads, I assigned specific projects and assignments to complement their curriculum. Whether they expounded on a science concept by researching a hypothesis or wrote a lengthy paper for composition, they learned to gather the information and materials necessary to finish their assignment by a fixed date. Years later, they thanked me, as they saw the importance of meeting deadlines in the workplace. From Alpha Omega DailyFocus Homeschooling Newsletter.

The overall homeschooling rate in the United States in 2003 was 2.2%, which represents an increase from the 1.7% homeschooling rate in 1999. Source

Reasons for homeschooling - 2003 Study

Some Homeschool Websites: I have come across:

“Mommy I think I know why I’m sometimes tired… because I was born in Russia and they are sleeping when we are awake” Connor (6 years old (2009))

Lego Fact: The world's children spend 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks (February 2008).

In 2004, almost one out of five women in their early forties were childless compared to one out of ten in 1976.
"In recent surveys, parents report lower levels of marital happiness than non-parents." The State of Our Unions 2006, The National Marriage Project, Rutgers University
A Girl's Room

Here we are in 2007. 30+ years of argument and debate about the inherent differences between girls and boys. Have things changed now that we know girls can grow up to be CEOs? Do boys and girls dress the same? Are girls' rooms now indistinguishable from boys'? Judge for yourself! Here are some of the top selling sets at Montgomery Wards Kids:


How To Raise A GentlemanSave $7.00 On How To Raise A Gentleman Now Only $21.00

A Girl's Bedroom Set 2007

Girl's Bedroom decorated with the Teahouse Comforter, Sham and Pillow Set (2007)
Camo Girls Comforters, Bed skirts and Sham

Teahouse Comforter, Sham and Pillow ==>>

2007 Girl's Bedroom - Pink Canopy Bed with Matching Pink Drapes.2007 Girl's Bedroom - Canopy Day Bed.2007 Girl's Bedroom - Kathryn Twin Bed.

Lest you think it is just Wards trying to thrust pink and frill upon girls, regard the dreamy bedroom sets that are favorites at! And tell me truthfully, wouldn't you have loved to climb into a pink canopy bed, with matching pink drapes? (From left to right: Alainas Heart Panels, Bristol Canopy Daybed, Kathryn Twin Bed..)

A Boy's Room

Boy's Bedroom decorated with the American Sports Twin All-in-One Set (2007)

Pirate Treasure Twin Quilt Bed SpreadBoy's Bedroom decorated with the American Sports Twin All-in-One Set (2007). To the right, a Pirate's Treasure bedspread for boys...One of the top sellers at So...What do you think?

I think little girls still want to be princesses and little boys still want to be sports heroes.

In the News:

Some legislators have proposed banning spanking of children. Parents who spank could be sent up the river for up to a year. This has caused parents to seek other methods of disciplining their children, since the threat of a spank could cause your toddler to pick up the phone and call child welfare, the police, or Dominoes Pizza!

Many parents are resorting to an old (but still legal) method of discipline! The Monster in the closet. Monsters can be an effective method of controlling your child's behavior; indeed, they are so effective that parents have begun stashing them in places other than the traditional closet.

The lunch pail monster, for example, can be sent with the child to school, ensuring he or she will behave in class, listen attentively and finish all homework assignments in a timely fashion. 

All Monsters On Sale at the Children's Place
(Figure 1 - A Popular Children's Store, "The Children's Place" having a sale on Monsters! Demand has been brisk, and quantities are limited so hurry before the best Monsters are gone!)


D&G JUNIOR Ankle boots

  1.  Clad your child in nothing but designer clothes, make sure he/she knows how much they cost. Inform child other kids wear cheap clothing because their mothers don't love them very much.
  2. First Words: Maman
  3. Every time something goes wrong in your life or life of child, blame somebody else. Perfect people never make mistakes.
  4. Force child to memorize names of famous artists and identify paintings on command. (Don't bother with lesser known artists or works as dumb friends wouldn't know them anyway.) Organize trips to local museum with others who can be impressed with child's knowledge.
  5. Enroll child in exclusive private nursery school as soon as stick turns blue.


What's My Name?

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Top Baby Names of 2000
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emily
  • 2.  Michael,   Hannah
  • 3.  Matthew,   Madison
  • 4.  Joshua,   Ashley
  • 5.  Christopher,   Sarah
  • Top Baby Names of 2001
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emily
  • 2.  Michael,   Madison
  • 3.  Matthew,   Hannah
  • 4.  Joshua,   Ashley
  • 5.  Christopher,   Alexis
  • Top Baby Names of 2002
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emily
  • 2.  Michael,   Madison
  • 3.  Joshua,   Hannah
  • 4.  Matthew,   Emma
  • 5.  Ethan,   Alexis
  • Top Baby Names of 2003
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emily
  • 2.  Michael,   Emma
  • 3.  Joshua,   Madison
  • 4.  Matthew,   Hannah
  • 5.  Andrew,   Olivia
  • Top Baby Names of 2004
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emily
  • 2.  Michael,   Emma
  • 3.  Joshua,   Madison
  • 4.  Matthew,   Olivia
  • 5.  Ethan,   Hannah
  • Top Baby Names of 2005
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emily
  • 2.  Michael,   Emma
  • 3.  Joshua,   Madison
  • 4.  Matthew,   Abigail
  • 5.  Ethan,   Olivia
  • Top Baby Names of 2006
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emily
  • 2.  Michael,   Emma
  • 3.  Joshua,   Madison
  • 4.  Ethan,   Isabella
  • 5.  Matthew,   Ava
  • Top Baby Names of 2007
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emily
  • 2.  Michael,   Isabella
  • 3.  Ethan,   Emma
  • 4.  Joshua,   Ava
  • 5.  Daniel,   Madison
  • Top Baby Names of 2008
  • 1.  Jacob,   Emma
  • 2.  Michael,  Isabella
  • 3.  Ethan,   Emily
  • 4.  Joshua,   Madison
  • 5.  Daniel,   Ava

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  • "Parents have always had the primary responsibility for taking care of their children’s needs. What is new is that those needs are greater today. In a dynamic society and global economy, the task of nurturing, guiding and preparing children for flourishing adult lives requires higher investments of parental money, time and attention than ever before." 1

  • "The Cultural Devaluation of Child-Rearing"
  • "Most notably, the choice of motherhood is now contested terrain, with some critics arguing that the tasks of mothering are unworthy of educated women’s time and talents. Along with the critique of parenthood, a small but aggressively vocal “childfree” movement is organizing to represent the interests of non-parents."1

    Cool Teens With Websites


  • My Niece
    This little cutie is my niece!
    Purple Flower

     1 The National Marriage Project from The State of Our Unions, 2006


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