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The Svelte Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster, looking thin and svelte, can be an example to us all!

Fatty Facts!
  1. Americans are a lot fatter than they used to be.
  2. Americans spend more money than ever before on diets and dieting.
  3. Facts about Women’s Plus 43% of the retail apparel market is Women’s Plus
  4. By 2012 Women’s Plus is projected to grow to 62.4 billion dollars!!
  5. Women’s Plus will grow 20% over the next 5 years Source: - Old Navy just came out with a plus size line to accommodate the expanding need.
Bistro MD is the best nationally known convenient home diet food delivery company. We deliver fresh frozen food to your door within one week of your order. We are different from other frozen diets because it’s not just convenient, low-calorie food; it’s actually a complete gourmet weight loss diet, scientifically formulated by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. to help you rebalance and retain your metabolism over a period of weeks, so you can lose excess pounds and feel better and get healthier, all while enjoying guilt free eating. There’s an entire dietary technology supporting Bistro MD meals that includes Dr. Cederquist, registered dieticians and award winning chefs, who all contribute their expertise in creating the wide variety menu of delicious, nutritionally balanced meals that will accelerate weight loss goals conveniently and affordably.
Dr. Cederquist has appeared as a weight management expert on national television including the Dr. Phil Show, the Ricki Lake show and the Ananda Lewis show. She shares her wisdom through her syndicated “Get Skinny” radio health segment which is heard throughout the country, through articles in regional and national magazines including Parent and newspaper column, and with her best selling book, “Helping Your Overweight Child”, and “Honest Diet for Busy Women”. Bistro MD has recently become the official diet for “The Biggest Loser” television show.  


The New Diet (Fad?) - You Decide!

The Face Of The Diet

The face of the diet - civilian dieters telling their success stories, celebrities once thin, then not, then thin again with the help of xyz diet. Who holds America's pudgy little hand while we diet?

Nutrisystem Civilian Dieter - 2009
This is what I call a civilian dieter. I think her name was Susan - She lost some weight. Her results are not typical. The pink and orange tell you she is now one hot mamma! (Subtle message - dieting will cause you to develop a taste - figuratively speaking - for pink and orange - I have the marketing gurus all figured out!)

Nutrisystem Diet Ad With Marie Osmand - 2009
Celebrity Dieter: Marie Osmond lost 45 lbs. - No information yet as to whether she is still a little bit country.

2009 Celebrity Dieter For Medifast Diet Plan - Genie Francis aka Laura From General Hospital.
2009 - Celebrity Dieter For Medifast Diet Plan - Genie Francis aka Laura From General Hospital.

2009 Celebrity Dieter Kristy Swanson for the Medifast Diet Plan
2009 Celebrity Dieter Kristy Swanson for the Medifast Diet Plan - and obviously somebody I should recognize, but don't. BRB.

Aaron Tabor, MD CEO & Medical Research DirectorOctober 2008 - Introducing the Cute Doctor Diet - (aka Revival Soy) - Sigh, What happened to the good old days when you could snag yourself a handsome young doctor and live happily ever after? To the left please find Dr. Aaron Tabor, MD CEO & Medical Research Director of Revival Soy - If he isn't married, he really should be! Anyway, he developed a diet plan for his mom!

Here is what he says about it:

"Start living a life you love through weight loss and better-looking skin, hair and nails with Revival. When I created Revival to help my mom, I never imagined we would ship over 1 million orders so soon. Learn how Revival can help you too with weight loss, energy, menopause, PMS and more in our Health Library*. " Dr. Aaron Tabor, Revival Soy

Picture of a Diet-to-Go Dinner MealDecember 2007: Here is another testament to how busy we all are! Picture of a Diet-to-Go Lunch MealWe don't even have the time to lose weight! I just came across this new (to me) diet plan called "Diet-to-Go" - if had been up to me, I would have called it "Diet-A-Go-Go" - but nobody asked me. Anyway, "Diet-to-Go" specializes in "Freshly prepared, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meals delivered to your home." - Sounds good to me! Which made me wonder how the food looks and I snagged a few pictures from their website, and I have to say it looks good, but I haven't tried it, so I can't say. I wonder if they would send me a few samples so that I could say...

Anyway, all this talk of ready-made diet food made me think about my college roommate Petunia. She was from LA (and really fit the part - tall blue-eyed blond surfer chick-ee-doodle), drove a white corvette and was on the loud side. She was also on a diet. A rather loud diet.

Periodically, large boxes of astronaut food would be delivered to our dorm room, which theoretically would provide Petunia with enough sustenance to remain among the living, while melting away unwanted pounds and inches from her waistline. All very good in theory, except the food was all freeze dried, and looked about as appetizing as the boxes it came in.

Apparently that was the way it tasted too, because all I had to do was say "Dominoes Pizza" and Petunia would get all misty eyed recalling what a slice of pizza tasted like. Ready made diet meals really have come a long way!


Here is a weight loss video (commercial) from "The Firm". If it doesn't load the first time, refresh the page.

An estimated 125 million Americans take daily dietary supplements, including vitamins. Source:

Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET was created in 1975 by renowned physician, author and weight-loss expert Sanford Siegal, D.O., M.D.  More than 500,000 overweight people have used Dr. Siegal's hunger-controlling foods. However, until recently, the only place to get them was at Dr. Siegal's clinics in Florida or from several hundred doctors to whom he provided them. was launched on May 14, 2007. With almost no advertising, average daily sales for the first two weeks were over $10,000.

The Cookie Monster Has Been On The Cookie Diet For Years!Already, Celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and going on the Cookie Diet.  Others, have endorsed the Cookie Diet for years! Retro Housewife caught up with one of the Cookie Diet's most enthusiastic supporters:

 "Mr. Cookie Monster, do you feel somewhat vindicated now that the Cookie Diet is gaining popularity and acceptance?

To which Mr. Monster replied, "COOOOKIE!"

It seems that the Cookie Diet certainly makes one happier than any other diet that Retro Housewife has investigated.

Too Much Information Running Through My Brain! Too Much Information Driving Me Insane^!

Any Police fans out there? If, in the 1950s and 1960s we were a bit naive and simplistic in our approach to diets and weight loss, we have more than made up for it.

Never have we been so well informed, misinformed, inundated, misled, educated, indoctrinated, brainwashed, cajoled, coerced, manipulated, bribed, blackmailed, encouraged, discouraged and just plain confused about the subject as we are today. And never have we been fatter. God's little joke on us. I think he is trying to teach us something about shortcuts and having our cake and eating it too.

And then there's the diet plans. Oh Lordy, Lordy! The diet plans! Join here, subscribe there, meet on Tuesdays, measure on Wednesdays, buy our meal plan on Friday. (Emergency Liposuctions, Amputations and Lobotomies are conveniently scheduled on Mondays, in anticipation of the measuring and weighing later in the week...)

I suppose the irony of spending lots of money NOT TO EAT has gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere?







GOT A DIET THAT WORKS? SHARE at the retro housewife hotline!

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$100 Diet - How Naughty Pin-Up Girls Stay Thin

Dieting and Traveling - How to stay on your diet while on vacation.

My Mini-Directory of Diet Plans Now In Alphabetical Order! What a Concept! (Will grow as I find new diets...ironic isn't it?)

Atkins Diet - The Atkins diet is based on the premise that carbohydrates make you gain weight. It recommends a diet high in protein (meat), low in carbs (grains, etc.). I think you have to be out of your mind to go on this diet. IMO, eating lots of meat is not a good long term strategy.
Diet-to-Go coupon ==>> Get $20 off your entire order! Get $20 off your first order with coupon code CJ2000
Medifast Diet - With Medifast you can lose 2-5 pounds a week. Medifast’s delicious meals make dieting quick and easy. Get one week free.
Medifast -
Nutrisystem - Here's a tip! If you sign up for Nutrisystem, make sure you use one of their special offer coupons - right now they are offering 2 weeks of free food! Or Here's a new coupon: Save $25 off of your first 4 orders with NutriSystem! 2009 - Nutrisystem Diet Before and After Pictures.

Nutrisystem has been around for over 30 years, and is a fairly sensible diet plan. With this plan, dieters buy the food from Nutrisystem, which makes it a good diet for people who are too busy to cook. One thing I like in particular about this diet plan is that they have tailored diet plans:  Specifically, Nutrisystem offers a Women’s Program, a Men’s Program, a Type II Diabetic Program (the Type II Diabetic weight loss plan is dietitian-approved.), an All-Vegetarian Program - they even have a Vegan diet plan, the only one around where you can get your food pre-packaged, a "Silver Program" for Older Women (older being over 60), and a "Silver Program" for Older Men. That sounds very sensible to me.

The Sonoma Diet - Here's a diet for the gregarious! The Sonoma Diet encourages you to drink wine (Sonoma California being a very lovely wine area...)
Weight Watchers - Good old Weight Watchers! The way to get started on a Weight Watchers diet is to take the free personal assessment. Weight Watchers now has the advantage that many supermarket foods come with a "points" calculation!
Zone Diet - Established in 2002, is based on the vision of Dr. Barry Sears, best selling author of the Zone Diet Books and a leading authority on the dietary control of hormonal response. Official site of The Zone Diet.


^== It's from Ghost in the Machine...!! Remember? Before Sting decided to totally Suck?